DE – 122

As Ripper’s defence is down. Ace lower and upper body attached together by wires of flesh and as he stood behind the Ripper with his monstrous arm of a sword-arm, stabs into the back of the Ripper 190cm body.

“You should be looking both ways fucker.” Ace went, as he is used to being shot or stab with his insane healing speed but having his body chopped in half by the waist, pissed him off.

With his monstrous arm of a blade stab into Ripper back with the blood of the Ripper drips onto the ground.

“How foolish,” Ripper said as he tore himself out of the blade of Ace sword-like arm. As Ace and Brock as well everyone who not fighting the flying types of zombies, saw Ripper body in half like Ace’s only to turn into a misty smoke as Ripper two bodies parts disappeared like smoke.

“What the fuck?” Ace went, only to have his head grab in the grips of Ripper right hand whom out of nowhere appeared behind Ace.

As the Ripper pushed down Ace’s head into the ground, as the ground under his face smashed with his blood dying the earth with his skull can be seen when the Ripper rubs Ace’s face into the shattered ground.

“I do not need a blade to kill the likes of you.” Ripper went.

“Ace!” Grace went, as she fires the M100 in her hands at Ripper but like a mist, he vanishes only to be behind Grace like if he is death himself.

“I really dislike killing women, I am sorry young miss.” Said the Ripper, as he about to grab Grace neck but a blade arm and a very pissed off Ace run between them.

“Interesting young man seems like you are hiding your true strength. Let me see what you really are!” Ripper went as Ace ran and slashed his sword-arm at Ripper only for him to dodge to the side.

As Brock on the side fire off more shots from his unhuman pistol but Ripper stood there as the bullets went through him, but his wounds had mist of smoke healing his wounds in no time.

“Block sorry to say, but I need you run away with them and hide… I got no choice since this monster will not let us live anyway.] Ace said as one of his eyes turned.

“What you mean? I can still fight.” Brock said noticing how black his left eye turning, as Blue and Reason also see this, only Grace and Yu face went pale.

“You trying to kill us all!? If you let that out, it will kill everyone here!” Yu went as he coughs out blood saying that.

“Too late, I can feel it coming, this will be the third time it came out…” Ace said as both of his eyes turn black as Ripper cannot help but grin seeing this.

“I see, your true self how murderous your true self aura is,” Ripper said as he picks up his cane without the sword within it, as he pointed the end at Ace.

“Brock… we need to stop him… not again…” Grace went as something happened, as Yu understood this as he sighed.

“What the blue is going on?” Blue asked but as she took another look at Ace only to felt his bloodlust. Not just her as Ace eyes turn backness, and in a second with not one but two arms of blades with his devilish smile. Ace slashed his arms of blades at Ripper.
“You think that will hit me!? Huff! How?” Ripper went with his mouth full of blood looking at the rib-like blade that shot thrust out of Ace body when Ripper blocks his attack.

“Agggghhh!!” As Ace roared while slashes his arms of blades at Ripper body. With each limb cut off as Ripper reappeared once more to gain distance, but Ace newfound speed soon caught up.

“Hahahaha! How about this young man!” Ripper laughed as he enjoys this side of Ace a wild beast as he kicks Ace chest and sent him flying into the building across from the warehouse.

As Ace crashed into the building taking the wall down with him as he smashed into the wall inside the building.

“We need to hide! As long anything in Ace sight while in his state now will be next until no one remains!” Dai Yu went, knowing while Ace like this, everything is a prey even them.

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