Death Era – 4: Unwanted Guest II

Ted’s heart tightens, as all the years of Death Era his sister wasn’t there, 20 years he spends knowing he will never hear his own twin sister voice again, never to truly tell her how sorry he is.

“Just the postman,” Mark said, refusing to allow this piece of trash that already caused too much pain to her.

“I already give you all I got, get the fuck out of our lives, or I really will phone the police, Ted,” Mark said.

“I have forgotten how annoying you are,” Ted said, in his memories, Mark Marron to Ted wasn’t anyone important, sure he was the last person his sister was with before she turns into one of the flesh-eating zombies.

As Ted said the rage could be seen over Mark’s face: “That is it, I am calling the police!”

Mark yelled as his limit came to his end dealing with this scumbag, as he reaches for his pocket to ring the police as he did he looked up at the barrel of the Glock 17 aimed between his eyes.

“Let see who faster, this trigger or your phone?” Ted said with his icy cold eyes stares at Mark, as Ted didn’t want use force, but he has many experiences dealing the kind of people Mark is, a kind that will not listen unless with force.

True to be told, Ted has no problem putting a bullet between this guy eyes, if Mark weren’t important to Lisa, he would already be meeting his maker.

“What you doing Ted? Just put the gun down, you want to talk. Let’s talk, but not here, not where with Lisa. You think you done enough damage to her already?”

Mark speaks the truth, Ted has done things he should not, he cannot take them back, but in this new life he has now, he will, no shall fix his mistakes, even if he has to threat his sister and this guy even if he truly didn’t want to, but in order for Lisa not to die so early in Death Era he must do anything in his power.

“Sorry I got no other option,” Ted said as he kicked Mark in the abdomen, causing him to fall back on his backside as Ted just walked into their house.

When he did walk into the house, at the hallway lays a beautiful young woman with the same age as Ted even her coal black long hair is the same colour as his. And her green grass eyes also similar.

As this is Lisa Wisher who just stood there with her long sleeves’ jumper as well black pants she is wearing. Her green grass eyes widen seeing Ted in her house.

As Lisa is holding a book with her, a book she borrows from Sheffield university grounds for her project.

“Get out!” Lisa furiously said that as the 200+ pages book zooms towards Ted as he just stood there allowing the book to hit his shoulder as he holds the stinging pain in.

“Long time no see,” Ted said that closing the door which is the same moment Lisa focus wasn’t on Ted but Mark with his face pale and bit fright staring at the Glock pistol in Ted’s hand.

“Nonono… what you are doing Ted?” Lisa said seeing the gun in Ted’s hand, as it’s not pointed at anyone, but the last time she meets with Ted Wisher, her twin brother, he begs for money while cutting himself know full well she has a fear of blood.

In their past both Ted and Lisa moved to Sheffield in order to get away from their parents who always compare the both of them together, Ted Wisher was a great older brother.

Back at home somewhere within London, their parents always ashamed of Ted Wisher grades being average, in fact, no matter what he did, be it sport, study or music he liked, they will tell him off, or worse Ted will get their father belt lashing at his back like a whip.

Which is why the twins of Wisher family both move to Sheffield but unlike Lisa who has a place in the university here, Ted looked for work which at first was alright until someone invited Ted to a poker game as he won.

At that time Ted who only a loser in the eyes of his family felt like a winner when he won the game by luck which is the start of her nightmare.

Back before Mark were involved with her life, Ted and Lisa share an apartment together which at first things went missing like extra money and valuable items as well which she did up front this with Ted.

At that time Mark Marron who came to the apartment building not for Lisa Wisher but for a client inside the same apartment building as Mark is a lawyer and only been one for a year now, and his first client lad him to meeting the love of his life.

Lisa storms out of the apartment building at the same time Mark finished with work as he is a kind man as well overheard Ted and Lisa shouting at each other in the apartment building.

And all started asking her will you like a drink? And due to that, she got out of the apartment with the help of Mark leaving Ted all alone.

At first, they still talk and got on well, but one day it happened the day Ted Wisher begged his own sister, the sole person that hasn’t treated him like trash within his own family, he destroy their bond and his rights calling himself her older brother.

And this very man only been a thorn to her is here inside her house which she fled to in order to get away from him, usually someone will leave the Sheffield areas, but she stayed for the sole purple since she studies here and has friends and not willing to allow her own brother ruin it all for her.

As it is hard for the both of them, Lisa since she cannot allow the leech that takes everything from her, and Ted who unwilling to lose Lisa Wisher for the second time.

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Death Era – 5: Unwanted Guest III – 02-Mar 2019

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Death Era – 3: Unwanted Guest I

Awhile after looting from the gangster within the white van that happened to belong to the gangsters, he killed off, as the time is 1314 just a bit over an hour left for the Great Flash that will change everything.

Before heading onto the Gleadless Ave which is where Ted is at within Sheffield, this is the place Ted’s twin sister is staying at.

In the past or future, Ted on the 4th day of Death Era Ted supplies went low, so he heads out, as he were lucky enough for the zombies that feasting on the living was slow enough for him to run to a road named Woodhead within Sheffield.

As this was the last location, he knows where his twin sister, Lisa Wisher and her boyfriend, Mark Marron was staying at.

Lisa Wisher within the Wisher family, only her, didn’t disown Ted, his own twin sister left her house on Woodhead many months before the outbreak even happened without telling Ted.

But that cannot be helped since the old Ted did something that even the current Ted Wisher with 20 years of experience of Death Era will be ashamed of thinking what he did to Lisa, his own blood no less.

Ted in his past life was a gambler who begs his own sister for money only to lose that money and owning a gang £4,000. But the issue wasn’t the fact he begs for money but how he did beg for it.

Lisa Wisher who has all the brains other than Ted who just average in anything he does, but she might seem like she can do anything but even her has a weakness, and that is blood.

And Ted used that fact that even a single drop of blood will make her feel sick and anxious. And that what he did, cut himself in front of his own sister knowing full well of her fear of blood to gain money from her.

After all, that what kind of person Ted Wisher was, a scumbag with serious gambling problems. So what if Ted Wisher has changed from that cowardly shameful young man to the person who he is today due to Death Era that forged Ted who he is today.

But who will believe him? That he already died once and now travel back in time just on the same day when the Great Flash happens?

None will believe him with his past record, none will even give face to him if they know Ted from the past, and that is the reason he is on Gleadless Ave, as he finds out later in his days in Death Era he finds out his sister moved in that very house his eyes is looking at.

As Ted got out of the van and walked up to the house of his sisters and her boyfriend, as Ted stopped in front of the house.

Ted didn’t enter nor knocked on the door until 1345 as Ted took a deep breath before ringing the bell.

“Just a minute!” A man voice could be heard on the other side as this man is Lisa boyfriend as Ted could recall how Mark Marron sounded like as he opened the door.

As the blonde hair and not bad looking young man in his mid-20s opened the door, his eyes widen in shock seeing Ted Wisher in front of him.

“How?” Mark said firstly as Lisa and himself move to Gleadless in the knowledge that the number one reason why they moved out of Woodhead is due to this very same man that ring his bell to his home.

“Get out of here before I phone the police,” Mark said with his hatred eyes lays on Ted. Usually, Ted beat him black and blue for treating him like that.

But he will not since the last time he met with him ended with Ted making their lives in ruins. Of course, he understands why Mark hates him so much; even Ted hates the old him.

“Will you believe me I am here to tell I am sorry what I did?” Ted said.

“Like I believe you! You here for money, again right?” Mark said as he reaches to his pocket and took out the wallet of his and throw money at him, even the sounds of the coins hit the ground can be heard.

If this was the old Ted he would drive right in for the notes as well coins that throw on the ground, but now? Money in Death Era is only useful as toilet paper.

“Take this and get out of our lives!” Mark yelled as he shuts the door, but Ted foot is faster than the door closing and stopped the door being shut.

Mark eyes wides not expecting this scumbag only cares about money dares to put his foot in the way of him shutting the door: “What you thinking off? You think I will not phone the police?”

Hearing that, Ted only grin, police? By the time they arrive will be the Great Flash will happen and they are too busy with the upcoming zombies that threats many lives throughout Sheffield and the world.

“Who is it?” However, Before Ted could say anything to Mark a sound of a young woman inside the house made Ted’s eyes widen, as he never thought not only someone voice he hasn’t heard over 20 years cold hurt this much the shame in his heart and regret rises.

Even if it’s only been a few months in reality that Ted hasn’t heard of her voice but to him 20 long years, was the last time he heard Lisa Wisher voice.

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Death Era – 4: Unwanted Guest II – 25-Feb 2019

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Death Era – 2: Looting before the start of the end.

“Well, what is this? I didn’t expect the cowardly Ted Wisher will answer the door this time.” Said the tall gangster with his smug smile seeing Ted opened the door which he honestly didn’t expect him to open.

“Well, it’s only a Saturday where else will I be?” Ted said if it were Ted from his past life he would not dare to open the door.

“Cocky, isn’t he? I remember you, shithead, coward trying to act big man, isn’t he?” Said the well-built gangster as he seems to be at the poker game he played at, their gang runs an illegal poker game every Sunday and the foolish Ted Wisher joins in the game only to lose £4,000 to them.

“Well does it matter? Do you have the money or not?” Said the tall gangster is lifting his top slightly showing the handle of the Glock 17 pistol.

Since last year in the UK guns crimes raised thanks to a certain gun dealer which the police tired countlessly times to trance this man, Gold they called him, the mastermind of the gun shipments within the UK.

Who knows that having that gun dealer roaming the UK will benefit the survivors in Death Era? Since having a gun in the UK is already hard as it is.

“Yeah inside,” Ted said as the two gangsters smirked and followed Ted inside his flat, before answering the door Ted took a knife which is a steak knife from the kitchen of his hidden behind him.

As the two walked inside as Ted green eyes lit cold as the tall gangster turn his face to Ted: “Where the money?”

He asked as Ted pointed at the tin box on his table in the living room, as the well-built one is nearest one to the tin box. As he goes for the tin box, also when the tall gangster turns his back to Ted.

Ted expected him to face his back, as Ted firstly grabs the mouth of the tall guy at the same time he cuts his throat! With the steak knife saw part tears into his neck dripping his blood onto John hands that felt warm at first but cold when its stains his hands and the ground under the blade.

As the tall gangster cannot shout or coughed as he only stares at the well-fit gangster that hasn’t even noticed his follow gangster is bleeding rivers from his throat.

“Powder?” Said the well-built guy who opened the tin box only to see flour inside?

Ted has planned this out as he didn’t know if they are going to open the box filled with flour or they going to make him open it, as he did plan to throw the powder at them creating a flour cloud to blind them and killed them.

But it doesn’t matter even way how this works out, as Ted walked towards the remaining gangster in his flat with his bloody right hand with the bloody steak knife in his grips. At this moment the gangster that remains look behind only to see his died friend on the ground with a small pool of blood around his neck.

“Fuck!” Went the gangster as he pulls out the Glock 17 pistol but he too slow to point the gun at Ted Wisher, as he swings the steak knife faster than him trusting the blade into his wrist.

“Argh!” The gangster went as his grips on that Glock 17 loosens when Ted stabbed him as the gun fell to the ground as the gangster first thought is to grab the firearm which Ted just kneed his face breaking his nose in the progress.

“You fucker… you know what you are doing!?” Said the gangster as he laughs madly as if he had lost his mind, knowing his background, the gang he belongs to will not let Ted go; they even will kill his family before they get to him for killing one of their own.

Ted didn’t say anything, and he honestly doesn’t care about a small gang like them after all he has to get ready for the hell yet to come? As Ted only said this when kicked the Glock away from the gangster reach: “Time to loot isn’t it?”

Ted said that and stabbed the steak knife into the gangster right eye fast enough before he could react to this. The gangster body fells to the side dead, as Ted walks over the bodies. In Death Era looting is normal since supplies are rare themselves, the only way to gain supplies is by even finding them, grow them or killed for them.

Ted finds on the bodies he just killed, £234.45 with ammo for the two Glock 17 pistols as well as car keys. As they not much time for Ted Wisher to waste for the time when the Great Flash will come, as he needs the most right now is long-lasting food and bottles of water as well as medical supplies.

Even the most simple cold means nothing before the outbreak, after all, they could go to the local supermarket and buy meds to help with the cold or flu meds, but when Death Era comes those simple pills and meds will be priceless.

Death Era – 1: Back in time.

Within this snowing storm lays a middle-aged man with his greyish black hair and his greyish black beard as he is resting his back against a wall within this icing town.

“Huff! Hah… Huff!” The man or Ted Wisher coughed, as his eyes rests on the bodies that are approaching him. As Ted smiled and reaches inside the bloody winter coat of his own blood that frozen in this gale of snow.

“None left? Fuck you, least let me have one last cig! Huff! Ahh hah! …this is the end isn’t it?” Ted said as he coughed in pain with his wounds in his body will kill him over time within this snowfall he is in: “What you all waiting for? To think I will be eaten alive before I died… fucking messed up world…”

Ted said as his eyes stare at the figures within the falling snow, with their mouths opened seeing Ted as they arms reaches out ready to grab him, as they not one of them, two or ten, but endlessly of them as Ted cannot see any end of them within the snowstorm, zombies they are.

Ted cannot fight either run with his body heavily injured, even lifting his finger takes too much energy of his. But what else can he do? Other than waiting for the end to come, the end of his 20 years surviving within the hell known as Death Era.

Ted smiled seeing the undead approaching least he can meet the people he met over the era of death who lost their lives, as he might really be the last of humanity.

At this time the zombies opened their mouths wide open when they stood over Ted, as Ted cannot feel the fangs of the undead feasting onto his icing flesh as his sense of pain already too numbed to feel anything as he closes his eyes.

At this is the end of Ted Wisher who not only saw hell itself but lived through it, as he did anything and everything for survival but even him cannot flee from death grips at the end, the era of the end, Death Era.




“Huff! Ha ha?” Ted opened his grass green eyes within some kind of bed he is laying on as he looked around himself in shock, he should be dead? Not inside some bedroom that for some reason seems like he knows where he is?

Ted realised what is going on when he saw his own reflection in the mirror seeing his messy black coal hair and his none existed beard as well his untrained body of his all telling Ted he is back in time?

“No no no, that is impossible!” Refusing to believe the matter that he back in time? Will anyone who went through hell known as Death Era and now they back in time will believe that?

Ted rushes to find his phone seeing the time and the date his eyes widen if he really is back in time. When today is the day of the Great Flash, the flash that symbols the start of Death Era.

In his memories of his past aka future self, at 1420~1430 is the time when a giant flash of light that is really a wave of light that came from the sun itself will blind everyone on earth then everyone will falls to sleep.

But when everyone wakes up, the dead rises and those who died in the car crashes caused by the Great Flash will come back as zombies. Undead monsters that seek out humanity to feast upon.

But is this real? Ted wonders as he remembers some events that happened on the 11-Mar which is today date and the day of the Great Flash as well tomorrow will be day 1 of Death Era that will be 12-Mar the first day of the chaotic era.

[This is 11 am news.] Said the small radio as Ted recalls hearing the news before, in fact, the past Ted Wisher will lazy around in his bed and properly lit up a joint of weed while chilling in his bed while the radio is on which he did listen to back then.

[It been 3 months since NASA finding of the unknown energy from the sun, as it told by Kyle Michell one of the chairmen of NASA quoted there nothing to worry about.] Hearing that, Ted just laughs madly, why? Nothing to worry about?

That very unknown energy will set off at 1420~1430! Of course, Ted will be furious over the matter, he knows no one knows what going to happen, of course, even himself who just a shameless trash gambler back then also didn’t know what sun will cause the era of the end.

As ted just laughs in his mind another thing that Ted knows what happens today and with a knock on the door of his flat front door, Ted got dressed in a top and pants on as he went to the door opened the door as two men, no gangsters he owes money to are on the other side of the door.