DE – 85

“Max? Is there anyone here called Max?” Logan said, as he never heard of such name before.

“I do not think there is a Max in here.” Said the fighter.

“I see, intel says he should be in this town… if only I had a way to communicate with him…” Virginia said as she looks around the manmade wall, before turning around.

“Wait!” Logan said, as Virginia stopped and look behind herself.

“What is it?” Virginia said.

“This Max person might be dead, you still going to look for him? here is safe, least stay a night.” Logan said, which made Virginia wavy about Logan, as for why does he want her to stay for?

“Very well,” Virginia said as she did not let her guard down with Logan and his men, as she walked into their camp. Not knowing what might be within the walls of this inner part of Loa.

“Look pretty lady!” As Virginia and Logan and the two fighters from before all walk together they passed the children playing as one of them is little girl seeing how beautiful Virginia is got the noticed of the children and other people in the area around them to notice her.

“Is she a new member of our group?” Said old woman with snacks in her hands to hand out to the children.

“Soldier huh.” An old man whose happened to be a former soldier in his young days like Virginia is.

Looking at the people that do not seem afeard or frighten at all, she finds it odd how kind the people are, since the past 2 months she seen how horrifying humans in camps like this can be.

But it all count on the leader of the place, as Logan this camp of theirs leader views life highly and children to be safe in this world since he is a father himself does not want them to experience the cruelty of this world is.

“This is an empty house, you can stay here, at 1800 is dinner time we all eat at that time, I think it is corn soup and a slice of meat for anyone, they’re not much we can offer after all,” Logan said with a smile, as he opened the door of one of the houses that happen to be empty.

“1800 got it, is there a radio that working around here?” Virginia said as she needs to get in touch with this Max person is.

“I asked if any of the survivors might know.” Logan said as he looks at the fighter behind: “Can you bring our guest pillow and a cover before 2100.”

“Yes, sir!” The fighter said as he left. Logan and the remaining soldier that been following them since the office also went, as only Virginia left in the building they left for her.

Taking off her jacket on one of two couches in the living as she lay on the other one, looking at the ceiling with the AR-12 pumped action shotgun by her side rested by the couch.

Moments later Logan return by himself knocking on the door of his guest house.

“It’s you,” Virginia said when she opens the front door of the house seeing Logan there with a radio in hand.

“I asked around and seems to be one among the survivors, I hope you find that person,” Logan said as he passes the radio device over to Virginia, as she grabbed hold of the old style radio, as Virginia place the device on the table as Logan just nodded and went off since as the leader near 80 he always busy with duties of keeping them safe and protected.

“This is Captain Virginia Leon of bravo company, requesting the location of Max project lab-2. I repeat this is Captain Virginia Leon of bravo company, requesting the location of Max project lab-2.” Virginia said as she waits for the other side of the speaker on the radio to pick up. After she repeats the same lines of words about 30 minutes as she about to give up.

[Bravo company? Wasn’t you the guys that should be in the base about a month ago? Well, the breakout did happen earlier than expected.] The voice of the other side said, as Virginia’s eyes widen. As she quickly responded.

DE – 84

It has been 2 months since Heath, and the rest came to the lab like base. As much on the outside of the base has changed. At the town of Loa is a man what looks like he is 29 but he in reality 38 of age, Logan Carroll is his name with long hair of blonde and his green eyes, with a scar on his lip, and smile on his face looking at the crowd of people under him.

In the month and a half nearly 80 people under Logan leadership came to the farming town Loa for the purpose to build themselves a home, with the car and also use parts they gathered to make a wall around the inner of Loa, as the outer areas of Loa are still left not in his control.

But Logan knows it is necessary to have the safety of the non-fighters that numbered over 50 of them and his fighters risking their lives fighting the dead or other leaders of this wasteland unknown as America.

In the past 2 months law and order are now barely holding, there some parts of the US that have not fallen as the army is fighting, but they are failing with the existence of Evolved Zombies.

Zombies that cannot be explained by logic are faster, stronger, as it is only matter of time rest of the government over America to fall in their grips of mayhem and death.

At this time of life, Logan sits on his chair within one of the houses at Loa, as he looks at the papers of notes his men he sent out to the local towns around Loa.

“Fighter, is there any life in Lyman?”

“No, sir! There just zombies and demons.” Demons said the man as Logan face lower, the existed of evolved zombies are not known to them as they view the slim zombies and the giant bald ones and any other as demons, a monster among monsters known as zombies.

“Demons huh, better keep away from that town. Send 2 of our fighters to watch over the town from a distance with our sniper rifles since demons are the biggest threat if they come over here. and about Fremont?” Logan said.

“We did not come close to the town since they are many zombies in the surroundings, but they are people living there, but as the report says, they attacked a group of survivors fleeing from them.” The fighter said.

“People attack people, we should not be attacking each other…” Logan sighed, as he got up from his seat, and looked outside watching a few children playing tag.

“See this, this is the reason we making this town back on its feet, for the hopes of the people following us, we should not be making enemies with other fellow human beings, we should be standing as one. But the world is not as kind as the children see it as, but as grown-ups, it’s our duty to make should their have a future.” Logan said as he took out a picture of a young girl around the age of 12 or so, with the same hair colour as him.

Remembering the person in the picture, his daughter. Suddenly someone came to this office or the house he is using as his office and place to sleep at.

“Leader! They seem to be someone here at the gate, what should we do?” The fighter that came in said.

“Bring me to this visitor,” Logan said, as he and the two fighters in the room with him, all went to the gate of their camp they built within Loa.

Waiting outside of the camp is a young woman with her black hair and the AR-12 Pump Action Shotgun in her hands and theirs AR-15’s in the fighter’s hands at the gate, as they wait for Logan to arrive at their location.

Moments later Logan arrive at the gates with a Model 66 revolver his only weapon on him, as he walks towards the woman.

“Dear traveller, might I asked why you came here? Safe place, or is it for supplies? I am the one in charge, might I know who I am talking to?” Said Logan, as he looked at the woman with long hair of brown, with her clothes white vest with army green jacket and army pants, both strong and beautiful she is, as she notices Logan.

“Virginia Leon, I am here for someone named Max, this is Loa right?”

DE – 83

Soon they all in their own rooms unlike Max and Brock, as both of them in the lab, with one side of the room full of computers and table within the middle of the room while Brock lay on tap of the table, as Max himself at the table with the cloning machine of his.

“Cloning is an interesting thing, you know the word of clone came from ancient Greek, twig it means,” Max said with once very rare smile of his looking at the progress of the cloning machine put him in a delighted mood.

“The reason of twig refers to the progress of a new plant which they make twigs from the cells of the plant. Truly interesting, soon there pills of this will be made with the leftovers of Heath was it.” Max said.

“So what does the blood of his will help me killing him?” With no eyes to see and no arms to feel or lift, Brock who mostly been quiet, only Max he has been talking to, as he really did not care anything other than his vengeance for what the one took everything from him.

“It just one of the pieces for our gamble, I nearly got all of the requirements, just need more pure death cells,” Max said, as he walks to the door. Soon later the pills were done but the cloning still taking place, as Max drop off the pills to Orlando and Kiara.

After Orlando seen Max left, he looked at Heath: “You sure?”

“I am… I am feared if I do not do anything… I will die, I might just wake up from my cold, but with this thing in me, I feel… it is my duty for failing to be there for father last moments.” Heath always loved his father and older brother, he is lazy and coward but facing that slim zombie with insane speed and reactions, he realised if he stays like he is, he will die.

Humans will always to the most insane things for survived, they with pride that will not but those willing to throw their pride away. Which is why Heath willing to do this, as he injects himself the poison as Orlando hold Heath body close to him, as he did not know if he sure believes if the virus and Death Cells infusing really will evolve them to greater beings then humans.

“I follow afterwards if you do not come back after I kill him by lying…” Orlando said, as he is willing to die next to his little brother, as Sadie by the side with tears, she too afeard to take the virus blood pill just like Orlando put into his mouth and shallowed.

Heath body felt colder, but the speed of the poison is frightening as Heath only for a moment felt the cold of hell in his body before closing his eyes died.

“He’s gone…” Orlando said as he took notice he felt hot from taking the pill, as he felt sleepy, not long he has fallen to asleep. Looking at Heath face which is dead white.

Within the room, Kiara is in, on her bed she looked at the red blood pill of the virus, in her hand looking at it and moving the pill between her fingers.

“Fine, I play along,” Kiara said after thinking for a while, as she also swallowed the pill of the virus as soon later her body felt cold before she passes out.

None had known the door of the base been opened as Max went out but not longer than 2 hours he came back, as he carries black bin bag with him as he took them to his other lab that Brock is in.

“I gather everything for this, it is time,” Max said to Brock as he is naked in a bath.

“I am going to inject you with the activated Death Cells, and the virus, the liquid in the bath will keep your body fresh and healthy since I do not know how long you going to be in there, but remember this room is trapped with bomb as soon you get out of the bath will activate the timer of the bomb, push the red button to stop it.”

Max said as he injected Brock with two injections, as some special liquid will help his body as Brock wearing a mask to help him breathe in the bath of the yellowish water.

As Max knows if this goes wrong he will be putting everyone in the lab like base in danger which is why he did not tell them.

“Only time will show us what will you become my friend,” Max said as he smokes the cig while looking at the ceiling.

DE – 82

“What happens after they awake?” Orlando said as he looks at Max, with intent to kill if he dares to hurt Heath.

“Evolve humans, with inhuman abilities that beyond human understandings. Do not worry I only want his blood, not his life, after all that his own choice if he wants to become one.” Max said as he moves even if the double barrel shotgun is pointed at him.

“Fine… if you want it, you can take some… brother… where’s dad? He’s dead is he?” Heath knows his father is like Orlando, a family man that will not leave his family to harm unless that person is dead.

“That…” Since both him and Sadie did not tell him about their father death. Orlando lowered the shotgun and looked at the ceiling of the room, with his arm loose and his feelings of hopeless and failure. As he looked at Heath, words not need as Heath understands from his looks in his eyes.

“Max right… make me into one.” Heath said while holding his right arm with his left hand, with the fact of his father gone is not easy to accept, but the reality is always a hard thing to accept.

“Make you into what?” Max said, as he just simply looked at Heath.

“Into that evolve human,” Heath said, as both Orlando and Sadie heard him they eyes widen since they did not expect Heath to say that.

“What did you said?” Said Orlando.

“Father died, that slim zombie to fast! I am a coward! To live in this kind of the world!” Heath said with tears formed from his eyes, as they rain down his face.

“Heath this is more the reason to not take your life!” Orlando does not believe if someone dies with the virus after the flu or cold effects go away will be reborn as an Evolve Human if they died within the 30 hours of getting rid of the cold.

“When what should I do! I am weak; even you had trouble with the slim zombie! What if they not just them, what if there existed a zombie that bullets will not work on it! I am afeard… I really am!” Heath yelled as he slams his hands on the table. Looking at Max.

“I do it instead!” Orlando yelled as he looks at Max, as he knows his little brother is frightened of events that lately keep happening.

“Well, you can’t since you do not have the virus but if you drink little as a drop of your brother blood when you can be infected with the cell-virus,” Max said.

With the virus in question can be passed by having little as a drop but there another way for the virus can be passed on, however for a method on how the virus first came into existed is a mystery on its own.

As Orlando step side. Honestly allowing the injection in Max’s hand to draw out blood from Heath’s arm: “I am done, about you want to become an Evolved Human, honestly I only care about this blood of yours since it the only thing I cannot gather so easy.”

Max said as Heath hear ‘gather’ the first thing pop to his mind were what or why?

“What you going to do with the blood?” Kyle asked.

“I am going to clone it, do not worry. I also make two blood capsules in case.” Max said, as he did not look at Orlando but at Kiara, as he knows her personality properly will take the pill.

Before Max left the room he turns his face to Heath and gives him an injection: “The choice is yours this is poison, it will kill you without any pain and quick as well. Do whatever you wish.”

“Wait! Why did you have to-“ Before Orlando can finish what he going to say to Max, Max himself said: “I only gave him a choice, it’s up to him what he does.”

As Max left the room with the five just stay where they are, not moving, as Kyle the first to speak.

“Will the virus really change you into superhuman?” Kyle said as it is hard to believe if this is real or not.

“Maybe, maybe not, I do not know what to believe in anymore,” Kiara said, as she walked out of the room, leaving the four in there as she walks off to her own room, as the four got shown by Kyle their own rooms.

DE – 81

“What your name?” Max said to Heath as he walks to him.

“I am Heath Flowers… I am going to die are I?” After hearing his pupils are yellow. Heath heart race fast with the thought of fear, frighten if he going to die.

“Is there a way for him to live!?” Hearing Heath frightening said that, Sadie rushed to her brother side, as she looked at Max.

“He fine or more like the new cell like virus made him immune from those zombies infecting him or more like stopped from the Death Cells activation of the nonactive Death Cells in his body,” Max said as all of the people in the room they in fall silenced.

Max looked at the group and explained to them the progress of how to be infected by the zombies that they had to fight to the death with.

There are 2 ways for the Death Cells within their bodies can active, one is to die without having to destroy the brain. The other is to be infected with inactive Death Cells which the active cells awake the ones inactive and cause the host to die due to the side effect of the activating of the cells.

Max spend about 30 minutes explaining to them about the cells and what’s going on with the world.

After hearing this, the five sat down as Kyle and also Kiara for the first time heard about one fact.

America is not the only ones being infected by this. as none realise until now, order and law are just thing in the past.

Kiara and the others really did not know that meant unlike Orlando first hand experienced unorder and lawless before with his time with the army.

“You telling me, the world going into chaos and the undead, not our only enemy?” Orlando said.

“That is right,” Max said as he went to pick up his laptop and place it on the table within the middle of the room they in, as he turns it on.

“What you doing?” Kiara the one asked as Orlando about say the same thing.

“I need blood samples of his blood before the cell-virus goes away, he had not been up late, I need them before 30 hours since he awaked,” Max said as he gathered a needle injection.

“What you doing?” Orlando said as he pointed the shotgun in his hands at Max’s head, as Max did not move or felt fear with the gun aimed at his head blank range as not many able to feel at ease with a gun by they’re head.

“Look at the screen,” Max said as Orlando look behind himself seeing what on the computer, seeing a group of people with guns and stuff, from the looks of it survivors.

But moments later while walking, they stopped, more like something leapt at them more than one of them, seeing the familiar zombie the one bitten Heath’s arm. Seeing their slim bodies and their long nails of 3 inches, and their fangs attacking the survivors and killing them by ripping them apart.

Seeing the gore of the blood blurting out of the limbs and the flesh being ripped like paper. As these strange slim zombies eat their flesh.

“You said it jump at you no?” Max said as he remembers what Heath told him about a weird zombie leap at him and bite him as soon he meet Heath and the rest of them.

“I said that?” Heath said as he seems to not recall what he said not long ago.

“Why does his blood has to do with them?” Orlando as he seems to understand they must be a reason of having his brother blood.

“He still has the virus in him with that we can fight what yet has to come, this is just beginning, the tip of the iceberg. We need to kill them but there too many of them, and sorry to say they are evolving like the one you fought back at Loa.”

“That… why is this cold or virus is so important?” Kiara butted in, as she been on the side not interfering until now.

“Other then giving flu but it weakens the Death Cell t the point if you were bitten with the virus-like cells you will not be infected by the activated Death Cells. But that not all, if the person host of the virus died after recovering from the flu within those 30 hours, the Death Cells will activate with the virus still in the body which both the cells and the virus infused to together, causing the host to fall in a deep sleep for weeks or months.” Max said.

DE – 80

About 3o minutes as the five went into the lab like base. Seeing the white walls and floor it. Something so unreal as this left Orlando, Sadie and Heath in confusion as they first had to fight zombies and now they seem to be a base that only seen in the movies?

“Just what is this place?” Orlando asked.

“We just know it’s a lab but also a base…” Said Kyle.

“Why have I not heard of this?” As a soldier himself, Orlando never heard such place before.


“Even so where is this Max you speak of?” Said Heath hold his arm that been bitten on.

Kyle looks at Kiara as they also know what happens if someone is bitten by them. At this moment a young man with messy hair, as he looks at the three new people that came in the base.

“So this is what left of Loa?” Max said as he walks towards them.

“So you must be Max huh?” Orlando said as he became beware of Max seeing him this young.

“Only 3 huh… you infected?” Max said looking at Heath, as Heath’s face went pale as he did not know about it could be passed on.

Max said that as Orlando stood before Max and the other 2, as he grabs hold onto the double barrel shotgun. Ready if they tried to take Heath away from him, as he already lost someone, refuses to lose another person before him, least he wants to take his brother life by his own hands not an outsider of his family.

“I hear you know more about this than anyone.” Orlando said, looking at Max. As Max just smile as he looks at the ceiling.

“let me guess, is there a way to cure him? No, there none…?” Max realised that the time frame between then coming here from Loa town and here in the lab with the half hour waiting for him did not add up.

“Say did he got infected at the town?” Max said.

“That freak monster just bonce on me and too bite of mine…” Heath said as he looks at the bloodied cloth that is used to cover his wound.

“Bonce?” Max’s eyes widen, as he took something from his lab coat, a notebook of sort, as he looks at this pad.

“Again…” Max said as he put the pad back in his lab coat.

“Again?” Kyle asked seeing Max odd behaviour.

“No matter. Now then you been infected in the town yes?” Max asked.

“You know something about that slim zombie, tell me!” Orlando no fool and could read the lines that Max knew about this odd zombie.

“You not bother about your brother infected? No matter, just one question did you just recovered from some kind of cold?” Max asked, knowing something at mist with Heath wound.

“You know of the cold?” This time, not Orlando speak, but Sadie as she the one taking the most care of Heath being ill with the unknown cold.

“Let me look at your eyes,” Max said to Heath but as he walks towards heath, Orlando steps in front of Max.

“Ah? Fine here.” Max said as he passes a small flashlight to Orlando.

“What this?” Confusedly asked Orlando.

“A flashlight, look into his eyes, check if his pupil turns yellow,” Max said, as he knows this type of person is troublesome to deal with when it comes to they kin.

“Yellow? Heath I am going to check your eyes.” Orland sighed and said as he walks to Heath.

Heath did not say anything as he just let his brother see to his eyes, seeing the eyes under the light of the flashlight, as Orland looks into his eyes, but nothing is showing as Max said,.

“It takes about 10 secs or so for the yellow colour to show,” Max said watching Orlando and Heath.

“Is that so?” Orlando said as this time shine the light from the flashlight longer into Heath right eye as his black pupil slowly turning into yellow. Seeing this Orlando’s eyes widen as he looks at Max.

“What is this?” Orlando asked as Max smiles hearing the results.



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DE – 79

“Arrgghhh!” Went Heath feeling the burning pain that his flesh felt as the zombie bit into his arm.

“Get the fuck off him!” Orlando went as he pointed the double barrel shotgun at the slim zombie which speed is above theirs. Bang went the shotgun in Orlando’s hands, as the slim zombie knocked off from being on top of Heath. As the shot did not kill it, but it had pushed it off Heath which gives chance for Orlando to grab Heath.

“Brother… it hurts!” Heath said as he feels the flesh that is now gone burning like if someone is digging their fingers into the wound.

“Stay with me, we are getting out of here alive!” Orlando said as he knows what happens when someone is bitten but facing another member of his family going down the same path as his father just did. Orlando panic at the thought that he has no choice but to kill him before he will turns.

“What the hell you two doing?! Get in!” Awoke from the lost thoughts, Orlando turned around and see Kiara standing there with the UMP in her hands firing rounds at the huge horde. As the zombies come closer and closer to them.  As Orlando grab hold of the screaming Heath.

As he drags his brother to the van as the two got in. And the door shut loudly.

“Floor it!” Kiara said as she looks at Kyle who happens to be in the driver seat. As the bloody van pulls out of the dead bodies of the zombies they had killed before the rest of the horde could reach them.

“It was this many!” Kiara notices the number of them. Since she was fighting and too focus, Kiara did not see the fact they more meet the eye to their numbers.

“Yeah… we lucky that we made it out in time…” Kyle said as he next to Sadie in the shotgun seat. As Kiara and Orlando with Heath are at the back of the van.

“Now then, who are you two?” Orlando who is helping with Heath wound asked Kiara.

“We are, or were just students, but a lot happened, and we are doing that dick asked of us,” Kiara said remember of a certain bossy messy hair scientist.

“Dick?” Orland asked as he wants to know who they are and the person behind them.

“Max is she talking about, he is a man with a lot of mysteries about him, you find out. he knows more about what going on than anyone I know.” Kyle said.

“More going on? You mean he knows about it? This shit hole that is happening?” Said Orlando.

“he knows a lot since he and other been studying what this is, Death Cell he calls it, the things in our bodies that is infecting us. Also another two cells as well. He can tell you more about it once we make it back.” Kyle said as Orlando did not know why this Max is but looking at the bloody warped clothes that been ripped off to dress Heath wound.

But knowing someone knows what really going on now, might have hope to cure Heath. Of course, they also the chance he had no option to kill his own little brother. But Orlando is not willing to stop looking for an answer if there is one.

Soon the five reached the location of the entrance of the lab. As the five went out and hide the van.

“Where is this base of yours?” Orlando said as he looks around the place, but no sign of any doors or place looks like it could be a secret door. As the five came close to the base door within the rock, as the rock opened as the door within the giant rock revealed.

“….” Orlando looks at the door, as he did not know if he should think if he had lost it or the fact whoever behind Kiara and Kyle is not so simple.

DE – 78

With the body parts smashed or shattered across the ground while the bloodied white van parked not far from Orlando, as the door of the van opened as Kiara the first one dashing out of the van and open fire at the remaining zombies.

Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan…

Went the UMP submachine gun in her hands, however only able to kill few of them with poor gun skills of hers. At this moment Kyle opened the door also opened fire with the MP9 submachine gun. Did a better job then Kiara with his skills in online gaming did paid off but compared to a soldier or well-trained man he did not do that well.

But the two cannot help it since this is their first time firing guns in their life.

Orlando stood by his sister and brother not aiming or anything with his double barrel shotgun, just watching the two people that came out of nowhere, with guns that can be brought in the county but not commonly seen on civilians such made Orlando wavery of Kiara and Kyle two people with such guns that are not soldiers seeing their skills with arms.

“How many are they?” Said Kiara seeing the horde of zombies ahead of them. With the number of people living in Loa and the surrounding towns and villages around Loa made up more numbers of them, as the group of five did not know the number they facing is over 200 of them as about 45 of them killed by the van and 21 of them by the firing of their weapons making more of them coming to their location.

To beat a force of 200 odd zombies is like a fairy-tale to the five, as one well-trained soldier and four not trained people have fewer odds of survival of living out of this, but they do have one hope the bloody van that Kiara and Kyle brought with them.

“Brother… what if we steal the van…?” Heath said as this time as he just awoke from his cold he been having for a while, as he looks at the van with the doors open.

“We can’t…” Sadie on the other hand, dislike the idea of having to steal for their survival. And Orlando more interested on why they helping, how did they get such weapons and what will they do after killing the zombies, but seeing the wave of the zombies that numbers over 200, he knows if he does not act soon he will be too late.

“What you three waiting for? We need to go! Huh?” Kiara said but stopped seeing the thin zombie with fangs and long 3 inched long nails with its moments seems odd.

But Kiara, not the only one seen this odd slim zombie, as Orlando sees it as well as realise the clothes as he knows this person but cannot recall his name.

“Who are you?” Orlando said to Kiara. As she turned her head and said: “I often think who I am lately, too much shit going on! We need to get out of here! …Kyle!”

Kyle heard Kiara, as he turns his head around to see behind him, seeing the bloodied mouth of the zombie fangs, slim body and claws, as it leapt into the air and aimed at Kyle.

“Ahh!” Kyle went as he got shocked seeing the odd zombie running and leaping at him as he got scared and falls to his knees. Human sometimes loses hope of seeing the impossible in front of them, as Kyle does not expect such a zombie as the zombie with the fangs and teeth miss Kyle by luck.

“Why is it so fast!?” Heath went as he cowardly said seeing the fast zombie.

“Shit! Get in before it gets us!” Orlando said but the speed of this different zombie is not something to take lightly, as Orlando fire the shotgun but the reactions of the zombie as fast as it speed and dodges the shells pieces hitting it, as one or two fragments of the shell shot did hit the zombie, but it is useless if it is not in the head.

“Brother help!” Said Heath said as the zombie aim at Heath, as it pins Heath to the ground as it about to bite Heath’s neck but out of reflex Heath guard himself with his arms up at his face as the mouth of the zombie bite into Heath arm taking a mouth full of flesh into its mouth.

DE – 77

Within the labs hidden underground near the town of Loa, a young man with messy hair looked at the young man on the bed with no arms, if someone removes his blindfolds can see no eyes as well.

“How life? No answer huh. Brock, I am here for something to ask. No more like a gamble as it could turn you into a monster. But the choice is yours, and I lack what I need to do that, for now.” Max said as he sits in the chair next to Brock whom been laying down, as wires in Brock body to feed him since he refuses to eat just lays there like a dead body with nothing, empty like the void his heart felt.

“I send them two out, we need numbers, and skilled humans in many areas like military, medical, and growing plants. We need to grow food and keep people safe in a place they call home, but I am useless in those areas. I am not good with people, never be able to stand before them. But what I need is a symbol. A symbol of hope, a will to fight. Kiara has that, but that only hope, not a sword.”

Max said as he sits up looking at Brock.

“There is a high chance that monster is still alive, the one that killed your blond haired friend and Renee.” As Max said that Brock moves his body facing Max.

“Is that true…?” First words after he been wounded like this, first words as his heart has no fear but full of darkness and hatred towards the ones took everything to him.

“Is he alive!” Shouted Brock, as even Max surprise seeing how Brock acted.

Anyone knew of Brock Wilson before the outbreak, they knew he is a kind man but also a lazy individual. But with the events of that night with parts of his body missing and his lover killed.

That kindness and lazy person of Brock is gone, smashed like glass replace with vengeance and hatred.

“What you say, want to take this gamble that could turn you into a monster?”

Max said with an evil smile of his as he knows hope is one thing but to survive in the world that iscoming, he needs a weapon, a sword.




Within the town of Loa, a van pulls up at the first house in the town.

“So, this is Loa? So, we just go house by house?” Kiara asked while holding a Heckler & Koch UMP submachine in her hands looking around the place.

“Hahaha… I never fire a gun before… yeah, Max wants us to see if anyone around or not and we must keep the labs a secret for now.” Kyle said looking at the MP9 submachine in their hands.

“But to think one place as this many guns, he really set on making an army, But I am, or I were… just a student. Ahh, is this my new life to roam around towns like these with this thing?” Said Kiara looking at the SMG in her hands, as she felt hopeless as she faces the house ahead of them but suddenly stopped hearing sounds of gunshots.

“Kiara is that…?” Kyle looking at ahead where the sounds of guns being fire off.

“Let go there!” Kiara said as she runs back to the van and Kyle also followed after her into the van.

As the van drove to the location of the sounds of firing from. As the van arrives a young man with short hair using a double barrel shotgun, blasting off heads of the incoming zombies as the sounds of this young man who happens to be there with two others with blonde hair as well.

“Too many of them! Heath, Sadie! Stay close to me! too many of them for opening is this most of the town people, shit!” With fear gripping his heart Orlando killed his way out of the building only to find out their horde of zombies waiting outside for them.

But Orlando’s eyes widen seeing a white object smashing into the horde of the zombies making the white van into white with red.

DE – 76

Orlando went to the building ahead as he went there and opened the door at this moment yell of a man is heard as he turns his head seeing a middle-aged man at his father’s car. Seeing the blood on him, and also the fact he knows what will happen if a zombie bites you.

When Orlando about to go back to reason with the man at the car, steps heard from behind him as he turns around only to see one of the zombies went out and tries to grabs him, but with the suddenly time frame and the fact Orlando focus wasn’t on inside of the building as he and the zombie falls to the ground.

“Damn…!” With the shotgun used to lift the zombie little away from Orlando’s face, as he looks at the white eyes of the zombie trying to bite him already.

“Let me in! You bitch!” Hearing the man at the car saying that, His heart rapidly beats a mix of anger and fear. As Orland kick the zombie off him, as he uses the shotgun stock and smashes it into the head of the zombie leaving it mesh brain matter onto the ground, as Orlando turn to see the car.

“Stay away!” Seeing how frighted his sister is, Orland run back to the car seeing the PPK pistol in the man hands.

“Stop there friend, or I fire my gun.” Said the man by the car of their father’s, as he notices Orlando rushing over to where he is, but stopped Orlando by threating his sister life seeing how angry he is coming to him.

“What you want?” Orlando stopped, as he still in range to use the shotgun short range but only be able to wound him since the shot has a low chance of killing him from their distance of each other.

“I want the car, give it, or she gets it!” The man said pointing the PPK at Sadie, Orlando look at the middle-aged man and then Sadie and his little brother before sighing.

“Sadie gets Heath out, you can wait for my brother and sister goes out right?” Orlando said seeing the middle-aged man face going paler as he nodded not removing his eyes from Orlando.

As Sadie carries out Heath from their father’s car, the middle-aged man race to the driver seat after Sadie and heath out of the car, as Orlando rushes to his bother and sister.

“We do not have time,” Orlando said that seeing the leaving car that the middle age man took.

“The staff room still keeps a storage of food inside?” Orlando said as he turns around to look at Sadie.

“That right, but we do not allow to enter there,” Sadie said.

“I am sure that no one will bother we that, I will carry Heath just keep close okay.” Orlando as the new head of the family of the Flowers.




At present. Kiara and Kyle woke up in the morning of the hot heat, but within the underground labs, it is cold and pleasant to be in and unreal to be in such a place.

“You two awake?” Max walks into the hall that seems to be a place to serve food, as he walks to the table them two at, as he sat cross Kiara and Kyle.

“Who said you can sit with us?” Said Kiara.

“Sorry I did not see any other empty seats then here,” Max said as he places the packed sandwich which defrosts last night for them to eat the next day.

“Empty seat? This fucking hall is full of them! It only the 3 of us in this damn place! And we not allowed to enter other floors then this since it passworded. Only this place and our rooms have no code to access to!” Kiara shouted.

With the tables within this room goes over 300 people able to sit in at once as the hall is grand and big showing whoever built it is no average person.

“Now now.” As Kyle tries to calm down Kiara before she bites Max head off but as it seems Max on purpose pisses off Kiara.

“Enough playing around it is time for you two to follow me to the armoury,” Max said.

“This place has an armoury?” Kiara asked.

“Of course, it does, how else we going to fight to survive?” Max said as the lift took them to one of the floors, as the door open both Kiara and Kyle eyes open seeing the weapons within.