Within the city that known for a city for new starts and new beginnings, New York at the Queen area of this city known as the big apple lays a battlefield between in-humans beings.

Evolved Humans and Hybrid of both Evolved Human and Evolved Zombies fight as the warehouse and the building surrounding it, in their field of war.

Within the sky lays the man with his ripped off flesh around his mouth and his sharp and cold eyes looked at the black armoured knight like a battle suit or exoskeleton armour that looks similar to a knight setting, with his black amour and that rod which transformed into a sword as he dashes towards the man.

Ripper, he is, dodging Maxwell blade by going into the air, but Maxwell exoskeleton amour is faster within the air then land, as he about to stabbed into the chest of his.

“Maxwell!” Ripper went barely dodging that fast attack.

“What wrong, why you dodging my sword?” Maxwell went as its hard to see his grin in that helm of his.

“Looks like they busy, but I am surprised to see you alive Brock Wilson isn’t?” However as Maxwell is too focus on the battle with Ripper, and Ace still asleep on the ground and out of his madness state.

A new enemy join in the fury of this battle, with the flying flesh-eating zombies still remains, but not a lot of them as Maxwell men of Evolved Humans handle them relatively easy.

But as Brock Wilson stares at the person with redden eyes and pale white skin and sharp fangs for teeth, as this is Brook, the very person that took anything from Brock.

“I am going to kill you!” Brock went, as the wounded Dai Yu tries to stop Brock rushing into his hate before thinking before he acts.

As Brook just disappeared before their eyes and reappeared behind Brock like the wind before grabbing the back of his neck and pull Brock to him.

“Calm down cowboy. I am on a whole another level to you lot, you want to lose your eyes and arms again?” Brook said to Brock’s ear letting him go only for Brock to throw a punch at him but Brook dodged with ease and kneed Brock in his abdomen.

“Ahh…” Brock went as he holds his abdomen even his not far as hard than steel abdomen about to felt that kick.

“You not bad, but is it wise for you guys to join our reunion?” Brook said as Blue aimed her AK 74 at Brook but as she fires storms of lead at Brook he stood the just leaning his body to the right and left as if his sight also on a whole another level to them as he can easily see the bullets and dodged them by moving his body a little each time.

“Bluely hell! Stay still!” Blue went, with her blue eyes locked onto Brook with her sledgehammer, she smashes at Brook’s face, but with ease, he moves behind her with no problem only to slap her face from behind and sent her flying.

“Ripper need any help?” Brook said with his smirk as in less than 10 seconds two Evolved Humans attack him at both sides with their massive swords, but he just twists their necks like nothing happened.

“Sir Demon, I am more than capable of killing him!” Ripper said even if he able to one-sided default all of the people here, but Maxwell amour that shouldn’t exist, excel in the air making Ripper who able to make himself into millions of cells at once useless if a monster like Maxwell amour able to be faster than him.

“Demon? Suits you well!” Brock as he once more dashes towards Brook.

“Demon, I know the King pick this name for me. I can kill everyone in here so easy even this sleeping beauty here, what is he by the way able to be like a wild beast, makes me want to rip his limbs seeing how many can he regrow back!” Brook twisted as ever personality said as he coldly looked at Grace.

“Wow, you just my type, Ripper mind if I bring a toy back with us? Oh yeah, I kind of brought that powerful zombie this way, even if I am faster than it, but man his skin is like steel!” Brook said as he just dodges the bullets from the fighters of this base of theirs.

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