Death Era – 14: Day 4 Part III

Ted’s eyes widen seeing the tip of that knife pointed at him, as the only thing on his mind, and that is he should leave as soon he can. However, when Ted gazed at the car, Davie Markson also notices Ted’s looking at the vehicle.

“Do not bother. What you think you are Ah!?” Davie went as he pushes Ted into the wall behind, as Ted’s back hit the wall behind him at that moment Davie grabs the collar of his hoodie while Remi went to Ted pockets and took the keys in his hoodie pocket.

“Like trash like you need this, rot away like the person you are,” Davie said walking away with Remi Cox as those two didn’t bother to look at Ted for a second time, as Reece Shaw looked at Ted and at Davie and Remi walking away like they didn’t do anything wrong.

Are they going to rob a fellow human and leave him to rot out here? But Reece Shaw just like Nell the other woman in their group doesn’t have the backbone to asked Davie either Remi who are the backbone of this little group of theirs.

It’s very common within any kind of groups out there to have those of with backbone and those just numbers making up that group and even if Nell nor Reece does have the backbone to asked Remi and Davie to take Ted Wisher with them, think they will bring him along knowing what he did?

As Ted Wisher didn’t look up as he hears the roaring of the engine, even himself has no backbone, nothing more than a coward who Ted is.

With nothing he can do about them leaving, Ted only got up where he is, just gazed at where they went before walking off randomly.

No idea where Lisa is, nothing matters to Ted, he is used to people walking over him, used to be the lowest of all in other eyes, his father and now even his own sister left him.

Feeling empty inside, as this feeling soon stopped when Ted stopped and stood there within the middle of the street looking at the zombie ahead.

With its bloody mouth biting into the middle-aged man flesh, feasting upon the dead man with his guts on display and other inside parts. Ted felt like something inside him trying to get out of him, as he felt sick seeing this horrify screen of someone insides so close.

Sure, Ted has seen people been eaten alive from his flat but that difference in the distance as well being so close is, even more, horrify closer is than being a far away.

As Ted didn’t want to alarm the zombie or any others that could be roaming the around where he is, slowly walking backwards with his eyes glued onto the zombie eating away.

With Ted slowly walk backwards, but as he did, he wasn’t focused behind him if Ted did he will notice the zombie with its pale white skin and white eyes looking at Ted walking backwards where it is.

As the zombie’s mouth opened as it reaches its hand towards Ted, with its fingers grabs onto Ted’s hood pulling Ted toward its!

With Ted’s body being pulled by the hood of his hoodie within the grips of the monster that doesn’t stay quite dead. As it pulled Ted towards it, with Ted’s sea blue eyes looked at the teeth of the zombie that drew him towards its opening its mouth ready to take a bite into him.

Ted’s heart stopped, and his brain turned into a complete mess seeing his time to meet death came so soon. But as it might be due to shoddy road work or the fact between Ted’s and this zombie lay a hole that is 12cm deep which Ted steps into it throwing both of them off balance.

Ted and this zombie both fell to the ground with the grips of the zombie’s holding onto Ted’s hood ripped off with the sudden twist off losing balance.

With the zombie that has slightly higher strength than the average man has, was enough to rip off that hood making Ted no longer held by the grasp of the zombie doesn’t mean he is out of the hook yet.

As Ted gazed at the zombie widen mouth, who is laying only a half meter away from him! Ted’s heart beats rapidly like a drum. As he kicked the zombie next to him, pushing it away from him.

“huff! Ahh… ha…” As Ted breathes heavily as his whole body felt like stone, heavy and unable to move, fear in the forms of chains holds him in place, not allowing him to move.

Fear can do all kind of things, making invisible and none existed chains to tie those afeard down like Ted, and it’s also fear that allows them to realise how the world really looks like.

As Ted only stares in fear at the zombie so close yet again, with his blue eyes widen in horror, as if the rope they call hope is getting thinner and thinner until its too thin to hold onto hope.

Is this the end? Ted thoughts so, as the mouth of the zombie wide up and so close to bite into his flesh while Ted just stays where he is as if he some kind of stone that isn’t meant to move at all.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Day 4 Part III
Next time: Death Era… Day 4 Part IV
Will be out on the 22nd of April

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