Death Era – 1: Back in time.

Within this snowing storm lays a middle-aged man with his greyish black hair and his greyish black beard as he is resting his back against a wall within this icing town.

“Huff! Hah… Huff!” The man or Ted Wisher coughed, as his eyes rests on the bodies that are approaching him. As Ted smiled and reaches inside the bloody winter coat of his own blood that frozen in this gale of snow.

“None left? Fuck you, least let me have one last cig! Huff! Ahh hah! …this is the end isn’t it?” Ted said as he coughed in pain with his wounds in his body will kill him over time within this snowfall he is in: “What you all waiting for? To think I will be eaten alive before I died… fucking messed up world…”

Ted said as his eyes stare at the figures within the falling snow, with their mouths opened seeing Ted as they arms reaches out ready to grab him, as they not one of them, two or ten, but endlessly of them as Ted cannot see any end of them within the snowstorm, zombies they are.

Ted cannot fight either run with his body heavily injured, even lifting his finger takes too much energy of his. But what else can he do? Other than waiting for the end to come, the end of his 20 years surviving within the hell known as Death Era.

Ted smiled seeing the undead approaching least he can meet the people he met over the era of death who lost their lives, as he might really be the last of humanity.

At this time the zombies opened their mouths wide open when they stood over Ted, as Ted cannot feel the fangs of the undead feasting onto his icing flesh as his sense of pain already too numbed to feel anything as he closes his eyes.

At this is the end of Ted Wisher who not only saw hell itself but lived through it, as he did anything and everything for survival but even him cannot flee from death grips at the end, the era of the end, Death Era.




“Huff! Ha ha?” Ted opened his grass green eyes within some kind of bed he is laying on as he looked around himself in shock, he should be dead? Not inside some bedroom that for some reason seems like he knows where he is?

Ted realised what is going on when he saw his own reflection in the mirror seeing his messy black coal hair and his none existed beard as well his untrained body of his all telling Ted he is back in time?

“No no no, that is impossible!” Refusing to believe the matter that he back in time? Will anyone who went through hell known as Death Era and now they back in time will believe that?

Ted rushes to find his phone seeing the time and the date his eyes widen if he really is back in time. When today is the day of the Great Flash, the flash that symbols the start of Death Era.

In his memories of his past aka future self, at 1420~1430 is the time when a giant flash of light that is really a wave of light that came from the sun itself will blind everyone on earth then everyone will falls to sleep.

But when everyone wakes up, the dead rises and those who died in the car crashes caused by the Great Flash will come back as zombies. Undead monsters that seek out humanity to feast upon.

But is this real? Ted wonders as he remembers some events that happened on the 11-Mar which is today date and the day of the Great Flash as well tomorrow will be day 1 of Death Era that will be 12-Mar the first day of the chaotic era.

[This is 11 am news.] Said the small radio as Ted recalls hearing the news before, in fact, the past Ted Wisher will lazy around in his bed and properly lit up a joint of weed while chilling in his bed while the radio is on which he did listen to back then.

[It been 3 months since NASA finding of the unknown energy from the sun, as it told by Kyle Michell one of the chairmen of NASA quoted there nothing to worry about.] Hearing that, Ted just laughs madly, why? Nothing to worry about?

That very unknown energy will set off at 1420~1430! Of course, Ted will be furious over the matter, he knows no one knows what going to happen, of course, even himself who just a shameless trash gambler back then also didn’t know what sun will cause the era of the end.

As ted just laughs in his mind another thing that Ted knows what happens today and with a knock on the door of his flat front door, Ted got dressed in a top and pants on as he went to the door opened the door as two men, no gangsters he owes money to are on the other side of the door.

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