Death Era – 5: Unwanted Guest III

“Is my life a joke to you? Even for money so you going to shoot us? Sometimes I wonder where is that older brother who always there for me gone to!” Lisa yelled.

Ted didn’t say anything at all as he only stays there, as all she is saying is the truth, the ted they knew off is a gambler and due to that, he was an utter piece of scum of the earth before and a bit after Death Era.

Is he proud of himself? No, it took a long time for Ted to realised how much a piece of crap he really is, shameless gambler he was. But in reality, if it wasn’t for his memories of his past life he will still be that shameless gambler that nothing but trouble for those around him.

But none will believe Ted he no longer the same man he was if they told him, after all, who will believe him if he told someone he died in the future and now back in time upon death?

“I know sorry will not fix this, and I know bringing this thing out this doesn’t help.” Ted said with the Glock pistol: “Why not all of us go and sit down and talk?”

“And what are we going to chat about? What you are doing is breaking someone else home without permission as well in possession of a gun?” Mark said as he thought of reasoning with this psychopath.

Ted no fool, he meets many people within Death Era who will blindly trust justice, of course, the calamity hasn’t arrived yet as they only about 10 or so minutes until the great flash and after that, hell will be on earth.

And justice? Ted knows full well justice is one ideal, as Death Era will shatter justice in pieces to pieces, as only the strong have the rights after all Death Era is a dog eat dog world.

“Nice try, okay if it’s like this than I am sorry,” Ted said before pointing at the flower pot and pull the trigger. Bang! Went the barrel of the Glock 17 pistol which sounded around their house, is Ted unfear of the police? No with the remaining time left the police will only be added to the car crashes throughout the world caused by the Great Flash.

Fear is what Ted did, as Mark’s eyes widen Lisa’s as well, Fear of being shot by Ted, who at the moment seems crazy to them.

Ted didn’t want this to happen, but he learnt over the years fear is the most effective way of getting what one wants.

Will Mark listen to him? No. Lisa? No, he must make some impact which will make them feel frightened.

This is for their own good, even if they do not know it yet. As this action made Ted’s heart hurt doing something like this as he vows not to hurt his sister as he did before.

But in a way, this is the only thing he can do to protect her. Mark raised his hands and walked back to Lisa Wisher.

“Listen when I say go, run out of the house and keep running the police shall be on their way,” Mark said planning on pining Ted on the ground as he trusts their neighbours heard the gunshot and phone the police.

“But…” Lisa said in worry.

“I will be fine… go!” Mark give off the signal when he charges forward.

As Ted didn’t expect for him to act like this, he did thought Mark will least attack him when he not looking, but charging at him out of the blue? However, this didn’t startle Ted.

As the first thing Ted did were not waiting for Mark to jump into him, but to make it impossible for them to leave the house as well to be knocked onto the ground as Ted leapt backwards slamming his back into the front door!

Mark’s eyes widen with shock, as he didn’t expect Ted to do that, as of now pining Ted down onto the ground is fruitless now. Knowing his plans was to charged at Ted like in America football and slammed Ted down like that, but having Ted back on the wall he cannot just charge at him.

As Lisa on the other hand in a panicky started to dash for the back door. As Ted expect she will head to the back door: “Lisa stay!”

“Listen to me, I promise I will leave afterwards. That all I am asking for, look I even put this thing on the table here.

Ted said putting the Glock 17 onto the small table within the hallway leading outside. As Mark and Lisa saw that, of course, they do not know that he has another one, and he only put one bullet inside that gun.

That is right, since arriving at the house of theirs, Ted Wisher knew Lisa will not listen to him and Mark will try to throw him out, which is why he plans to act recklessly at first and then gain their trust. As for them to feel at ease, fear was needed and then hope. Which is when Mark moves to the table and takes the gun away from Ted.

1407 is now the time, Ted only knows between the time of 1420~1430 the Great Flash will arrive at earth. And even now the sun will begin with the energy that will reach a radius of 300 million km, which is twice the distance between the sun is and the earth already is at.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Unwanted Guest III
Death Era – 6: All Started with a Flash of Light – 05-Mar 2019

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