Death Era – 2: Looting before the start of the end.

“Well, what is this? I didn’t expect the cowardly Ted Wisher will answer the door this time.” Said the tall gangster with his smug smile seeing Ted opened the door which he honestly didn’t expect him to open.

“Well, it’s only a Saturday where else will I be?” Ted said if it were Ted from his past life he would not dare to open the door.

“Cocky, isn’t he? I remember you, shithead, coward trying to act big man, isn’t he?” Said the well-built gangster as he seems to be at the poker game he played at, their gang runs an illegal poker game every Sunday and the foolish Ted Wisher joins in the game only to lose £4,000 to them.

“Well does it matter? Do you have the money or not?” Said the tall gangster is lifting his top slightly showing the handle of the Glock 17 pistol.

Since last year in the UK guns crimes raised thanks to a certain gun dealer which the police tired countlessly times to trance this man, Gold they called him, the mastermind of the gun shipments within the UK.

Who knows that having that gun dealer roaming the UK will benefit the survivors in Death Era? Since having a gun in the UK is already hard as it is.

“Yeah inside,” Ted said as the two gangsters smirked and followed Ted inside his flat, before answering the door Ted took a knife which is a steak knife from the kitchen of his hidden behind him.

As the two walked inside as Ted green eyes lit cold as the tall gangster turn his face to Ted: “Where the money?”

He asked as Ted pointed at the tin box on his table in the living room, as the well-built one is nearest one to the tin box. As he goes for the tin box, also when the tall gangster turns his back to Ted.

Ted expected him to face his back, as Ted firstly grabs the mouth of the tall guy at the same time he cuts his throat! With the steak knife saw part tears into his neck dripping his blood onto John hands that felt warm at first but cold when its stains his hands and the ground under the blade.

As the tall gangster cannot shout or coughed as he only stares at the well-fit gangster that hasn’t even noticed his follow gangster is bleeding rivers from his throat.

“Powder?” Said the well-built guy who opened the tin box only to see flour inside?

Ted has planned this out as he didn’t know if they are going to open the box filled with flour or they going to make him open it, as he did plan to throw the powder at them creating a flour cloud to blind them and killed them.

But it doesn’t matter even way how this works out, as Ted walked towards the remaining gangster in his flat with his bloody right hand with the bloody steak knife in his grips. At this moment the gangster that remains look behind only to see his died friend on the ground with a small pool of blood around his neck.

“Fuck!” Went the gangster as he pulls out the Glock 17 pistol but he too slow to point the gun at Ted Wisher, as he swings the steak knife faster than him trusting the blade into his wrist.

“Argh!” The gangster went as his grips on that Glock 17 loosens when Ted stabbed him as the gun fell to the ground as the gangster first thought is to grab the firearm which Ted just kneed his face breaking his nose in the progress.

“You fucker… you know what you are doing!?” Said the gangster as he laughs madly as if he had lost his mind, knowing his background, the gang he belongs to will not let Ted go; they even will kill his family before they get to him for killing one of their own.

Ted didn’t say anything, and he honestly doesn’t care about a small gang like them after all he has to get ready for the hell yet to come? As Ted only said this when kicked the Glock away from the gangster reach: “Time to loot isn’t it?”

Ted said that and stabbed the steak knife into the gangster right eye fast enough before he could react to this. The gangster body fells to the side dead, as Ted walks over the bodies. In Death Era looting is normal since supplies are rare themselves, the only way to gain supplies is by even finding them, grow them or killed for them.

Ted finds on the bodies he just killed, £234.45 with ammo for the two Glock 17 pistols as well as car keys. As they not much time for Ted Wisher to waste for the time when the Great Flash will come, as he needs the most right now is long-lasting food and bottles of water as well as medical supplies.

Even the most simple cold means nothing before the outbreak, after all, they could go to the local supermarket and buy meds to help with the cold or flu meds, but when Death Era comes those simple pills and meds will be priceless.

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