Death Era – 6: All Started with a Flash of Light

“Okay let us all deal with this like grow ups…” Mark said, as his head feels heavy with the shock of sudden events that Ted caused. Ted only nodded walking into the living, as he sits down on their greenish blue sofa across Mark who is sitting across him in his chair while Lisa went to the kitchen, as she might be making drinks.

“So what is the real reason you here for, Ted?” Mark said with the pistol which he doesn’t know is empty in his fingers — making him feel safe against this scum.

“Simple, I am here to tell Lisa I am sorry what I did,” Ted said.

“And you need to bring this thing into our home for that? Do not bullshit me, Ted, why are you really here?” Mark said.

“The gun meant for them, I only use it since you kept refusing to let me in, of course, to talk to Lisa is the reason I am here,” Ted said.

“You have no rights to talk to her what you did to her! And what you mean by them? You are planning on shooting someone? Them right… are you planning to kill?”

Mar said that as Ted smirk, as Ted wonders if he should tell him about almost everyone? Of course, if he just said that they would freak out as only Ted knows about the upcoming calamity known as Death Era.

“People that just do not stay dead,” Ted said as Mark as well Lisa who just overheard this walking in a tray of tea and coffees for them to drink well listen to what Ted has to say.

“What do you mean by that?” Mark wonders.

“You see, by the way, I advise you two to close your eyes about 7 minutes or the flash of light will sting a little,” Ted said.

“Flash of light? I think you need to seek help, Ted…” Lisa said, knowing how calm Ted looked right now is different she remember him last time, but a flash of light? Did Ted Wisher gone insane?

Of course, to Lisa Wisher and Mark Marron Ted seems like a madman, after he breaks into their home with a gun, even if Mark has the gun in his hand which is empty with bullets.

“Help? Not even God can help us what about to come.” Ted said as Mark and Lisa didn’t say anything else as Mark lost in thoughts and waiting for the police that will come if anyone of the neighbourhood hears that gunshot, as both Lisa and Mark think Ted needs serious help.

Did gambling mess him up this bad? They wonder as Ted who is drinking his coffee looked at his phone knowing its time.

“Close your eyes,” Ted said, as Mark and Lisa just looked at each other not sure what Ted meant by that as they see Ted eyes closed. As the time is finally at the Great Flash time zone, any minute now the Great Flash will happen.

“What we going to do?” Lisa asked.

“The police will arrive here… soon I’ll hope,” Mark said not knowing Ted has phoned the police to his flat before entering the house with the location where that gang is inside his flat, they be too busy with finding those gangs before heading to Mark’s and Lisa’s house.




Within America at the space station NASA, a middle-aged man who is watching the recordings of the sun odd energy readings in check as nothing seems out of place until now.

“What is this…?” Said the NASA member, as his eyes widen, the readings are going overboard! This frightens the middle-aged man not knowing this outcome will be.

“Someone hurry up and pass this message to the president!” Said NASA member.

But before this man can do anything within space, the sun itself slowly brightens and brightens that really a wave of light admitting from the sun itself, spreading through space and within 300 million radius from the sun this wave of light flashes.

On the streets and roads, this flash of light blinded everyone who can see or hasn’t have their eyes shut. And for those on the roads and street throughout the earth crashes into each other casing most of the deaths at the beginning which is why Ted didn’t want to be outside when that happened.

And now within the first 10 seconds within the waves of light which lasted for a long time forced everything on earth to fall asleep and in humanity, a single cell developed a cell known as Death Cell, the cell that changed everything and the true symbol of Death Era. The cell of death that belongs back the dead into flesh-eating monsters known as zombies. And now the true era of the end, Death Era, now begins.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… All Started with a Flash of Light.
Next Post will be out on the 12th of Mar.

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