DE – 123

“What going on! And those flying fucking zombies are around! How can we hide from him and flee from them!?” Reason said as he did not know can do that, in fact not once he saw Ace fought like this.

“Why are you all talking if you going to leave? You think I let you?” Ripper said as he still remains, as Yu grins with his mess up state as he looked at the Ripper.

“You think a kick will stop him in that state?” Dai Yu said as the Ripper turns his head to face the building he sent Ace flying into.

As he looked a shadow that has leapt into the air, with his ribs inside his body changes like it does with his bladed arms, like snake-like spears, Ace’s ribs all 12 pairs of ribs stabs into the ground which Ripper just barely dodged them.

“Interesting, to think his body like a weapon itself. I wonder what else his body can do?” Ripper went as he watches the snake-like spears from Ace body returning back into his ribcage. As Ace landed onto the ground on his all four like an animal will do.

With the complete blackness of his eyes, his arms started to change forms as his right arm still stay as a blade but this time the length is what increased twice the size and thickness.

And for his left, his arm turn to back to normal only to have his fingers pointed as well his hand into a monstrous form.

“What else you can do!” Ripper went using the cane to block Ace’s massive blade arm of his, but as Ace blade arm slash at Ripper cane, which sliced his cane in half, which caused the blade arm to cut through and slashed Ripper body in two.

By using his mist like power to turn into mists and appeared as a whole.

“Arrr!” Ace went with his mind like a beast only thing on his mind is to kill the Ripper.

As he leaps in the air after Ripper, as his left leg transformed into an axe like-leg made with his bones and flesh as he swings his axe-leg down at the body only to chop Ripper.

However once again Ripper body turned into a mist-like cloud to yet again become a whole body after he appears.

“I can do this all day!” Ripper said as he turns into mist and vanishes only to appeared behind Ace just to grab the back of his head, however…

“Ah?” Ripper went, with the blood of his own leaked from his mouth as he notices the ribs of Ace’s shot out like snakes only to thrust out of Ripper body as all 24 ribs like spears shot out of Ace body.

“What kind of monster you are?” He said as he turns to mist only to appear at another place.

“Yu, I think I know how this man doing this,” Grace said as both Ace and Ripper battle at an insane level as she watches Ace being throw around only for him to jump back only to slice Ripper in pieces but with his mist like power making his body whole everything he does.

“How that!?” Dai Yu said, with the pistol he gains from one of the dead fighters, to fire at the flying swan of zombies.

“For some reason every time that monster is wounded he can regain himself as if he not even injured, as only his bloody clothes that tell us he really been injured. Its as if his cells are slitting into millions or billions of pieces as he can control them.”

Grace said, as it is indeed true as Ripper true power is to able to slit himself into many pieces like the mist he kept turning into, which allows him at any time to slit himself and attach his pieces as a whole which results in a fully healed body.

“I do not get it!” Reason said.

“That means if Ace can one hit kill that monster, maybe it will cause his ability of his to stop working,” Grace said as the sounds of clapping are heard as Maxwell with soldiers of his.

“Took you long enough.” Scar went firing the AR-15 assault rifle in his hand at the horde of the flying types.

“Took a while to recall the Evolved Humans back. Attack!” Maxwell said as the fighters with the different aura around them dashed out as they are all armed with weapons that not meant for normal humans to handle.

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