Death Era – 10: Blood and Trauma Part II

However, when Ted failed to smash the zombie’s head under his foot, Mark saw one of the zombies behind Ted and opened its mouth ready to bite into Ted.

“Arrrgghhh!” Mark went charging himself at Ted at that moment Ted’s lifeless look in his eyes stopped as his eyes widen in shock, not expecting for Mark to ruthlessly bring himself in danger for someone like him.

With Mark crashes into ted that knocked both Mark and Ted to the ground, as they did, Ted the first one to get up in a hurry as Mark looked at Ted getting up: “What are you thinking off, idiot!”

Mark said as he cannot let Ted Wisher die after all his sense of justice will not allow him to let Ted be eaten alive even if he hates his guts. However, Mark soon notice the shadow over coating him?

Turning around seeing the same zombie that about to bite into Ted with its mouth opened ready to feast upon Mark’s flesh! However, before the undead hands or mouth reaches Mark a hand a hand from behind Mark grabs his jacket he is wearing and pulled him out of the way before he became its next meal.

“Idiot? You the one that put both of us in danger.” Said Ted who the one that pulled this idiot out of the way, he already knew about the zombie from behind and had a way to counter it. But Mark that did something foolish that only put both him and Mark in danger did pissed off Ted.

Ted is pissed off due to the fact someone step in his way of fighting, as the years between Mark and Ted fighting in this era cannot be compare, as Ted already knew about the zombie from behind and have vest experience how to handle such threats.

At this moment as Ted gazes at the zombies that manage to surround them, as fear can be seen in the eyes of Mark’s who staring at the zombies missing flesh and blood stains even some of them missing some of their flesh.

Mark’s heart rapidly beats, with his sweat drops to the ground as fear written over his face facing the white pale skin zombies with those white clear eyes staring at Mark before they consume him.

As the horrors of this era is unfolded in front of Mark right now, showing how inexperience Mark really is.

“This is why novices die first.” Ted said, as he pull out of the Glock 17 pistol as he truly didn’t wanted to used this gun right now, but he is surrounded even melee weapons in his state of his body is useless if he cannot display his true skills behind them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang… went the barrel of the Glock 17, with each shot a new hole big enough to fit a finger appear in the heads of the zombies, as they bodies still fresh of being turned as blood can be seen leaking from those bullets holes.

Upon the mess of the now dead for good zombies, Mark who still on his knees only stared at Ted, seeing how flawlessly Ted took out these zombies that even a well-trained marksman will have a problem within the few meters between them and the zombies no less.

With the zombies that count to 6 laying on the ground dead with blood still fresh within and flesh that are missing hasn’t dried will put anyone in the state of fear.

As Mark doesn’t understand how someone with the background like Ted can changed into a man that wasn’t even the slightest bothered about the horror the zombies he just killed with skills that don’t fit the cowardly gambler he knew.

Of course, Mark doesn’t know about the fact Ted Wisher lived through hell known as Death Era and now back to the starting line to the hell yet to come. After all who will believe overnight a shameless gambler with no backbone changed into madman than into a killer that didn’t even blink ending lives of these zombies.

First day of Death Era the most people that became victims to such cruel and merciless era are the ones that cannot bare to kill, even if they are fresh-eating monsters themselves, still, a hard fact that many fall for.

Even the past life of Ted’s, Mark is one of them fallen to that kind of trap, as it cannot be helped when someone kind hearted like Mark sees injured peopleso they will rushed out to help them only to be eaten alive or turned into one of them.

As Mark still cannot get over this matter. Was the same time Ted stopped he doing and stared at one of theone of the zombies, as he walked towards it: “To think I find one at the first day.”

Ted said which did woke Mark from his state of fear, with this mystery of Ted knows too much what going on here as Ted walked to the zombie laying on the ground dead and went on his knees to it.

Staring at the purple veins on the zombie chest, as Ted took out a knife and cut into the chest of the zombie?

“Ted…? Why are you?” Mark said as his head starting to feel heavy with all of the sudden events that are happening one after the other.

“Taking out the Dea… heart, I am taking this zombie’s heart with me.” Ted said as he didn’t bother to explain his actions just to state them which Mark’s headache grows and grows.

As Mark honesty do not want to keep up with Ted madman actions of cutting out a zombie heart as he got up and about to walk back.

Of course, anyone will be frightened if zombies came into existence and some madman cutting hearts out of them, of course, Ted has his reason.

Within the evolution of zombies, the most important organ that causes the evolution of any zombie be it early stages or late stages of zombies evolution is a organ that is the heart itself called Death Core.

As this organ that allows any zombie to evolve or evolved farther is this heart in Ted hand’s wrapped in cloth taken from a zombie coat, this purple veined heart is the Death Core showing this zombie he killed will likely evolved 2 weeks or less evolving into a higher tier of zombie that can easy kill normal human like child play.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Woman under the Wheel II

Death Era… Blood and Trauma Part III
Will be out on the 29th of Mar.

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