Death Era – 15: Day 4 Part IV

Doing nothing at all, as Ted Wisher only watches his hope disappear without a trace, as they’re no point in resisting anymore. As this might be the end of the road for Ted.

However, the sounds of a roaring engine could be heard louder and louder waking Ted from his state of mind, realising how close this zombie is, only less than a meter away of bitting into his flesh.

Even if the car heading Ted’s way did wake Ted from his state of mind, it was still too late, or that what it seems.

With a glass bottle been thrown out from the shotgun seat of the slowing down car which headed towards Ted and that zombie about to bite into Ted.

With the glass bottle shattered in pieces, and that sound of glass breaking makes the zombie turn its had and gazed what lays behind it with its white eyes.

“Run!” Shouted the young man with his dark blonde hair and his grass green eyes could be seen, as Ted did what he told and get away from the zombie turning its head back to face Ted Wisher.

The mysterious young man got out of the car with a wooden bat in his hand dashing towards Ted with the zombie that on its knees trying to get up when this mystery man smashes the bat cracking the zombie head open.

“Ahh… close call right?” Said this unknown young man that laughed to himself with sweat not being tied physical but mentally.

“Thanks…” Ted said.

“No probs, not every day you can open up someone head, the name is Tom Winker you?” Tom said that taking a deep breath, getting himself prepared mentally.

“No problem mate, not every day you get to open someone head.” Said the man as he took a deep breath: “Tom Winker, you?”

“Ted Wisher…” Ted said in a low voice as his courage drain out of him and his mental state? Might be even worse as Tom’s this mysterious man that saved Ted out his fate being food for the flesh-eating monsters.

“It’s not like I am going to bite you… sorry wrong joke.” Tom said the seeing how uneasy Ted is, but before Tom could say anything, a zombie walked in front of them with guts of its hanging from its stomach heading towards Ted and Tom is at.

“Nasty, I will be back.” Tom said that as he smashes the bat into the head cracking its open as the zombie fall knees first when it hit the ground.

“That’s a nasty one, how much longer are you going to be Tom? We need to head back!” Said the thin man in the car that looks at Tom and Ted while seating on the driver seat of this car.

“I will be right there, Bill! This is Bill, my friend. I met on the day well you know that flash?” Tom said as Ted does recall going blind with a flash of light that suddenly came out of nowhere blinding him and the next thing, the date of 11th of March turn to 12th of March and zombies roaming the street his flat is on.

“Greetings are nice and all, we really need to be going, Tom.” Bill said with his plain looks and his black coal hair that very short nearly enough to be bold.

“Ahh, no matters. Say want to come along? I am sure you wouldn’t last long if you by yourself.” Tom Winker said as he offers his hand to Ted whose still on the ground.

As Ted didn’t really say anything as he grabs Tom’s hand helping him getting up from the ground, as the two of them headed int the car that both Tom and Bill drove here.

When Ted enters the back seats, he notices the odd box filled with pictures, rings and other stuff, and the word written on the box says ‘in the Memories of’.

“Oh, that?” Tom went noticing Ted took notice of that box: “Some people out there even at the place we came from doesn’t know what happened to their loved ones… I’ll only want to put the ones still looking for their beloved ones at ease or know they might be… one of them.”

“He just has some massive ego, do not worry about it, and I am sure there no pawnshops out there anymore didn’t you left that life behind?” Bill said as this did get Ted interested what he meant life behind?” Bill said as he honestly thinks Tom Winker idea of his is a foolish one.

“What you mean by massive ego? I’ll only want to put others mind at ease, not knowing if they beloved ones still alive or not… even if it will hurt them, but it will hurt more not knowing.” Tom said as Ted just like Bill thought it’s a hopeless and foolish idea.

But both of them cannot say, after all, both of them also has loved ones out there without a clue what happened to them.

As Ted didn’t dig into that matter until something within that box of memories gains his attention.

“How… where did you get this?” Ted went as his face went pale as if he saw a ghost going to the waistband, a blue waistband with a rose on it, as Ted know this so well even the marking inside the letters of LW, Lisa Wisher.

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Death Era – 14: Day 4 Part III

Ted’s eyes widen seeing the tip of that knife pointed at him, as the only thing on his mind, and that is he should leave as soon he can. However, when Ted gazed at the car, Davie Markson also notices Ted’s looking at the vehicle.

“Do not bother. What you think you are Ah!?” Davie went as he pushes Ted into the wall behind, as Ted’s back hit the wall behind him at that moment Davie grabs the collar of his hoodie while Remi went to Ted pockets and took the keys in his hoodie pocket.

“Like trash like you need this, rot away like the person you are,” Davie said walking away with Remi Cox as those two didn’t bother to look at Ted for a second time, as Reece Shaw looked at Ted and at Davie and Remi walking away like they didn’t do anything wrong.

Are they going to rob a fellow human and leave him to rot out here? But Reece Shaw just like Nell the other woman in their group doesn’t have the backbone to asked Davie either Remi who are the backbone of this little group of theirs.

It’s very common within any kind of groups out there to have those of with backbone and those just numbers making up that group and even if Nell nor Reece does have the backbone to asked Remi and Davie to take Ted Wisher with them, think they will bring him along knowing what he did?

As Ted Wisher didn’t look up as he hears the roaring of the engine, even himself has no backbone, nothing more than a coward who Ted is.

With nothing he can do about them leaving, Ted only got up where he is, just gazed at where they went before walking off randomly.

No idea where Lisa is, nothing matters to Ted, he is used to people walking over him, used to be the lowest of all in other eyes, his father and now even his own sister left him.

Feeling empty inside, as this feeling soon stopped when Ted stopped and stood there within the middle of the street looking at the zombie ahead.

With its bloody mouth biting into the middle-aged man flesh, feasting upon the dead man with his guts on display and other inside parts. Ted felt like something inside him trying to get out of him, as he felt sick seeing this horrify screen of someone insides so close.

Sure, Ted has seen people been eaten alive from his flat but that difference in the distance as well being so close is, even more, horrify closer is than being a far away.

As Ted didn’t want to alarm the zombie or any others that could be roaming the around where he is, slowly walking backwards with his eyes glued onto the zombie eating away.

With Ted slowly walk backwards, but as he did, he wasn’t focused behind him if Ted did he will notice the zombie with its pale white skin and white eyes looking at Ted walking backwards where it is.

As the zombie’s mouth opened as it reaches its hand towards Ted, with its fingers grabs onto Ted’s hood pulling Ted toward its!

With Ted’s body being pulled by the hood of his hoodie within the grips of the monster that doesn’t stay quite dead. As it pulled Ted towards it, with Ted’s sea blue eyes looked at the teeth of the zombie that drew him towards its opening its mouth ready to take a bite into him.

Ted’s heart stopped, and his brain turned into a complete mess seeing his time to meet death came so soon. But as it might be due to shoddy road work or the fact between Ted’s and this zombie lay a hole that is 12cm deep which Ted steps into it throwing both of them off balance.

Ted and this zombie both fell to the ground with the grips of the zombie’s holding onto Ted’s hood ripped off with the sudden twist off losing balance.

With the zombie that has slightly higher strength than the average man has, was enough to rip off that hood making Ted no longer held by the grasp of the zombie doesn’t mean he is out of the hook yet.

As Ted gazed at the zombie widen mouth, who is laying only a half meter away from him! Ted’s heart beats rapidly like a drum. As he kicked the zombie next to him, pushing it away from him.

“huff! Ahh… ha…” As Ted breathes heavily as his whole body felt like stone, heavy and unable to move, fear in the forms of chains holds him in place, not allowing him to move.

Fear can do all kind of things, making invisible and none existed chains to tie those afeard down like Ted, and it’s also fear that allows them to realise how the world really looks like.

As Ted only stares in fear at the zombie so close yet again, with his blue eyes widen in horror, as if the rope they call hope is getting thinner and thinner until its too thin to hold onto hope.

Is this the end? Ted thoughts so, as the mouth of the zombie wide up and so close to bite into his flesh while Ted just stays where he is as if he some kind of stone that isn’t meant to move at all.

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Death Era – 13: Day 4 Part II

“No… stay away, stay away!” Ted went as he walks backwards and bumps into the car behind him. Ted looked behind himself when his back hit the opened door of the car seeing the keys still in the ignition. With a gamble, Ted heads into the car hoping it will start.

Ted Wisher had never driven before as he never had the money to afford to learn how to drive one never mind owning one. So when Ted closes the door of the car and starts the roaring car engine with everything going well with the car itself.

However the first thing Ted did not on purpose, and that was to ram the back of the car into the flesh-eating monster of a zombie trying to break into the way flatting it.

“Shit! Sorry!” went, as he kicked down on the accelerator messily driving the car as this is the first time Ted droved, as it clearly can tell this is driving done by a novice.

As Ted almost smashes into a yellow car from his crazily like driving. With the thought that he hopes he doesn’t crash into anything on his way to Woodhead the place, he has been heading since coming out of his flat.

Upon arriving at Woodhead at the house Lisa his twin sister lives at, Ted left the car and head in front of this house that his sister lives in.

“Maybe I shouldn’t come here… no we family… so she should help me right?” Ted said to himself looking through the window, as he knows he shouldn’t be here, the last time he been here didn’t end well.

With a deep intake of breath, before Ted tires to open the door of this house, but as he did it is locked?

“Lisa! It’s me! Lisa? You, home right? Where the…?” Ted went looking through the window seeing nothing within the living, did someone robs his sister place? Ted wonders as he can hear something from behind him.

“If you are looking for that sister of yours, she doesn’t live there anymore.” Said a young woman with her brown ash hair and her green coat, as she is followed by two other men and another woman all of them holding onto melee weapons.

“You know him?” Said one of the men his name is Reece Shaw with his thick glasses and his smart shirt as well his bald head, with his age, is in the 40s and a tutor from Sheffield University.

“He is Lisa twin brother, watch out this guy is scum.” Said the brown ash woman with her long hair and her average looks as she gives Ted a disgusting looked that Reece and the other notice.

“Wait he is that guy that cut himself, I bet he is here to bother his sister more, lowlife she is not here.” Said the fairly-fit and well looking tall man with the same aged as Ted with his ink black hair and brown eyes of his looked down at Ted who slowly backing away.

“I see, so she not here… do you know where I can find her?” Ted said as the black hair young man named Davie Markson looked at Ted as he walked closer to him.

“Know what, why don’t you drop dead? You just the worst, you know that? Because of you two friends of mine had to move out of our street, two honest people that I get on well enough as some fucker, went here and had to mess their lives up, and now this same fucker want to know where they are?” Davie said walking up to Ted and staring him down, as for Ted himself who is a coward didn’t even look Davie in the eyes.

“Coward.” Went the woman or Remi Cox with the loathing look in her face as she didn’t even want to bother with scum that only cares about gambling and dragging people down with him.

“Let go.” Remi Cox said as she is not willing to breathe the same air as this waste of human being.

“Is it alright to leave him alone? What if those things come here?” Said the woman with long black hair with her age is in the 30s. She isn’t the only wanted to know if they willing to leave another human being behind as Reece also the same.

“Nell, do not bother with him, he can be eaten by those things all I care,” Davie said as he stopped looking at the car that wasn’t there, the group of five are planning to look for somewhere safe and walking on foot is hard as it is.

“This car? This car doesn’t belong to you does it?” Davie said, in all honesty, he doesn’t give two shits if Ted lives or not. After all, he genuinely cared about Lisa Wisher enough to even has a thing towards her, but he didn’t cross that line since he also closes with Mark.

And due to learning of Ted did he truly hated Ted’s guts to the core, with his cold eyes on Ted.

“Give me the keys,” Davie said.

“There is enough room in there for six of us, and I am sure that-” However before Reece could finish what he is saying Remi butted in.

“Reece stop. Hand over the keys after all when you die the world will be better off, so choose to die now or later?” Remi Cox said that pointing the kitchen knife at Ted, in the eyes of hers and Davie’s, Ted isn’t even counted as human. Even willing to kill him for those keys.

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Death Era – 12: Day 4 Part I

“What the matter?” Ted asked when he notices Mark been staring at him since he came back in.

“Something wrong…? Who knows, maybe it’s the so-called zombies outside or the ones named them zombies knows too much what going on… and why is it the 13th?” Mark said looking at his phone.

Before he knew it, he was on the ground knocked out and the date changed from the 12th of March to 13th? Of course, Mark doesn’t know the Great Flash put everyone on earth asleep for a whole day which is why Mark is confused about the date.

“Nothing major, no it is. I do not mind telling you, but it will be hard to believe… its all started with a flash of light…” Ted didn’t care if he told Mark Marron about the fact he has memories of his past self, which is really in the future that about to come while drinking a cup of water. Ted began to tell Mark about the fact when he died he woke up 20 years back in the past on the same day of the Great Flash.

“What the heck you mean by that?” Mark said that with his head felt like shit with more he knows the more his headache hurts of accepting unbelievable information of the hard reality he has to accept: “You didn’t come here to chat didn’t you?”

Mark said hearing about the fact he has memories from the future self in him. If he really does why the trouble coming here?

“When I search for Lisa, I find out by someone that I was close to in my past life had told me Lisa, and most likely you as well been killed at the first day which is why I am here,”

Ted said that, as he thought about it, the woman he killed out of mercy mostly likely the main threat today to Lisa and Mark if he wasn’t here. With Mark personality, he will dash forward like a hero to save her and bring her in and only a matter of time she will turn and infect Lisa and Mark.

Another way is the gang of zombies could get to Mark trying to save the infected woman and Lisa will come out hearing Mark yells of his limbs being ripped apart will trigger her trauma making her the perfect loud sitting duck.

“Who is that person? The one that told you our deaths?” Mark asked hearing that Ted learnt by someone else that he and Lisa were turned does that mean that person must be the one that ended them when they were zombies?

“His name is Tom Miller he is, was a friend,” Ted said as he recalled the day of his first time outside in Death Era on the 4th day…




Past life, day 4 on the 16th of March.

On the streets of Sheffield city, lays a young man with his black as coal hair and his blue eyes gazes at the strange people with some of them missing flesh and blood stains and even the odd ones have blood dripping from their wounds.

With clear white eyes searching for their next meal. With slow moments due to their heavy as lead bodies, as these people are zombies roaming the street ahead.

And on this road behind a bus is a young man or Ted Wisher himself with his hood up with worn-out shoes of his and pants and hoodie are both black hidings behind this bus peeking at the gang of zombies ahead waiting for a new feast to come along.

It has been quite a few days since all of this happened and also the first time Ted been out of his flat since everyone starting to eat each other from the dead. And at this moment Ted Wisher is on his way to Woodhouse the place his sister lived him hoping she could spare any kind of food to him.

With his back leaning on the bus and him peeking on the zombies ahead hoping to find the timing to move with a frying pan he took with him when he left his flat.

But a sound of someone footstep is sounded as Ted’s eyes widened in shock coming in front of him as he turns his face only to meet eye to eye with a pair of white clear eyes staring at him.

Ted’s blue eyes only stares at the zombie slowly coming towards him with its mouth opening ready to bite into his flesh! With the surface of the pan pushes to the zombie’s face making the zombie unable to bite Ted.

“Fuck-fuck!” Ted went as he kicked off the flesh-eating monster off him and got up and made a run for it.

Ted heart rapidly beats in fear of this horror that is happening all around him, in fear he will be its next meal if he isn’t careful.

Dashing down the street he is on only slow down when he goes out of breath. When Ted took his breather, he notices how clear and beautiful the sky is as if the city and the sky just don’t match not at all.

But that sense of safety didn’t last for long when Ted soon heard from behind him yet another zombie that is trying to reach out to grab him.

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Death Era – 11: Blood and Trauma Part III

Evolved Zombies are a greater threat than regular zombies, in fact, the real danger between the early stages of these zombies are their numbers, even a horde of 100 zombies are a more significant threat to an early stage Evolved Zombie.

Which is one of the reasons why Ted took out the heart of the zombie known as the Death Core, the organ that causes the zombie evolution.

“What that?” Mark about to walk back as he takes another looked behind seeing the purple veins on the bloody heart.

“Death Core it’s called, it’s the most troublesome thing about these zombies as well has many usages.” Ted said as he didn’t bother keeping this fact a secret since to him, it’s a very common fact known in the later stage of this ruined world.

“You not planning of taking that right…?” Mark question why must Ted needs that zombie’s hearts.

“This thing is very dangerous if it’s inside a living zombie, well do not worry about it, just something that makes life easy that all.” Ted said as he heads to his white van.

Mark didn’t put his nose farther into this matter since it will only make his headache worse learning more of this. As he just stares at the zombies laying on the ground, dead for good before returning back.

But as Mark did, all the gunshots as well the amount of time that went passed Mark and Ted forgotten one thing, and that is Lisa Wisher who slowly went to her front door holding onto the rolling pin in case whatever going on outside, she must see it for herself.

As Mark stood there at the same moment as the door of his home opened and the love of his life is there, Mark’s eyes widen realising what lays behind him is the car crash and the zombie woman that is severed under there!

“Don’t look!” Mark said which was too late, as Lisa as soon she sees Mark, but her eyes weren’t on him but the fact a car is crashed into one of their neighbour’s house.

But as her eyes widen with her heart rapidly beats and memories of a woman and blood display in her mind. She saw the redness stains of blood of the severed woman, as well the dead zombie male on the ground, near the crashed car with his missing neck flesh that is much as gruesome as the severed woman under the wheel.

As the only thing on Lisa’s mind seeing the horror was a room with a woman with a blood pool before her child-self a memory and the cause of her fears of blood: “Arrggghhh!!”

Within the eyes of hers, all she can see is the world in bloody red, the red sky and even the gaps between the walkway filling with blood and made the matter worse. Her whole body felt like swimming in blood as this is what Lisa Wisher is feeling even if it all in her mind but the trauma make it a reality for her.

“Lisa!” Mark went, as he went to Lisa who is screaming in the sight of blood.

At that moment when Ted looked behind himself noticing Lisa screaming. Knowing full well Lisa reality isn’t sane right now. Ted didn’t go after Lisa like Mark did, as he only stood there watching Mark embraced Lisa, trying to take her from here to stop her nightmare.

Shortly after entering the house Ted went into the house of theirs as Lisa laying down on the sofa asleep as she needed time to regain her energy and self.

“What I’ll pose to do…? Nothing makes fucking sense…” Mark said sitting in his chair looking at Lisa sleeping face. His mind felt heavy with all of the sudden events that kept happening one after another.

Firstly it was Ted coming here, and now the zombies as well seeing someone died in front. He is a lawyer even if this is Mark’s first year on the job as a professional. But isn’t his job to know the law and read people? He cannot read Ted before he could read Ted like a book as Mark is very sharp when it comes to reading people.

But Ted? At first, he thought Ted lost it and needed help but outside with the zombies and that woman, even if she was infected, why can someone kill another person without blinking or showing morals?

The Ted Wisher he knew and the one who walked into the house are two different people, as of now to Mark the Ted in front of him is more like a monster than the zombies outside, how does he know this and that? And the fact his actions don’t fit the cowardly Ted he knew off.

Mark didn’t say anything when Ted walked into his house this time around as he is too mentally drained to care. As he only stared at him instead.

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Death Era… Day 4 Part I
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Death Era – 10: Blood and Trauma Part II

However, when Ted failed to smash the zombie’s head under his foot, Mark saw one of the zombies behind Ted and opened its mouth ready to bite into Ted.

“Arrrgghhh!” Mark went charging himself at Ted at that moment Ted’s lifeless look in his eyes stopped as his eyes widen in shock, not expecting for Mark to ruthlessly bring himself in danger for someone like him.

With Mark crashes into ted that knocked both Mark and Ted to the ground, as they did, Ted the first one to get up in a hurry as Mark looked at Ted getting up: “What are you thinking off, idiot!”

Mark said as he cannot let Ted Wisher die after all his sense of justice will not allow him to let Ted be eaten alive even if he hates his guts. However, Mark soon notice the shadow over coating him?

Turning around seeing the same zombie that about to bite into Ted with its mouth opened ready to feast upon Mark’s flesh! However, before the undead hands or mouth reaches Mark a hand a hand from behind Mark grabs his jacket he is wearing and pulled him out of the way before he became its next meal.

“Idiot? You the one that put both of us in danger.” Said Ted who the one that pulled this idiot out of the way, he already knew about the zombie from behind and had a way to counter it. But Mark that did something foolish that only put both him and Mark in danger did pissed off Ted.

Ted is pissed off due to the fact someone step in his way of fighting, as the years between Mark and Ted fighting in this era cannot be compare, as Ted already knew about the zombie from behind and have vest experience how to handle such threats.

At this moment as Ted gazes at the zombies that manage to surround them, as fear can be seen in the eyes of Mark’s who staring at the zombies missing flesh and blood stains even some of them missing some of their flesh.

Mark’s heart rapidly beats, with his sweat drops to the ground as fear written over his face facing the white pale skin zombies with those white clear eyes staring at Mark before they consume him.

As the horrors of this era is unfolded in front of Mark right now, showing how inexperience Mark really is.

“This is why novices die first.” Ted said, as he pull out of the Glock 17 pistol as he truly didn’t wanted to used this gun right now, but he is surrounded even melee weapons in his state of his body is useless if he cannot display his true skills behind them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang… went the barrel of the Glock 17, with each shot a new hole big enough to fit a finger appear in the heads of the zombies, as they bodies still fresh of being turned as blood can be seen leaking from those bullets holes.

Upon the mess of the now dead for good zombies, Mark who still on his knees only stared at Ted, seeing how flawlessly Ted took out these zombies that even a well-trained marksman will have a problem within the few meters between them and the zombies no less.

With the zombies that count to 6 laying on the ground dead with blood still fresh within and flesh that are missing hasn’t dried will put anyone in the state of fear.

As Mark doesn’t understand how someone with the background like Ted can changed into a man that wasn’t even the slightest bothered about the horror the zombies he just killed with skills that don’t fit the cowardly gambler he knew.

Of course, Mark doesn’t know about the fact Ted Wisher lived through hell known as Death Era and now back to the starting line to the hell yet to come. After all who will believe overnight a shameless gambler with no backbone changed into madman than into a killer that didn’t even blink ending lives of these zombies.

First day of Death Era the most people that became victims to such cruel and merciless era are the ones that cannot bare to kill, even if they are fresh-eating monsters themselves, still, a hard fact that many fall for.

Even the past life of Ted’s, Mark is one of them fallen to that kind of trap, as it cannot be helped when someone kind hearted like Mark sees injured peopleso they will rushed out to help them only to be eaten alive or turned into one of them.

As Mark still cannot get over this matter. Was the same time Ted stopped he doing and stared at one of theone of the zombies, as he walked towards it: “To think I find one at the first day.”

Ted said which did woke Mark from his state of fear, with this mystery of Ted knows too much what going on here as Ted walked to the zombie laying on the ground dead and went on his knees to it.

Staring at the purple veins on the zombie chest, as Ted took out a knife and cut into the chest of the zombie?

“Ted…? Why are you?” Mark said as his head starting to feel heavy with all of the sudden events that are happening one after the other.

“Taking out the Dea… heart, I am taking this zombie’s heart with me.” Ted said as he didn’t bother to explain his actions just to state them which Mark’s headache grows and grows.

As Mark honesty do not want to keep up with Ted madman actions of cutting out a zombie heart as he got up and about to walk back.

Of course, anyone will be frightened if zombies came into existence and some madman cutting hearts out of them, of course, Ted has his reason.

Within the evolution of zombies, the most important organ that causes the evolution of any zombie be it early stages or late stages of zombies evolution is a organ that is the heart itself called Death Core.

As this organ that allows any zombie to evolve or evolved farther is this heart in Ted hand’s wrapped in cloth taken from a zombie coat, this purple veined heart is the Death Core showing this zombie he killed will likely evolved 2 weeks or less evolving into a higher tier of zombie that can easy kill normal human like child play.

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Death Era… Blood and Trauma Part III
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Death Era – 9: Blood and Trauma Part I

“How could you!” Mark furiously yelled seeing how Ted can just shoot the poor woman that was fleeing from her life.

“How can I? Simple those been bitten will turn into one of them, after all when inactivated Death Cells make contact with activated Death Cells they will activate and the result, well I sure you have seen it happened to that man right?” Ted said looking at the zombie with its missing neck flesh.

“What the heck you on about! Death Cell this and that, how you know this?” Mark said as his head felt like it’s going to split apart any moment: “Doesn’t change the fact you killed her!”

Mark yelled in rage, as he pointed the Glock 17 pistol in his hand at Ted Wisher: “Fools like you always the first to die.”

Ted said in a low voice, no matter how heroic Mark actions might seem, doesn’t change the fact this woman Ted killed will turn, and only will be a matter of time before she will turn into one of them

“Let me ask you, will you like to turn into one of them, not controlling your body and feasting upon others?” Ted said as he sighed: “And that gun its empty.”

“You trick me?” Mark said realising that Ted given him the gun wasn’t for him to regain control what going on with the crazy Ted but when Mark recognised about the truth of him being tricked by this person that made Lisa life like hell.

“You… what you want with us?” Mark said knowing if Ted Wisher can kill the woman without blinking made him look at Ted in a different point of view. As this person and Ted, he knows of are two different people.

“Who are you?” Mark said as he knows the Ted before is scum that even makes his own blood life like hell, but he wasn’t a person that will kill without blinking or showing remorse like it’s entirely normal for Ted to kill a person without a second thought.

Ted didn’t say a word before he looked at the incoming zombies ahead, seeing their bloody mouths and even some of them missing flesh: “As I said, will you turn into one of them or die as a human?”

Within the first year of Death Era, some say it was the hardest, not the fact the dead don’t stay dead but accepting this new world. Where only ones with the manpower, supplies or strength able to be law and order.

A dog eats dog world is what Death Era is, a world that danger could happen any second, deaths of others meant nothing, only survival even in numbers or strength is all matter.

Even Ted Wisher himself lost everything by the hands of both humans and undead. And anything he learnt in such a world that everyone just steps foot in, showing mercy can kill you, being kind can kill you, showing weakness can kill you.

Only the strong have the right and that how the world of Death Era works if one doesn’t have the backbone to be heartless when the time to be only will lose everything or their own life.

After all, the young man known as trash among those knew him was forged into this kind of man that outlive Death Era for 20 years, an Era that most of the world fell to within the first year alone.

Mark just stood there watching Ted Wisher walking towards the zombies and picking up a walking cane that someone must drop even in a hurry or maybe they turned and left it behind.

When this gang of zombies saw Ted as they not a significant number but still a threat if they surround Ted, as Mark stood there as his realism tells him he must help, but the looks in Ted’s eyes told Mark another story, hatred and lifeless, a stare that even Mark is shocked by.

As one of the zombies is close enough to Ted as it reached it arms out to grab Ted while its mouth opens widen showing its blood stains between its teeth.

Ted step to the side with the arms of the zombie grabs only thin air, as the cane in Ted’s hand smashes into the jaw of the zombie! As the zombie jaw crack, and it fell over due to the force. And the only thing waited for it where it fell to the ground is the heel of Ted’s smashed onto its head.

However Ted is not was he used to be, even his body is unfit, even the most straightforward attack wasn’t enough for his current strength that Ted has: “How I forgot how weak I am.”

Ted said as he wasn’t the kind of person that will train his body often which is the reason the force of him crushing the zombie skull wasn’t enough to kill it as he planned.

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Death Era… Blood and Trauma Part II
Will be out on the 25th of Mar.