Death Era – 4: Unwanted Guest II

Ted’s heart tightens, as all the years of Death Era his sister wasn’t there, 20 years he spends knowing he will never hear his own twin sister voice again, never to truly tell her how sorry he is.

“Just the postman,” Mark said, refusing to allow this piece of trash that already caused too much pain to her.

“I already give you all I got, get the fuck out of our lives, or I really will phone the police, Ted,” Mark said.

“I have forgotten how annoying you are,” Ted said, in his memories, Mark Marron to Ted wasn’t anyone important, sure he was the last person his sister was with before she turns into one of the flesh-eating zombies.

As Ted said the rage could be seen over Mark’s face: “That is it, I am calling the police!”

Mark yelled as his limit came to his end dealing with this scumbag, as he reaches for his pocket to ring the police as he did he looked up at the barrel of the Glock 17 aimed between his eyes.

“Let see who faster, this trigger or your phone?” Ted said with his icy cold eyes stares at Mark, as Ted didn’t want use force, but he has many experiences dealing the kind of people Mark is, a kind that will not listen unless with force.

True to be told, Ted has no problem putting a bullet between this guy eyes, if Mark weren’t important to Lisa, he would already be meeting his maker.

“What you doing Ted? Just put the gun down, you want to talk. Let’s talk, but not here, not where with Lisa. You think you done enough damage to her already?”

Mark speaks the truth, Ted has done things he should not, he cannot take them back, but in this new life he has now, he will, no shall fix his mistakes, even if he has to threat his sister and this guy even if he truly didn’t want to, but in order for Lisa not to die so early in Death Era he must do anything in his power.

“Sorry I got no other option,” Ted said as he kicked Mark in the abdomen, causing him to fall back on his backside as Ted just walked into their house.

When he did walk into the house, at the hallway lays a beautiful young woman with the same age as Ted even her coal black long hair is the same colour as his. And her green grass eyes also similar.

As this is Lisa Wisher who just stood there with her long sleeves’ jumper as well black pants she is wearing. Her green grass eyes widen seeing Ted in her house.

As Lisa is holding a book with her, a book she borrows from Sheffield university grounds for her project.

“Get out!” Lisa furiously said that as the 200+ pages book zooms towards Ted as he just stood there allowing the book to hit his shoulder as he holds the stinging pain in.

“Long time no see,” Ted said that closing the door which is the same moment Lisa focus wasn’t on Ted but Mark with his face pale and bit fright staring at the Glock pistol in Ted’s hand.

“Nonono… what you are doing Ted?” Lisa said seeing the gun in Ted’s hand, as it’s not pointed at anyone, but the last time she meets with Ted Wisher, her twin brother, he begs for money while cutting himself know full well she has a fear of blood.

In their past both Ted and Lisa moved to Sheffield in order to get away from their parents who always compare the both of them together, Ted Wisher was a great older brother.

Back at home somewhere within London, their parents always ashamed of Ted Wisher grades being average, in fact, no matter what he did, be it sport, study or music he liked, they will tell him off, or worse Ted will get their father belt lashing at his back like a whip.

Which is why the twins of Wisher family both move to Sheffield but unlike Lisa who has a place in the university here, Ted looked for work which at first was alright until someone invited Ted to a poker game as he won.

At that time Ted who only a loser in the eyes of his family felt like a winner when he won the game by luck which is the start of her nightmare.

Back before Mark were involved with her life, Ted and Lisa share an apartment together which at first things went missing like extra money and valuable items as well which she did up front this with Ted.

At that time Mark Marron who came to the apartment building not for Lisa Wisher but for a client inside the same apartment building as Mark is a lawyer and only been one for a year now, and his first client lad him to meeting the love of his life.

Lisa storms out of the apartment building at the same time Mark finished with work as he is a kind man as well overheard Ted and Lisa shouting at each other in the apartment building.

And all started asking her will you like a drink? And due to that, she got out of the apartment with the help of Mark leaving Ted all alone.

At first, they still talk and got on well, but one day it happened the day Ted Wisher begged his own sister, the sole person that hasn’t treated him like trash within his own family, he destroy their bond and his rights calling himself her older brother.

And this very man only been a thorn to her is here inside her house which she fled to in order to get away from him, usually someone will leave the Sheffield areas, but she stayed for the sole purple since she studies here and has friends and not willing to allow her own brother ruin it all for her.

As it is hard for the both of them, Lisa since she cannot allow the leech that takes everything from her, and Ted who unwilling to lose Lisa Wisher for the second time.

Thank you all for reading Death Era… Unwanted Guest II!
Death Era – 5: Unwanted Guest III – 02-Mar 2019

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