Death Era – 7: Woman under the wheel I

Within the household of Lisa’s and Mark’s, and in the living room the first one to open his eyes were Ted as he didn’t bother with the massive headache caused by the Great Flash only went to the window, seeing a car that has smashed into one of the neighbourhood houses.

“Argh… my head…” Mark said looking up seeing Ted by the window looking through the street.

“What you are doing?” Mark asked seeing the serious look on Ted’s face.

“Looking if it’s clear, stay here I will be back, no matter what do not let her outside or look through this window.” Ted said as he walks to the front door: “Oh yes might be wise to lock the door.”

“Hey, where you going…” Mark said as he sees behind Ted a car that has drove into his neighbour house. But seeing the front of the car has blood stains following down to the wheel as Mark is far away to see if someone is under that wheel.

But he does know one thing, if Lisa happened to see this, she would have a panic attack, as Mark went to the window closing the window shutters without waking up Lisa.

At that moment when Ted has left the house, and Mark closed the window shutters Lisa woke up with a massive headache like Mark and Ted had, as she sees Mark by the window: “Mark…? What happened? My head…”

Lisa said that as Mark lightly smiled, as he is afeard if Lisa happened to see the car with the blood stains as it will cause a panic attack if she does see this.




Just outside of the house of Lisa’s and Mark’s, on this road lays a car that has crashed into a house, and in this car that happened to crashed into the house lays a middle-aged man, with his suit and his messy hair that one can tell he is returning from work and om on his way back home.

But the middle-aged man head felt like he had drunk all night and now they backfiring at him with a hungover, as this man in the car he only sees he had rammed his car into someone home? But the man eyes widen with shock not only he has crashed his car not knowing how, but they are blood stains on the front of his car?

“Shit… what had I done?” Said the man with his heart racing with regret, as he does not even know what going on as he enters out of the car seeing the hand of someone he ran over.

As the middle-aged man stood there seeing the insides of a young woman with her pale skin and her long black ink hair, but as the upper body seems fine but for her lower body is crushed under his car.

The reddens of the blood, and the insides of the young woman caused the middle-aged man to step to the side and throw up his insides, seeing the guts of hers glued to his car wheel: “What I am going to do… that right the police…?”

As the man about to phone the police to inform them what happened, but something else made him stopped with the sudden moan of the young woman that is under his car wheel sounded out, as this young woman under his car wheel uses her arms to lift herself up to stare at this middle-aged man. With her clear white eyes and whiteish grey pupils of hers stares at him

“How are you…?” The man said that slowly coming to her, as he stares back at those white eyes, clear white puppies which he never saw before, as this man got close enough of arms to reach.

And it was that moment Ted Wisher came out of the house as he notices the middle-aged man happened to so close to the woman: “Hay you! Get away from her!”

However, Ted too late, the man heard Ted as he turns his face to him when the pale white hand of this woman grasps the middle-aged man shirt and pull him to her. And like that her mouth opened wide and bitten into the man neck!

“Arrgghh!!” Went the man with the blood dripping onto the walkway, the man screamed in pain of his neck being ripped off and feast upon by this woman.

Ted didn’t do anything as he just stood there, as he too used to seeing others being eaten alive. And for the man who cannot breathe due to the blood within his neck blocking the air causing his death.

Right at that moment, Mark rushes outside as he heard the screaming, as Mark rushed out as he honestly thought it was Ted causing this, after all, since the knock on the door of his anything could go wrong when it comes to Ted.

But when Mark stood there with his eyes widens seeing the woman feasting upon the middle-aged man neck, his whole body felt like stone, too afeard to even move an inch.

But his state of fear in his heart disappears when Ted walk toward the woman with the bloody mouth that soon stop looking at Ted coming towards her with her clear white eyes as Ted pull out the Glock 17 pistol which Mark is confused as he didn’t know he had another gun of the same kind on him.

“Death Cells will kick in him soon, shamed you two fall victims to this era of the end,” Ted said as the middle-aged man green eyes slowly turning white, even his skin paling as the cells and the symbol of Death Era is kicking in as the missing neck flesh man stood up.

With his jaw bone so bloody and barely has any flesh left, if Lisa saw this, she will faint seeing the horror of these zombies. Mark stands where he is with his mouth gasped seeing the blood of the man or zombie walking towards Ted with its arms trying to reach out for Ted to consume him as well.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… The woman under the Wheel I

Death Era… Woman under the Wheel II
Will be out on the 16th of Mar.

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