Death Era Note.

Sorry, I haven’t been posting anything since now, December times is not a good time of year for me since many things that too personal happened around that time of year. And also January as well since the beginning of this new year a lot of shit is going off in my family household.

But I am kind of coming back, when I mean kind off I mean just my writing, not Death Era, I know I been writing this for a year now, but I had redone things to the story as the whole, still will be Death Era (DE) but all of the story and settings of the zombie evolution has changed so I am redoing all of Death Era from the beginning.

Why I am changing the whole world of Death Era? The reason is I cannot think of a way to make the second stage of Evolved Humans since the first stage is due to the virus-like cold remember? I am not doing that anymore and so others things.

Changes to Death Era

I am not adding all of the detail what new since it will ruin the surprised when finding out. Here are some pointers I can tell you with a summary at the bottom of this.

  • Death Cells: Unlike they been in our bodies for a really long time, I changed the matter that something outer space aka the sun mutates this cell into human bodies after the Great Flash.
  • Great Flash: The setting of before were the cells and how animals evolve were due to the matter of fact the cells always been there, this time I added an outer space theme when the unknown wave of light from the sun flashes over earth caused Death Era.
  • New Characters: Since I am going back at the starting line of Death Era a redo, I still keeping some of the characters that were in the Death Era series.
  • Back in time: I read many stories when the main characters, in fact, died in the future but finds themselves in the past after they have died. That is why in Death Era v2.0 the main character will know what going on and what to do for survival, as this will give the goal to improve himself greater than himself who died in the future.
  • New theories: Before I did not really explain how the zombie evolution works didn’t I? But after thinking about how to improve Death Era as a whole I find a way how they will do but I will not tell since it will ruin the story before I post it. But they are other theories as well which will be added to the story.
  • Zombies: Yep I have kept the Hunter and the Giant zombies but not the Hunter at the end as well other zombies but I have new zombies added to the story.

Here is the new summary of Death Era and also two more things, I am back on the 10th of Feb as well I will only be adding about 2 ~ 3 parts per week since I am making it to 1,000 words from 800 this time.

Death Era v2.0 Summary

Its all started with a flash of light known as the Great Flash that started an era when the dead comes back to life, an era that humanity will show their true colours, an era that only ends with humanity end, Death Era.
As hope is thin but unlike everyone else a young man who finds himself back in time at the starting line of Death Era, this time with the memories of his future self he will change, he will fight an impossible calamity known as Death Era.
Will he be able to change humanity fate or only deny the time when humanity will fall into the hands of the undead zombies?
This is a story of an era that only will end when humanity will end, a story of a young man with his future self-memories who aims to survive and fight what Death Era has to offer, a zombie evolution story.