Death Era – 15: Day 4 Part IV

Doing nothing at all, as Ted Wisher only watches his hope disappear without a trace, as they’re no point in resisting anymore. As this might be the end of the road for Ted.

However, the sounds of a roaring engine could be heard louder and louder waking Ted from his state of mind, realising how close this zombie is, only less than a meter away of bitting into his flesh.

Even if the car heading Ted’s way did wake Ted from his state of mind, it was still too late, or that what it seems.

With a glass bottle been thrown out from the shotgun seat of the slowing down car which headed towards Ted and that zombie about to bite into Ted.

With the glass bottle shattered in pieces, and that sound of glass breaking makes the zombie turn its had and gazed what lays behind it with its white eyes.

“Run!” Shouted the young man with his dark blonde hair and his grass green eyes could be seen, as Ted did what he told and get away from the zombie turning its head back to face Ted Wisher.

The mysterious young man got out of the car with a wooden bat in his hand dashing towards Ted with the zombie that on its knees trying to get up when this mystery man smashes the bat cracking the zombie head open.

“Ahh… close call right?” Said this unknown young man that laughed to himself with sweat not being tied physical but mentally.

“Thanks…” Ted said.

“No probs, not every day you can open up someone head, the name is Tom Winker you?” Tom said that taking a deep breath, getting himself prepared mentally.

“No problem mate, not every day you get to open someone head.” Said the man as he took a deep breath: “Tom Winker, you?”

“Ted Wisher…” Ted said in a low voice as his courage drain out of him and his mental state? Might be even worse as Tom’s this mysterious man that saved Ted out his fate being food for the flesh-eating monsters.

“It’s not like I am going to bite you… sorry wrong joke.” Tom said the seeing how uneasy Ted is, but before Tom could say anything, a zombie walked in front of them with guts of its hanging from its stomach heading towards Ted and Tom is at.

“Nasty, I will be back.” Tom said that as he smashes the bat into the head cracking its open as the zombie fall knees first when it hit the ground.

“That’s a nasty one, how much longer are you going to be Tom? We need to head back!” Said the thin man in the car that looks at Tom and Ted while seating on the driver seat of this car.

“I will be right there, Bill! This is Bill, my friend. I met on the day well you know that flash?” Tom said as Ted does recall going blind with a flash of light that suddenly came out of nowhere blinding him and the next thing, the date of 11th of March turn to 12th of March and zombies roaming the street his flat is on.

“Greetings are nice and all, we really need to be going, Tom.” Bill said with his plain looks and his black coal hair that very short nearly enough to be bold.

“Ahh, no matters. Say want to come along? I am sure you wouldn’t last long if you by yourself.” Tom Winker said as he offers his hand to Ted whose still on the ground.

As Ted didn’t really say anything as he grabs Tom’s hand helping him getting up from the ground, as the two of them headed int the car that both Tom and Bill drove here.

When Ted enters the back seats, he notices the odd box filled with pictures, rings and other stuff, and the word written on the box says ‘in the Memories of’.

“Oh, that?” Tom went noticing Ted took notice of that box: “Some people out there even at the place we came from doesn’t know what happened to their loved ones… I’ll only want to put the ones still looking for their beloved ones at ease or know they might be… one of them.”

“He just has some massive ego, do not worry about it, and I am sure there no pawnshops out there anymore didn’t you left that life behind?” Bill said as this did get Ted interested what he meant life behind?” Bill said as he honestly thinks Tom Winker idea of his is a foolish one.

“What you mean by massive ego? I’ll only want to put others mind at ease, not knowing if they beloved ones still alive or not… even if it will hurt them, but it will hurt more not knowing.” Tom said as Ted just like Bill thought it’s a hopeless and foolish idea.

But both of them cannot say, after all, both of them also has loved ones out there without a clue what happened to them.

As Ted didn’t dig into that matter until something within that box of memories gains his attention.

“How… where did you get this?” Ted went as his face went pale as if he saw a ghost going to the waistband, a blue waistband with a rose on it, as Ted know this so well even the marking inside the letters of LW, Lisa Wisher.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Day 4 Part IV

Sorry day late! I were busy with family matters, so I am sorry for the delay!

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