Death Era – 3: Unwanted Guest I

Awhile after looting from the gangster within the white van that happened to belong to the gangsters, he killed off, as the time is 1314 just a bit over an hour left for the Great Flash that will change everything.

Before heading onto the Gleadless Ave which is where Ted is at within Sheffield, this is the place Ted’s twin sister is staying at.

In the past or future, Ted on the 4th day of Death Era Ted supplies went low, so he heads out, as he were lucky enough for the zombies that feasting on the living was slow enough for him to run to a road named Woodhead within Sheffield.

As this was the last location, he knows where his twin sister, Lisa Wisher and her boyfriend, Mark Marron was staying at.

Lisa Wisher within the Wisher family, only her, didn’t disown Ted, his own twin sister left her house on Woodhead many months before the outbreak even happened without telling Ted.

But that cannot be helped since the old Ted did something that even the current Ted Wisher with 20 years of experience of Death Era will be ashamed of thinking what he did to Lisa, his own blood no less.

Ted in his past life was a gambler who begs his own sister for money only to lose that money and owning a gang £4,000. But the issue wasn’t the fact he begs for money but how he did beg for it.

Lisa Wisher who has all the brains other than Ted who just average in anything he does, but she might seem like she can do anything but even her has a weakness, and that is blood.

And Ted used that fact that even a single drop of blood will make her feel sick and anxious. And that what he did, cut himself in front of his own sister knowing full well of her fear of blood to gain money from her.

After all, that what kind of person Ted Wisher was, a scumbag with serious gambling problems. So what if Ted Wisher has changed from that cowardly shameful young man to the person who he is today due to Death Era that forged Ted who he is today.

But who will believe him? That he already died once and now travel back in time just on the same day when the Great Flash happens?

None will believe him with his past record, none will even give face to him if they know Ted from the past, and that is the reason he is on Gleadless Ave, as he finds out later in his days in Death Era he finds out his sister moved in that very house his eyes is looking at.

As Ted got out of the van and walked up to the house of his sisters and her boyfriend, as Ted stopped in front of the house.

Ted didn’t enter nor knocked on the door until 1345 as Ted took a deep breath before ringing the bell.

“Just a minute!” A man voice could be heard on the other side as this man is Lisa boyfriend as Ted could recall how Mark Marron sounded like as he opened the door.

As the blonde hair and not bad looking young man in his mid-20s opened the door, his eyes widen in shock seeing Ted Wisher in front of him.

“How?” Mark said firstly as Lisa and himself move to Gleadless in the knowledge that the number one reason why they moved out of Woodhead is due to this very same man that ring his bell to his home.

“Get out of here before I phone the police,” Mark said with his hatred eyes lays on Ted. Usually, Ted beat him black and blue for treating him like that.

But he will not since the last time he met with him ended with Ted making their lives in ruins. Of course, he understands why Mark hates him so much; even Ted hates the old him.

“Will you believe me I am here to tell I am sorry what I did?” Ted said.

“Like I believe you! You here for money, again right?” Mark said as he reaches to his pocket and took out the wallet of his and throw money at him, even the sounds of the coins hit the ground can be heard.

If this was the old Ted he would drive right in for the notes as well coins that throw on the ground, but now? Money in Death Era is only useful as toilet paper.

“Take this and get out of our lives!” Mark yelled as he shuts the door, but Ted foot is faster than the door closing and stopped the door being shut.

Mark eyes wides not expecting this scumbag only cares about money dares to put his foot in the way of him shutting the door: “What you thinking off? You think I will not phone the police?”

Hearing that, Ted only grin, police? By the time they arrive will be the Great Flash will happen and they are too busy with the upcoming zombies that threats many lives throughout Sheffield and the world.

“Who is it?” However, Before Ted could say anything to Mark a sound of a young woman inside the house made Ted’s eyes widen, as he never thought not only someone voice he hasn’t heard over 20 years cold hurt this much the shame in his heart and regret rises.

Even if it’s only been a few months in reality that Ted hasn’t heard of her voice but to him 20 long years, was the last time he heard Lisa Wisher voice.

Thank you all for reading post 3 of Death Era… Unwanted Guest I!
Death Era – 4: Unwanted Guest II – 25-Feb 2019

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