DE – 119

“No defence,  but one of those running zombie types can do this kind level of massacre easy.” Ace said as its indeed true the ones with the slim bodies and long nails for claws can kill that group in the image.

“What if I told you they were all Evolved Humans that specialise in hunting down Hunter Type 2? After all yes a Hunter Type 1 can indeed kill this size of people of 7 like nothing but if they were normal people.” Maxwell said looking at Ace while getting up from his chair with his cola flavour lollipop in his mouth.

“This evolved zombie is near the same size of a Giant Type 2 zombie, with claws and fangs as well. On that day I was lucky enough to survive that monster. If it wasn’t for the sun coming out… we will be dead… all of my men, slaughtered by that thing. The true horror of Death Era” Said the man with the scar left eye, also named as Scar.

“Your name is Scar, right? Wasn’t that a name of a big cat…?” Said Ace recalling he hears someone call him that.

“Call me whatever, does not really matter.” Scar said.

“A lot of people now days wants to forget who they were before this happens, I am no different, well I expected Brock Wilson going to be up by now.” Maxwell said, in the room they left Brock in, with his wounds closed and healed no less than few hours.

With his eyes opened looking around himself, not knowing where is he now. But seeing people with a clipboard and fighters portals the hallway and his door.

“Where I am?” Brock said to the man that seems to be some kind of doctor without the proper clothes, only a hoodie with jeans he is wearing.

“You awake? Inform Maxwell!” Said the doctor.

“Max… that right, Loa…” Brock with his hand banging as he got up.

“Wait, you not fully covered! As your doctor, I forbid you from leaving this room until I am finishing your state! By the way, he is safe, no worry we in the Queen, New York.” Said the man checking Brock state.

“Queen… huh.” Being from the same part of the city of New York, Queen. Brock Wilson remembers his family, how they be in this era? Or are they died and join the ranks of the dead? Not given time to think of this, Brock realised he has business in the Queen’s. The place he been born and his hometown or city in this case.

“You from this city?” Brock asked.

“Hell Kitchen was the place I born to, but before the Outbreak, I came home to visit my parents! Well, you can guess what happens next.” The doctor said as Brick can imagine coming home after a really long time only to have the Outbreak, the first day of Death Era, the day when the dead came back to life.

“I am from here, I wonder if they are still alive. Truly hasn’t had the time to think of they all okay…” Brock went.

“Hope, even if they a small light, there still hope.” The doctor said with a smile as he checks Brock blood sample from the wounds he had.

“I see, well you clearly are special.” Said the doctor looking at his blood that so different to anyone in here, as blood cells in Brock mix with human and Death Cell in them which is how someone able to see if they are half of both worlds.

“What I am? I am able to call myself human?” Brock said looking at his black metallic hands like-claws.

“You are a Half-Evolver, both a zombie that has evolved and a human that has evolved, Maxwell discover that only way to become like you or that other layer that came with you, to have both cells of Death Cells and the unknown cells that really are Death Cells which transformed to another… sorry seems like I am getting heated up here! Rest, Maxwell, our leader, wants to meet you.” Said the doctor as he left.

As he did Ace and others follow behind this man with a lollipop in his mouth? Brock looked at him and the group behind him.

“Brockie, you alive!” Ace the first to talk.

“I told you do not call me that. What going on?” Brock said.



Author Note 

Hi there! Sorry, I was going to post something on Friday that just went but something kept me busy.

I only going to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a while. Thanks for reading!

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