Death Era – 13: Day 4 Part II

“No… stay away, stay away!” Ted went as he walks backwards and bumps into the car behind him. Ted looked behind himself when his back hit the opened door of the car seeing the keys still in the ignition. With a gamble, Ted heads into the car hoping it will start.

Ted Wisher had never driven before as he never had the money to afford to learn how to drive one never mind owning one. So when Ted closes the door of the car and starts the roaring car engine with everything going well with the car itself.

However the first thing Ted did not on purpose, and that was to ram the back of the car into the flesh-eating monster of a zombie trying to break into the way flatting it.

“Shit! Sorry!” went, as he kicked down on the accelerator messily driving the car as this is the first time Ted droved, as it clearly can tell this is driving done by a novice.

As Ted almost smashes into a yellow car from his crazily like driving. With the thought that he hopes he doesn’t crash into anything on his way to Woodhead the place, he has been heading since coming out of his flat.

Upon arriving at Woodhead at the house Lisa his twin sister lives at, Ted left the car and head in front of this house that his sister lives in.

“Maybe I shouldn’t come here… no we family… so she should help me right?” Ted said to himself looking through the window, as he knows he shouldn’t be here, the last time he been here didn’t end well.

With a deep intake of breath, before Ted tires to open the door of this house, but as he did it is locked?

“Lisa! It’s me! Lisa? You, home right? Where the…?” Ted went looking through the window seeing nothing within the living, did someone robs his sister place? Ted wonders as he can hear something from behind him.

“If you are looking for that sister of yours, she doesn’t live there anymore.” Said a young woman with her brown ash hair and her green coat, as she is followed by two other men and another woman all of them holding onto melee weapons.

“You know him?” Said one of the men his name is Reece Shaw with his thick glasses and his smart shirt as well his bald head, with his age, is in the 40s and a tutor from Sheffield University.

“He is Lisa twin brother, watch out this guy is scum.” Said the brown ash woman with her long hair and her average looks as she gives Ted a disgusting looked that Reece and the other notice.

“Wait he is that guy that cut himself, I bet he is here to bother his sister more, lowlife she is not here.” Said the fairly-fit and well looking tall man with the same aged as Ted with his ink black hair and brown eyes of his looked down at Ted who slowly backing away.

“I see, so she not here… do you know where I can find her?” Ted said as the black hair young man named Davie Markson looked at Ted as he walked closer to him.

“Know what, why don’t you drop dead? You just the worst, you know that? Because of you two friends of mine had to move out of our street, two honest people that I get on well enough as some fucker, went here and had to mess their lives up, and now this same fucker want to know where they are?” Davie said walking up to Ted and staring him down, as for Ted himself who is a coward didn’t even look Davie in the eyes.

“Coward.” Went the woman or Remi Cox with the loathing look in her face as she didn’t even want to bother with scum that only cares about gambling and dragging people down with him.

“Let go.” Remi Cox said as she is not willing to breathe the same air as this waste of human being.

“Is it alright to leave him alone? What if those things come here?” Said the woman with long black hair with her age is in the 30s. She isn’t the only wanted to know if they willing to leave another human being behind as Reece also the same.

“Nell, do not bother with him, he can be eaten by those things all I care,” Davie said as he stopped looking at the car that wasn’t there, the group of five are planning to look for somewhere safe and walking on foot is hard as it is.

“This car? This car doesn’t belong to you does it?” Davie said, in all honesty, he doesn’t give two shits if Ted lives or not. After all, he genuinely cared about Lisa Wisher enough to even has a thing towards her, but he didn’t cross that line since he also closes with Mark.

And due to learning of Ted did he truly hated Ted’s guts to the core, with his cold eyes on Ted.

“Give me the keys,” Davie said.

“There is enough room in there for six of us, and I am sure that-” However before Reece could finish what he is saying Remi butted in.

“Reece stop. Hand over the keys after all when you die the world will be better off, so choose to die now or later?” Remi Cox said that pointing the kitchen knife at Ted, in the eyes of hers and Davie’s, Ted isn’t even counted as human. Even willing to kill him for those keys.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Day 4 Part II
Next time: Death Era… Day 4 Part III
Will be out on the 17th of April

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