DE – 120

“We are setting off tomorrow, we still need to repay for your help defending us while we head to the rooftop,” Grace said, as this is the first time Brock has seen her without gasmask on.

“Kid, thanks and all, but we are going on a trip to Hell Kitchen tomorrow, we got business there.” Reason said, as he honestly wants to go now, but with the battle with the killer robots and giant wolves drains Reason both mentally and physically.

“Want to come along?” Ace said.

“I do not mind helping you, honestly I came from the Queen, I haven’t been able to check in with my family here,” Brock said remembering his childhood in the street playing with others as well a warm home to come to.

“Since we in the Queen why not spirt up into two teams? Ah?” Grace about to finish what she is saying suddenly a powerful roar shaken the ground they on.

“What now?” Said Scar taking his AR-15 with him and march outside of the warehouse, as the rest of them went afterwards but Ace and Brock were stopped by Maxwell.

“Why stop us?” Ace went as not one bit he trusted this man.

“I got something for the two of you, that will increase your combat level,” Maxwell said as the door that been shut and lock all this time opened.

“Where are they?” Reason said as he notices Ace and Brock not there with them. As the group arrive outside, as Dai Yu looked in the skies and he saw them.

With bat-like wings with long arms and half the size nails as the Hunter Type 1’s has as the files in the skies dodging the storms of bullets from the fighters. Flying zombies they are, evolved zombies with the capability of flying

“This is a lot of them, I did not know they can fucking fly!?” Reason went taking out the sniper from his back, ready to fire a shot at the flying enemies.

“Flying Type 1, they are dangerous as a group, this is too many of them.” Scar said as the sky barely able to be seen, a horde of flying zombies.

“You know what they are?” Dai Yu said.

“Yeah, never seen them in person, they kind of keep together and very fast, as they not fast on land, but in the sky, that a different kind of story. The real threat is their number! Bring out the heavy guns!” Scar said.

As the fighters whom not firing storms of bullets at them ran back in the warehouse that next to the one that the team left, as the huge doors opened with jeeps with machine guns on top of them armed with a fighter ready to fire the M2E2 machine guns at the swan of Flying Type 1’s

With sounds of firing from the M2E2 machine guns, storms of bullets hits the swan of flying type of zombies ripping their flesh and bodies apart, hitting the bat like wings causing them to fell to the ground as other fighters take care of them.

“Argh!” However, the number still too much for 6 jeeps armed with M2E2 to take care of them as fast as fighters on the ground died one by one as some of the special types zombies swan upon the dead to feast on their dead bodies.

“This is too many of them!” Reason said using the AR-12 shotgun when they got close enough to him.

“Bluely hell! How long this going to last?” Blue asks while aiming and firing her AK-74 at incoming flying zombies.

“By this rate, all of us going to die, just how many…? Bring out the Exosuits! And the Evolved Humans, recall them back… why is he here?” Scar went, looking at the mist of flying zombies, a single man with a long coat and white suit under his black long coat with a fine white hat like from the 40s or so, a man with a cane in hand with his ripped off flesh around his mouth and redden eyes looked at Scar.

“You see him as well!” Dai Yu Said as he slashes his sword slicing few flying zombies wings off, as he stabs the head of the one under him while looking at the man with the cane.

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