Death Era – 12: Day 4 Part I

“What the matter?” Ted asked when he notices Mark been staring at him since he came back in.

“Something wrong…? Who knows, maybe it’s the so-called zombies outside or the ones named them zombies knows too much what going on… and why is it the 13th?” Mark said looking at his phone.

Before he knew it, he was on the ground knocked out and the date changed from the 12th of March to 13th? Of course, Mark doesn’t know the Great Flash put everyone on earth asleep for a whole day which is why Mark is confused about the date.

“Nothing major, no it is. I do not mind telling you, but it will be hard to believe… its all started with a flash of light…” Ted didn’t care if he told Mark Marron about the fact he has memories of his past self, which is really in the future that about to come while drinking a cup of water. Ted began to tell Mark about the fact when he died he woke up 20 years back in the past on the same day of the Great Flash.

“What the heck you mean by that?” Mark said that with his head felt like shit with more he knows the more his headache hurts of accepting unbelievable information of the hard reality he has to accept: “You didn’t come here to chat didn’t you?”

Mark said hearing about the fact he has memories from the future self in him. If he really does why the trouble coming here?

“When I search for Lisa, I find out by someone that I was close to in my past life had told me Lisa, and most likely you as well been killed at the first day which is why I am here,”

Ted said that, as he thought about it, the woman he killed out of mercy mostly likely the main threat today to Lisa and Mark if he wasn’t here. With Mark personality, he will dash forward like a hero to save her and bring her in and only a matter of time she will turn and infect Lisa and Mark.

Another way is the gang of zombies could get to Mark trying to save the infected woman and Lisa will come out hearing Mark yells of his limbs being ripped apart will trigger her trauma making her the perfect loud sitting duck.

“Who is that person? The one that told you our deaths?” Mark asked hearing that Ted learnt by someone else that he and Lisa were turned does that mean that person must be the one that ended them when they were zombies?

“His name is Tom Miller he is, was a friend,” Ted said as he recalled the day of his first time outside in Death Era on the 4th day…




Past life, day 4 on the 16th of March.

On the streets of Sheffield city, lays a young man with his black as coal hair and his blue eyes gazes at the strange people with some of them missing flesh and blood stains and even the odd ones have blood dripping from their wounds.

With clear white eyes searching for their next meal. With slow moments due to their heavy as lead bodies, as these people are zombies roaming the street ahead.

And on this road behind a bus is a young man or Ted Wisher himself with his hood up with worn-out shoes of his and pants and hoodie are both black hidings behind this bus peeking at the gang of zombies ahead waiting for a new feast to come along.

It has been quite a few days since all of this happened and also the first time Ted been out of his flat since everyone starting to eat each other from the dead. And at this moment Ted Wisher is on his way to Woodhouse the place his sister lived him hoping she could spare any kind of food to him.

With his back leaning on the bus and him peeking on the zombies ahead hoping to find the timing to move with a frying pan he took with him when he left his flat.

But a sound of someone footstep is sounded as Ted’s eyes widened in shock coming in front of him as he turns his face only to meet eye to eye with a pair of white clear eyes staring at him.

Ted’s blue eyes only stares at the zombie slowly coming towards him with its mouth opening ready to bite into his flesh! With the surface of the pan pushes to the zombie’s face making the zombie unable to bite Ted.

“Fuck-fuck!” Ted went as he kicked off the flesh-eating monster off him and got up and made a run for it.

Ted heart rapidly beats in fear of this horror that is happening all around him, in fear he will be its next meal if he isn’t careful.

Dashing down the street he is on only slow down when he goes out of breath. When Ted took his breather, he notices how clear and beautiful the sky is as if the city and the sky just don’t match not at all.

But that sense of safety didn’t last for long when Ted soon heard from behind him yet another zombie that is trying to reach out to grab him.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Day 4 Part I
Next time: Death Era… Day 4 Part II
Will be out on the 12th of April

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