Death Era – 9: Blood and Trauma Part I

“How could you!” Mark furiously yelled seeing how Ted can just shoot the poor woman that was fleeing from her life.

“How can I? Simple those been bitten will turn into one of them, after all when inactivated Death Cells make contact with activated Death Cells they will activate and the result, well I sure you have seen it happened to that man right?” Ted said looking at the zombie with its missing neck flesh.

“What the heck you on about! Death Cell this and that, how you know this?” Mark said as his head felt like it’s going to split apart any moment: “Doesn’t change the fact you killed her!”

Mark yelled in rage, as he pointed the Glock 17 pistol in his hand at Ted Wisher: “Fools like you always the first to die.”

Ted said in a low voice, no matter how heroic Mark actions might seem, doesn’t change the fact this woman Ted killed will turn, and only will be a matter of time before she will turn into one of them

“Let me ask you, will you like to turn into one of them, not controlling your body and feasting upon others?” Ted said as he sighed: “And that gun its empty.”

“You trick me?” Mark said realising that Ted given him the gun wasn’t for him to regain control what going on with the crazy Ted but when Mark recognised about the truth of him being tricked by this person that made Lisa life like hell.

“You… what you want with us?” Mark said knowing if Ted Wisher can kill the woman without blinking made him look at Ted in a different point of view. As this person and Ted, he knows of are two different people.

“Who are you?” Mark said as he knows the Ted before is scum that even makes his own blood life like hell, but he wasn’t a person that will kill without blinking or showing remorse like it’s entirely normal for Ted to kill a person without a second thought.

Ted didn’t say a word before he looked at the incoming zombies ahead, seeing their bloody mouths and even some of them missing flesh: “As I said, will you turn into one of them or die as a human?”

Within the first year of Death Era, some say it was the hardest, not the fact the dead don’t stay dead but accepting this new world. Where only ones with the manpower, supplies or strength able to be law and order.

A dog eats dog world is what Death Era is, a world that danger could happen any second, deaths of others meant nothing, only survival even in numbers or strength is all matter.

Even Ted Wisher himself lost everything by the hands of both humans and undead. And anything he learnt in such a world that everyone just steps foot in, showing mercy can kill you, being kind can kill you, showing weakness can kill you.

Only the strong have the right and that how the world of Death Era works if one doesn’t have the backbone to be heartless when the time to be only will lose everything or their own life.

After all, the young man known as trash among those knew him was forged into this kind of man that outlive Death Era for 20 years, an Era that most of the world fell to within the first year alone.

Mark just stood there watching Ted Wisher walking towards the zombies and picking up a walking cane that someone must drop even in a hurry or maybe they turned and left it behind.

When this gang of zombies saw Ted as they not a significant number but still a threat if they surround Ted, as Mark stood there as his realism tells him he must help, but the looks in Ted’s eyes told Mark another story, hatred and lifeless, a stare that even Mark is shocked by.

As one of the zombies is close enough to Ted as it reached it arms out to grab Ted while its mouth opens widen showing its blood stains between its teeth.

Ted step to the side with the arms of the zombie grabs only thin air, as the cane in Ted’s hand smashes into the jaw of the zombie! As the zombie jaw crack, and it fell over due to the force. And the only thing waited for it where it fell to the ground is the heel of Ted’s smashed onto its head.

However Ted is not was he used to be, even his body is unfit, even the most straightforward attack wasn’t enough for his current strength that Ted has: “How I forgot how weak I am.”

Ted said as he wasn’t the kind of person that will train his body often which is the reason the force of him crushing the zombie skull wasn’t enough to kill it as he planned.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Woman under the Wheel II

Death Era… Blood and Trauma Part II
Will be out on the 25th of Mar.

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