I am a member of Wattpad looked for DevilishYetNot which is mine username on there to see what other stories I did you might not like them since Death Era is aimed for those love zombies and those stories are aiming for a different kind of group.

So overall I am a fan of anime and Light Novel which like the same thing since Sword Art Online is a Light Novel but it is made into an anime as well.

And that all I can say about myself.

What is DE that is short for Death Era that is the name or the title of the story I am doing. This is like survival zombie story but as the story goes on so did the evolution of zombies as well human side as well .

I like the classical zombies that walked but I find more interesting if zombies able to evolved that also makes them more dangerous to other zombies as well.

Think if a normal zombie can walk and infect to make other zombies but they just in fact mindless that only thing in their minds is to feast on humans? And when it comes to evolved zombies also makes the story interesting, or to me least.

For example! Take five people with AK-47’s with 100 zombie horde, yes in reality that is a scary thing with only 5 people but if they walk and those five on a wall firing their AK’s skilful in reality they might if they soldier level skilled and well defend-able to kill those 100 zombies that can walk.

But what if those five fight zombies that fast? The wall stops them! But if they some can claw their way on the wall? And what if the wall is 4m tall and the evolved zombie height has about 5m with skin that only be damaged by bombs since those AK’s are useless.

What my point is! Why not make them interesting? Example of this kind of story will be a Chinese light novel called ‘God and Devil World’

My other Sites

XIllz2018 (My Private Blog)

On Xillz2018 is my anime / light novels stories which isn’t uploaded on here or might be uploaded on my Wattpad account.
Note that all of the stories on this blog is either meant for under 18 or over stories. You do need permission to access my blog, just need to answer simple questions, since I do write only fantasy stories which aimed for the male subject (Sorry not good with the other sex subject stories! Not counting Death Era since its zombie base story)

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