Within the city that known for a city for new starts and new beginnings, New York at the Queen area of this city known as the big apple lays a battlefield between in-humans beings.

Evolved Humans and Hybrid of both Evolved Human and Evolved Zombies fight as the warehouse and the building surrounding it, in their field of war.

Within the sky lays the man with his ripped off flesh around his mouth and his sharp and cold eyes looked at the black armoured knight like a battle suit or exoskeleton armour that looks similar to a knight setting, with his black amour and that rod which transformed into a sword as he dashes towards the man.

Ripper, he is, dodging Maxwell blade by going into the air, but Maxwell exoskeleton amour is faster within the air then land, as he about to stabbed into the chest of his.

“Maxwell!” Ripper went barely dodging that fast attack.

“What wrong, why you dodging my sword?” Maxwell went as its hard to see his grin in that helm of his.

“Looks like they busy, but I am surprised to see you alive Brock Wilson isn’t?” However as Maxwell is too focus on the battle with Ripper, and Ace still asleep on the ground and out of his madness state.

A new enemy join in the fury of this battle, with the flying flesh-eating zombies still remains, but not a lot of them as Maxwell men of Evolved Humans handle them relatively easy.

But as Brock Wilson stares at the person with redden eyes and pale white skin and sharp fangs for teeth, as this is Brook, the very person that took anything from Brock.

“I am going to kill you!” Brock went, as the wounded Dai Yu tries to stop Brock rushing into his hate before thinking before he acts.

As Brook just disappeared before their eyes and reappeared behind Brock like the wind before grabbing the back of his neck and pull Brock to him.

“Calm down cowboy. I am on a whole another level to you lot, you want to lose your eyes and arms again?” Brook said to Brock’s ear letting him go only for Brock to throw a punch at him but Brook dodged with ease and kneed Brock in his abdomen.

“Ahh…” Brock went as he holds his abdomen even his not far as hard than steel abdomen about to felt that kick.

“You not bad, but is it wise for you guys to join our reunion?” Brook said as Blue aimed her AK 74 at Brook but as she fires storms of lead at Brook he stood the just leaning his body to the right and left as if his sight also on a whole another level to them as he can easily see the bullets and dodged them by moving his body a little each time.

“Bluely hell! Stay still!” Blue went, with her blue eyes locked onto Brook with her sledgehammer, she smashes at Brook’s face, but with ease, he moves behind her with no problem only to slap her face from behind and sent her flying.

“Ripper need any help?” Brook said with his smirk as in less than 10 seconds two Evolved Humans attack him at both sides with their massive swords, but he just twists their necks like nothing happened.

“Sir Demon, I am more than capable of killing him!” Ripper said even if he able to one-sided default all of the people here, but Maxwell amour that shouldn’t exist, excel in the air making Ripper who able to make himself into millions of cells at once useless if a monster like Maxwell amour able to be faster than him.

“Demon? Suits you well!” Brock as he once more dashes towards Brook.

“Demon, I know the King pick this name for me. I can kill everyone in here so easy even this sleeping beauty here, what is he by the way able to be like a wild beast, makes me want to rip his limbs seeing how many can he regrow back!” Brook twisted as ever personality said as he coldly looked at Grace.

“Wow, you just my type, Ripper mind if I bring a toy back with us? Oh yeah, I kind of brought that powerful zombie this way, even if I am faster than it, but man his skin is like steel!” Brook said as he just dodges the bullets from the fighters of this base of theirs.

DE – Special

I started doing profiles since I hasn’t done none of them and in this special is the profiles of all zombies and their evolved types so far.

Note: This is not part of the story of Death Era just information I did for zombies types based on what been so far in this story of mine, might be one or two missing, my fault of not writing them down until now.

Zombie: Normal
Features: Whiten eyes due to the Death Cell drying them like that. Overtime flesh will rotten but if they any signs of evolving they flesh will slowly regrow over time.
Strength: Around 80kg at average since it’s only the same amount of strength before being human.
Skin/body: 38kg, which is 7 and a bit lesser to the average human.
Senses: Normal like before being turned.
Speed: Around 5 ~ 6 mph since they about even half or 40% of average human speed.
Ability: Nothing since it’s not an evolved type.
Weakness: Head.

Zombie: Hunter Type 1
Features: Slimmer bodies to bones that able to run so fast, and agile as well. 3” long nails as claws and normal hunt in packs. But has still has white eyes.
Strength: 72kg weaker to normal one but their claws makes them deadly.
Skin/body: 30kg due to the loss of fat on body.
Senses: Able to smell unlike normal zombies can. And able to see twice as far than average human can.
Speed: 29 ~ 32mph
Ability: Agile bodies and advance reaction time that 3 times faster than humans.
Weakness: Head and legs (Not to kill them but weaken them)

Zombie: Hunter Type 2
Features: Has lizards kind of claws that 6”. Scales on its body not covers with them just around the cheeks and over areas of the body and hands.
Red eyes that can see only heat.
Strength: 110kg
Skin/body: 32kg / scales 37kg
Senses: Able to smell unlike normal zombies can. And able to see twice as far than average human can.
Speed: 90 ~ 110 mph
Ability: Agile bodies and advance reaction time that 3 times faster than humans.
Weakness: Since with its red eyes can only see the heat and cold can be use to confuse it if the heat around it changed.

Zombie: Giant Type 1
Features: 2m tall, as it only males seems to be turning into them due to the muscles in the bodies, but due to that their man parts are gone.
Strength: 220kg
Skin/body: 250kg
Senses: Poorly sight of third of human.
Speed: 5 mph
Ability: Just a very thicken skin body.
Weakness: Head if can pass its defence.

Zombie: Giant Type 2
Features: 3m tall, as it only males seems to be turning into them due to the muscles in the bodies, but due to that their man parts are gone.
Strength: 1,000kg
Skin/body: 800kg
Senses: Poorly sight of third of human.
Speed: 18 mph
Ability: Just a very thicken skin body.
Weakness: Head if can pass its defence.

Zombie: Flying Type 1
Features: Have bat like wings and longer arms to normal zombies, and claws as well.
Strength: 70kg (Sharp claws)
Skin/body: 40kg
Senses: Very good sense of smell but poor touch sense.
Speed: On ground 17 mph in air 60 – 98 mph.
Ability: Able to fly.
Weakness: Wings to stop them flying and head to kill.

Zombie: ???
Features: Has yellow bright eyes, rest still unknown.
Strength: ???
Skin/body: ???
Senses: For now able to hear and eye around a lot better than human but still unclear what limit it has.
Speed: ???
Ability: Able to control fellow zombies and has ability of telepathy.
Weakness: ???

Zombie: Predator
Features: ???
Strength: ???
Skin/body: ???
Senses: ???
Speed: ???
Ability: ???
Weakness: Sun hurts its eyes (Information gain from Scar.)

That all I can think of.

Thanks like always, next part of DE come out after 10th of this mouth for a bit its very busy time of the year for me, sorry!

DE -124

As those with ARC aka Air Blaster Cannons that Maxwell own vision of the three Families weapon that able to use the air as ammo to blast into the air ripping the flying zombies apart.

As the ones with melee weapons have custom made swords that are 1.8m long and 45cm wide as well 5cm thick. As the evolved humans with higher speed or strength used that sword to cut a path with undead Flying Type1’s zombies onto the ground.

“More weaklings.” Ripper went noticing more than half of the zombies he somehow bought with him are died, as an evil grin as he sees someone he knows so well within the fighters, Maxwell.

“Isn’t Maxwell! This is where you been hiding.” Ripper said as Ace blast out of the building wall only to slashed at Ripper again.

“I never should let him live that time if I killed him than nothing like this will happened,” Maxwell said as he place something on his chest and press the button as the thing or device on his chest transformed  around Maxwell like a coat of armour, an exoskeleton around his body armour, as he looked at Ripper.

“Even if you are the King savour! I still will not show mercy! But two on one is not fair.” Ripper said as he disappeared like a mist again when Ace’s axe-leg once more slashed down where he once was.

“What did he said?” Not only Grace said that as all of the fighters instead of Scar looked at Maxwell in his knight-like black amour.

“I take over from here,” Maxwell said when he sees Ace once again leapt at Ripper with his bladed arms slashes them at Ripper again while roaring like a wild animal

“He really is like a wild animal huh,” Maxwell remarked seeing how ruthless Ace fighting style is, as he knows the sole reason is due to the increased of Death Cell rapidly in his body that caused the changes of him.

“First I need to knock out this wild beast,” Maxwell said to himself as his back of his amour lift as flames came out to give him flight as he used the exoskeleton amour that should not exist in this time and age, the jet back to fly towards Ace.

“Wait!” Grace went. As Reason and Blue stopped they doing as Scar helped Dai Yu up all looked at Maxwell whom soon face Ace.

With his whole black eyes seems to be looking at Maxwell in his exoskeleton amour, as Ace only looked once before he slashes his arm blades at Maxwell.

“Like a wild beast huh, well sleep,” Maxwell said as he dodged Ace’s attack and grab his face in progress only to shocked his face to knock Ace out by the palm of his amour which shot out electric waves to stun Ace which the result of those waves enter his head first stun Ace’s brain to make him unable to move his body.

“Maxwell!” Ripper went as he dashes towards Maxwell but stopped and dodge Maxwell’s hand of electrical.

“I am not falling into that trap!” Ripper said as he made the distance between him and Maxwell.

“You know you cannot default me, Ripper,” Maxwell said as he got a rod by his side which transformed into a blade-like sword.

“That is true, former second in command of the Knight Corps, Maxwell the Black Knight,” Ripper said looking down at Maxwell.

“Well, that were the days when that corps were first built, let’s end this like I should 20 years ago,” Maxwell said as he appeared next to Ripper as he stabs his sword into Ripper the monster that is nothing to Maxwell in that exoskeleton armour of his.

“I know the army was developing exoskeletons for the future soldiers and even some special elites have them in the army but seeing one so far advanced…” Reason said knowing the army before the outbreak were developing and researching exoskeletons. But seeing Maxwell, the former member of the Families to be able to have something out of this era yet again.

“Looks like fun~! Mind if I join?” However, Ripper did not come with only the flying zombies that seem to be staying away from the young man in the hood with his bright red eyes.

Everyone here is surprised to think they someone else with Ripper who healing himself with the mist.

But instead of Brock wasn’t just surprised but his heart turns cold and his aura fill of hatred seeing who that young man really is.

“You… you!” Brock went staring at the hooded man who looked at Brock back.

Brock never forget this young man with his smirk, as the last time they met were on the night of the Outbreak.

The day he has to say goodbye to a new friend called Don, and the love of  his life, Renee Ward both of them were killed by this very young man with his bright red eyes, the same young man that ripped off his arms and used his thumbs to stab Brock eyes out, the young man with the name of Brook.

The very man that Brock hates the most in this world.

DE – 123

“What going on! And those flying fucking zombies are around! How can we hide from him and flee from them!?” Reason said as he did not know can do that, in fact not once he saw Ace fought like this.

“Why are you all talking if you going to leave? You think I let you?” Ripper said as he still remains, as Yu grins with his mess up state as he looked at the Ripper.

“You think a kick will stop him in that state?” Dai Yu said as the Ripper turns his head to face the building he sent Ace flying into.

As he looked a shadow that has leapt into the air, with his ribs inside his body changes like it does with his bladed arms, like snake-like spears, Ace’s ribs all 12 pairs of ribs stabs into the ground which Ripper just barely dodged them.

“Interesting, to think his body like a weapon itself. I wonder what else his body can do?” Ripper went as he watches the snake-like spears from Ace body returning back into his ribcage. As Ace landed onto the ground on his all four like an animal will do.

With the complete blackness of his eyes, his arms started to change forms as his right arm still stay as a blade but this time the length is what increased twice the size and thickness.

And for his left, his arm turn to back to normal only to have his fingers pointed as well his hand into a monstrous form.

“What else you can do!” Ripper went using the cane to block Ace’s massive blade arm of his, but as Ace blade arm slash at Ripper cane, which sliced his cane in half, which caused the blade arm to cut through and slashed Ripper body in two.

By using his mist like power to turn into mists and appeared as a whole.

“Arrr!” Ace went with his mind like a beast only thing on his mind is to kill the Ripper.

As he leaps in the air after Ripper, as his left leg transformed into an axe like-leg made with his bones and flesh as he swings his axe-leg down at the body only to chop Ripper.

However once again Ripper body turned into a mist-like cloud to yet again become a whole body after he appears.

“I can do this all day!” Ripper said as he turns into mist and vanishes only to appeared behind Ace just to grab the back of his head, however…

“Ah?” Ripper went, with the blood of his own leaked from his mouth as he notices the ribs of Ace’s shot out like snakes only to thrust out of Ripper body as all 24 ribs like spears shot out of Ace body.

“What kind of monster you are?” He said as he turns to mist only to appear at another place.

“Yu, I think I know how this man doing this,” Grace said as both Ace and Ripper battle at an insane level as she watches Ace being throw around only for him to jump back only to slice Ripper in pieces but with his mist like power making his body whole everything he does.

“How that!?” Dai Yu said, with the pistol he gains from one of the dead fighters, to fire at the flying swan of zombies.

“For some reason every time that monster is wounded he can regain himself as if he not even injured, as only his bloody clothes that tell us he really been injured. Its as if his cells are slitting into millions or billions of pieces as he can control them.”

Grace said, as it is indeed true as Ripper true power is to able to slit himself into many pieces like the mist he kept turning into, which allows him at any time to slit himself and attach his pieces as a whole which results in a fully healed body.

“I do not get it!” Reason said.

“That means if Ace can one hit kill that monster, maybe it will cause his ability of his to stop working,” Grace said as the sounds of clapping are heard as Maxwell with soldiers of his.

“Took you long enough.” Scar went firing the AR-15 assault rifle in his hand at the horde of the flying types.

“Took a while to recall the Evolved Humans back. Attack!” Maxwell said as the fighters with the different aura around them dashed out as they are all armed with weapons that not meant for normal humans to handle.

DE – 122

As Ripper’s defence is down. Ace lower and upper body attached together by wires of flesh and as he stood behind the Ripper with his monstrous arm of a sword-arm, stabs into the back of the Ripper 190cm body.

“You should be looking both ways fucker.” Ace went, as he is used to being shot or stab with his insane healing speed but having his body chopped in half by the waist, pissed him off.

With his monstrous arm of a blade stab into Ripper back with the blood of the Ripper drips onto the ground.

“How foolish,” Ripper said as he tore himself out of the blade of Ace sword-like arm. As Ace and Brock as well everyone who not fighting the flying types of zombies, saw Ripper body in half like Ace’s only to turn into a misty smoke as Ripper two bodies parts disappeared like smoke.

“What the fuck?” Ace went, only to have his head grab in the grips of Ripper right hand whom out of nowhere appeared behind Ace.

As the Ripper pushed down Ace’s head into the ground, as the ground under his face smashed with his blood dying the earth with his skull can be seen when the Ripper rubs Ace’s face into the shattered ground.

“I do not need a blade to kill the likes of you.” Ripper went.

“Ace!” Grace went, as she fires the M100 in her hands at Ripper but like a mist, he vanishes only to be behind Grace like if he is death himself.

“I really dislike killing women, I am sorry young miss.” Said the Ripper, as he about to grab Grace neck but a blade arm and a very pissed off Ace run between them.

“Interesting young man seems like you are hiding your true strength. Let me see what you really are!” Ripper went as Ace ran and slashed his sword-arm at Ripper only for him to dodge to the side.

As Brock on the side fire off more shots from his unhuman pistol but Ripper stood there as the bullets went through him, but his wounds had mist of smoke healing his wounds in no time.

“Block sorry to say, but I need you run away with them and hide… I got no choice since this monster will not let us live anyway.] Ace said as one of his eyes turned.

“What you mean? I can still fight.” Brock said noticing how black his left eye turning, as Blue and Reason also see this, only Grace and Yu face went pale.

“You trying to kill us all!? If you let that out, it will kill everyone here!” Yu went as he coughs out blood saying that.

“Too late, I can feel it coming, this will be the third time it came out…” Ace said as both of his eyes turn black as Ripper cannot help but grin seeing this.

“I see, your true self how murderous your true self aura is,” Ripper said as he picks up his cane without the sword within it, as he pointed the end at Ace.

“Brock… we need to stop him… not again…” Grace went as something happened, as Yu understood this as he sighed.

“What the blue is going on?” Blue asked but as she took another look at Ace only to felt his bloodlust. Not just her as Ace eyes turn backness, and in a second with not one but two arms of blades with his devilish smile. Ace slashed his arms of blades at Ripper.
“You think that will hit me!? Huff! How?” Ripper went with his mouth full of blood looking at the rib-like blade that shot thrust out of Ace body when Ripper blocks his attack.

“Agggghhh!!” As Ace roared while slashes his arms of blades at Ripper body. With each limb cut off as Ripper reappeared once more to gain distance, but Ace newfound speed soon caught up.

“Hahahaha! How about this young man!” Ripper laughed as he enjoys this side of Ace a wild beast as he kicks Ace chest and sent him flying into the building across from the warehouse.

As Ace crashed into the building taking the wall down with him as he smashed into the wall inside the building.

“We need to hide! As long anything in Ace sight while in his state now will be next until no one remains!” Dai Yu went, knowing while Ace like this, everything is a prey even them.

DE – 121

“Who is that?” Yu asked as he took out the MP9 submachine guns out and fired at them within the air.

“I only see him with him… I do not know his real name, and this is not a random attack isn’t?” Scar said as the man far away within the swan of flying zombies smiled and looking at them.

“He can hear us.. from here, you say with him as in who?” Grace said as she took an M100 sniper rifle from one of the fighters dead body to look through the scope.

“He is one of the people along with King at DC. He is one of
King elites, nicknamed the Ripper… a monster himself.”

Scar went as he rushed back to the warehouse but as he did someone appeared in front of him, as him and others eyes widen seeing the man with the fancy clothes and mouth ripped off man in front of Scar with his deadly aura around this man.

“What may be inside there, young man?” Said the Ripper, as
he stares down at Scar.

“Damn monster!” Scar went firing the AR-15 rounds at the man, as he did the bullets hit nothing, only the thin air, as Scar looked back as his heart beats rapidly with fear of death looking behind.

“Not nice to aim this at a gentleman, young one.” Said the Ripper as he draws out a sword in his cane, a sword cane it is, as he slashed his blade at Scar.

Cleng! Sudden two swords hit each other, as this other sword belonged to Yu, but as two swords crashed with the overwhelming strength behind Ripper slashed sent Dai Yu flying.

“Huff! Haa… haa…” Yu went with a mouth full of blood cough
out when his back landed on the wall, as he looked up only to see death staring down.

“You, not an evolved human or anything special about you, how come you have this much strength being a merely a human?” The Ripper said as he rubs his finger in the blood of Dai Yu on the ground and tastes it.

“Hmm, interesting you got no Death Cell within you at all, how interesting, die.” The Ripper said as he slashed his blade at Yu neck to behead him but once more with the ground crack under him, a black metallic arm block his attack.

“Saves me time finding you young man with those arms of yours.” Said the Ripper as Brock the one stopped his attack but even so, the strength of that attack even Brock felt his legs stings a little taking on the half-ass attack from the Ripper.

“Damn, you still alive?” Ace went as he is behind the Ripper with his blade of an arm of his, pointed at the neck of the Ripper.

“Well isn’t a follow Englishman?” Said the Ripper, gazed behind him as it clear by the way both of them talk they from different parts of England.

“A friend of yours?” Brock said as he supported Dai Yu while getting his injured body away from the range of Ripper attack.

“Nah, I can’t remember adding a friend with a creepy face as his.” Ace said but as he did the Ripper disappeared only to be behind him.

“Ace behind you!” Grace went but is she too late to warn Ace, with his body by the waist is slice in half by the cane sword in the Ripper’s hand.

As the ground under Ace dyed with his own blood staining the ground around him before hitting both parts of his body onto the ground.

“A pity, such a young one that doesn’t know how to control his undead side fully. Now its time for you to join him in the afterlife young ma. Do not worry. I make sure I send everyone here with you.” The monster said with the cane sword, as he turned his back to Ace and faced Brock only to see a fairly odd and big pistol.

“Eat this,” Brock said as this is the first time in his life
as he fired a gun, a gun with a long 9-inch barrel with a loud bang if it’s a hand-cannon.

As the shot is fired from this pistol like hand-cannon, at the last second than the thick round of the bullet about to impact into Ripper, he slices the bullet by the last moment when it about to hit him in half.

As the cane sword in Ripper’s hand cracked due to the force of the bullet, as it clear if Brock wasn’t who he is, and a normal human the force of that pistol just now will take his arm to a critical state.

“Interesting, to make me feel it, looks like the bullet
force were too much for my dear blade.” The Ripper said, looking at the pistol, a pistol that does not belong in a human hand, as it’s impossible for a human to outstand its force.

But in Brock’s hands with his indestructible arms and very strong body that already existed outside of human limits, this is a fitting gun for such someone just like him who no longer a mere human.

DE – 120

“We are setting off tomorrow, we still need to repay for your help defending us while we head to the rooftop,” Grace said, as this is the first time Brock has seen her without gasmask on.

“Kid, thanks and all, but we are going on a trip to Hell Kitchen tomorrow, we got business there.” Reason said, as he honestly wants to go now, but with the battle with the killer robots and giant wolves drains Reason both mentally and physically.

“Want to come along?” Ace said.

“I do not mind helping you, honestly I came from the Queen, I haven’t been able to check in with my family here,” Brock said remembering his childhood in the street playing with others as well a warm home to come to.

“Since we in the Queen why not spirt up into two teams? Ah?” Grace about to finish what she is saying suddenly a powerful roar shaken the ground they on.

“What now?” Said Scar taking his AR-15 with him and march outside of the warehouse, as the rest of them went afterwards but Ace and Brock were stopped by Maxwell.

“Why stop us?” Ace went as not one bit he trusted this man.

“I got something for the two of you, that will increase your combat level,” Maxwell said as the door that been shut and lock all this time opened.

“Where are they?” Reason said as he notices Ace and Brock not there with them. As the group arrive outside, as Dai Yu looked in the skies and he saw them.

With bat-like wings with long arms and half the size nails as the Hunter Type 1’s has as the files in the skies dodging the storms of bullets from the fighters. Flying zombies they are, evolved zombies with the capability of flying

“This is a lot of them, I did not know they can fucking fly!?” Reason went taking out the sniper from his back, ready to fire a shot at the flying enemies.

“Flying Type 1, they are dangerous as a group, this is too many of them.” Scar said as the sky barely able to be seen, a horde of flying zombies.

“You know what they are?” Dai Yu said.

“Yeah, never seen them in person, they kind of keep together and very fast, as they not fast on land, but in the sky, that a different kind of story. The real threat is their number! Bring out the heavy guns!” Scar said.

As the fighters whom not firing storms of bullets at them ran back in the warehouse that next to the one that the team left, as the huge doors opened with jeeps with machine guns on top of them armed with a fighter ready to fire the M2E2 machine guns at the swan of Flying Type 1’s

With sounds of firing from the M2E2 machine guns, storms of bullets hits the swan of flying type of zombies ripping their flesh and bodies apart, hitting the bat like wings causing them to fell to the ground as other fighters take care of them.

“Argh!” However, the number still too much for 6 jeeps armed with M2E2 to take care of them as fast as fighters on the ground died one by one as some of the special types zombies swan upon the dead to feast on their dead bodies.

“This is too many of them!” Reason said using the AR-12 shotgun when they got close enough to him.

“Bluely hell! How long this going to last?” Blue asks while aiming and firing her AK-74 at incoming flying zombies.

“By this rate, all of us going to die, just how many…? Bring out the Exosuits! And the Evolved Humans, recall them back… why is he here?” Scar went, looking at the mist of flying zombies, a single man with a long coat and white suit under his black long coat with a fine white hat like from the 40s or so, a man with a cane in hand with his ripped off flesh around his mouth and redden eyes looked at Scar.

“You see him as well!” Dai Yu Said as he slashes his sword slicing few flying zombies wings off, as he stabs the head of the one under him while looking at the man with the cane.