DE – 121

“Who is that?” Yu asked as he took out the MP9 submachine guns out and fired at them within the air.

“I only see him with him… I do not know his real name, and this is not a random attack isn’t?” Scar said as the man far away within the swan of flying zombies smiled and looking at them.

“He can hear us.. from here, you say with him as in who?” Grace said as she took an M100 sniper rifle from one of the fighters dead body to look through the scope.

“He is one of the people along with King at DC. He is one of
King elites, nicknamed the Ripper… a monster himself.”

Scar went as he rushed back to the warehouse but as he did someone appeared in front of him, as him and others eyes widen seeing the man with the fancy clothes and mouth ripped off man in front of Scar with his deadly aura around this man.

“What may be inside there, young man?” Said the Ripper, as
he stares down at Scar.

“Damn monster!” Scar went firing the AR-15 rounds at the man, as he did the bullets hit nothing, only the thin air, as Scar looked back as his heart beats rapidly with fear of death looking behind.

“Not nice to aim this at a gentleman, young one.” Said the Ripper as he draws out a sword in his cane, a sword cane it is, as he slashed his blade at Scar.

Cleng! Sudden two swords hit each other, as this other sword belonged to Yu, but as two swords crashed with the overwhelming strength behind Ripper slashed sent Dai Yu flying.

“Huff! Haa… haa…” Yu went with a mouth full of blood cough
out when his back landed on the wall, as he looked up only to see death staring down.

“You, not an evolved human or anything special about you, how come you have this much strength being a merely a human?” The Ripper said as he rubs his finger in the blood of Dai Yu on the ground and tastes it.

“Hmm, interesting you got no Death Cell within you at all, how interesting, die.” The Ripper said as he slashed his blade at Yu neck to behead him but once more with the ground crack under him, a black metallic arm block his attack.

“Saves me time finding you young man with those arms of yours.” Said the Ripper as Brock the one stopped his attack but even so, the strength of that attack even Brock felt his legs stings a little taking on the half-ass attack from the Ripper.

“Damn, you still alive?” Ace went as he is behind the Ripper with his blade of an arm of his, pointed at the neck of the Ripper.

“Well isn’t a follow Englishman?” Said the Ripper, gazed behind him as it clear by the way both of them talk they from different parts of England.

“A friend of yours?” Brock said as he supported Dai Yu while getting his injured body away from the range of Ripper attack.

“Nah, I can’t remember adding a friend with a creepy face as his.” Ace said but as he did the Ripper disappeared only to be behind him.

“Ace behind you!” Grace went but is she too late to warn Ace, with his body by the waist is slice in half by the cane sword in the Ripper’s hand.

As the ground under Ace dyed with his own blood staining the ground around him before hitting both parts of his body onto the ground.

“A pity, such a young one that doesn’t know how to control his undead side fully. Now its time for you to join him in the afterlife young ma. Do not worry. I make sure I send everyone here with you.” The monster said with the cane sword, as he turned his back to Ace and faced Brock only to see a fairly odd and big pistol.

“Eat this,” Brock said as this is the first time in his life
as he fired a gun, a gun with a long 9-inch barrel with a loud bang if it’s a hand-cannon.

As the shot is fired from this pistol like hand-cannon, at the last second than the thick round of the bullet about to impact into Ripper, he slices the bullet by the last moment when it about to hit him in half.

As the cane sword in Ripper’s hand cracked due to the force of the bullet, as it clear if Brock wasn’t who he is, and a normal human the force of that pistol just now will take his arm to a critical state.

“Interesting, to make me feel it, looks like the bullet
force were too much for my dear blade.” The Ripper said, looking at the pistol, a pistol that does not belong in a human hand, as it’s impossible for a human to outstand its force.

But in Brock’s hands with his indestructible arms and very strong body that already existed outside of human limits, this is a fitting gun for such someone just like him who no longer a mere human.

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