DE -124

As those with ARC aka Air Blaster Cannons that Maxwell own vision of the three Families weapon that able to use the air as ammo to blast into the air ripping the flying zombies apart.

As the ones with melee weapons have custom made swords that are 1.8m long and 45cm wide as well 5cm thick. As the evolved humans with higher speed or strength used that sword to cut a path with undead Flying Type1’s zombies onto the ground.

“More weaklings.” Ripper went noticing more than half of the zombies he somehow bought with him are died, as an evil grin as he sees someone he knows so well within the fighters, Maxwell.

“Isn’t Maxwell! This is where you been hiding.” Ripper said as Ace blast out of the building wall only to slashed at Ripper again.

“I never should let him live that time if I killed him than nothing like this will happened,” Maxwell said as he place something on his chest and press the button as the thing or device on his chest transformed  around Maxwell like a coat of armour, an exoskeleton around his body armour, as he looked at Ripper.

“Even if you are the King savour! I still will not show mercy! But two on one is not fair.” Ripper said as he disappeared like a mist again when Ace’s axe-leg once more slashed down where he once was.

“What did he said?” Not only Grace said that as all of the fighters instead of Scar looked at Maxwell in his knight-like black amour.

“I take over from here,” Maxwell said when he sees Ace once again leapt at Ripper with his bladed arms slashes them at Ripper again while roaring like a wild animal

“He really is like a wild animal huh,” Maxwell remarked seeing how ruthless Ace fighting style is, as he knows the sole reason is due to the increased of Death Cell rapidly in his body that caused the changes of him.

“First I need to knock out this wild beast,” Maxwell said to himself as his back of his amour lift as flames came out to give him flight as he used the exoskeleton amour that should not exist in this time and age, the jet back to fly towards Ace.

“Wait!” Grace went. As Reason and Blue stopped they doing as Scar helped Dai Yu up all looked at Maxwell whom soon face Ace.

With his whole black eyes seems to be looking at Maxwell in his exoskeleton amour, as Ace only looked once before he slashes his arm blades at Maxwell.

“Like a wild beast huh, well sleep,” Maxwell said as he dodged Ace’s attack and grab his face in progress only to shocked his face to knock Ace out by the palm of his amour which shot out electric waves to stun Ace which the result of those waves enter his head first stun Ace’s brain to make him unable to move his body.

“Maxwell!” Ripper went as he dashes towards Maxwell but stopped and dodge Maxwell’s hand of electrical.

“I am not falling into that trap!” Ripper said as he made the distance between him and Maxwell.

“You know you cannot default me, Ripper,” Maxwell said as he got a rod by his side which transformed into a blade-like sword.

“That is true, former second in command of the Knight Corps, Maxwell the Black Knight,” Ripper said looking down at Maxwell.

“Well, that were the days when that corps were first built, let’s end this like I should 20 years ago,” Maxwell said as he appeared next to Ripper as he stabs his sword into Ripper the monster that is nothing to Maxwell in that exoskeleton armour of his.

“I know the army was developing exoskeletons for the future soldiers and even some special elites have them in the army but seeing one so far advanced…” Reason said knowing the army before the outbreak were developing and researching exoskeletons. But seeing Maxwell, the former member of the Families to be able to have something out of this era yet again.

“Looks like fun~! Mind if I join?” However, Ripper did not come with only the flying zombies that seem to be staying away from the young man in the hood with his bright red eyes.

Everyone here is surprised to think they someone else with Ripper who healing himself with the mist.

But instead of Brock wasn’t just surprised but his heart turns cold and his aura fill of hatred seeing who that young man really is.

“You… you!” Brock went staring at the hooded man who looked at Brock back.

Brock never forget this young man with his smirk, as the last time they met were on the night of the Outbreak.

The day he has to say goodbye to a new friend called Don, and the love of  his life, Renee Ward both of them were killed by this very young man with his bright red eyes, the same young man that ripped off his arms and used his thumbs to stab Brock eyes out, the young man with the name of Brook.

The very man that Brock hates the most in this world.

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