Death Era – 11: Blood and Trauma Part III

Evolved Zombies are a greater threat than regular zombies, in fact, the real danger between the early stages of these zombies are their numbers, even a horde of 100 zombies are a more significant threat to an early stage Evolved Zombie.

Which is one of the reasons why Ted took out the heart of the zombie known as the Death Core, the organ that causes the zombie evolution.

“What that?” Mark about to walk back as he takes another looked behind seeing the purple veins on the bloody heart.

“Death Core it’s called, it’s the most troublesome thing about these zombies as well has many usages.” Ted said as he didn’t bother keeping this fact a secret since to him, it’s a very common fact known in the later stage of this ruined world.

“You not planning of taking that right…?” Mark question why must Ted needs that zombie’s hearts.

“This thing is very dangerous if it’s inside a living zombie, well do not worry about it, just something that makes life easy that all.” Ted said as he heads to his white van.

Mark didn’t put his nose farther into this matter since it will only make his headache worse learning more of this. As he just stares at the zombies laying on the ground, dead for good before returning back.

But as Mark did, all the gunshots as well the amount of time that went passed Mark and Ted forgotten one thing, and that is Lisa Wisher who slowly went to her front door holding onto the rolling pin in case whatever going on outside, she must see it for herself.

As Mark stood there at the same moment as the door of his home opened and the love of his life is there, Mark’s eyes widen realising what lays behind him is the car crash and the zombie woman that is severed under there!

“Don’t look!” Mark said which was too late, as Lisa as soon she sees Mark, but her eyes weren’t on him but the fact a car is crashed into one of their neighbour’s house.

But as her eyes widen with her heart rapidly beats and memories of a woman and blood display in her mind. She saw the redness stains of blood of the severed woman, as well the dead zombie male on the ground, near the crashed car with his missing neck flesh that is much as gruesome as the severed woman under the wheel.

As the only thing on Lisa’s mind seeing the horror was a room with a woman with a blood pool before her child-self a memory and the cause of her fears of blood: “Arrggghhh!!”

Within the eyes of hers, all she can see is the world in bloody red, the red sky and even the gaps between the walkway filling with blood and made the matter worse. Her whole body felt like swimming in blood as this is what Lisa Wisher is feeling even if it all in her mind but the trauma make it a reality for her.

“Lisa!” Mark went, as he went to Lisa who is screaming in the sight of blood.

At that moment when Ted looked behind himself noticing Lisa screaming. Knowing full well Lisa reality isn’t sane right now. Ted didn’t go after Lisa like Mark did, as he only stood there watching Mark embraced Lisa, trying to take her from here to stop her nightmare.

Shortly after entering the house Ted went into the house of theirs as Lisa laying down on the sofa asleep as she needed time to regain her energy and self.

“What I’ll pose to do…? Nothing makes fucking sense…” Mark said sitting in his chair looking at Lisa sleeping face. His mind felt heavy with all of the sudden events that kept happening one after another.

Firstly it was Ted coming here, and now the zombies as well seeing someone died in front. He is a lawyer even if this is Mark’s first year on the job as a professional. But isn’t his job to know the law and read people? He cannot read Ted before he could read Ted like a book as Mark is very sharp when it comes to reading people.

But Ted? At first, he thought Ted lost it and needed help but outside with the zombies and that woman, even if she was infected, why can someone kill another person without blinking or showing morals?

The Ted Wisher he knew and the one who walked into the house are two different people, as of now to Mark the Ted in front of him is more like a monster than the zombies outside, how does he know this and that? And the fact his actions don’t fit the cowardly Ted he knew off.

Mark didn’t say anything when Ted walked into his house this time around as he is too mentally drained to care. As he only stared at him instead.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Woman under the Wheel III

Death Era… Day 4 Part I
Will be out on the 8th of April.

Writer Note

Sorry there is no Death Era next week, I am not taking a break just something is very personal and important that is going on next week for that I am sorry delaying the next part of Death Era.

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