DE – 118

As Maxwell told of his past to the group, knowing his real name is Bryan Maxwell as they question if real since if that really true how come he did not aged?

“For now you need proof of good will right? Display the information on the two cases.” Maxwell said as the computer turn down running something through the background, as two files loaded, showing information on Reason son and Blue love one’s killer.

“Hmm, I see, well big guy, Blue this is up to you two, but with this information showing it has to be Reason son first since he is closest.” Ace said when the group of them looked at him, as his role in this group is the leader of them.

“But yet again this information could be false.” Dai Yu said.

“No way of telling without checking for ourselves. Even if it is a trap.” Said Grace.

As Maxwell stood there, with a lollipop in his mouth sitting by the monster computer waiting for their answers.

“Before we do anything, what about Brock? He risks his life trying to buy time for us, complete strangers to him.” Grace the one said as Brock was not forced to act like a shield when the giant wolves attacked him and causing him to be in the state he is in now.

“And can someone that cannot default pack of wolves that might be oversized can stop this King person, whom able to levelled a city?” Ace said, as he wants to know why Brock is so important to them is due to the fact, only Brock Wilson can kill the King, but can someone with Brock strength can even stand against such a monster?

“It’s indeed true, tell them his chance of defaulting the King,” Maxwell said, as the computer did so many calculates to guess Brock success rate.

[1 out of 34,097 chance of Brock Wilson even surviving so long with King, 1 out of 345,098 of even caused a minor wound on the King, 1 out of 1,543,443,332,122,000 chance of even killing the Kind.] Displaying the information of Brock chances of defaulting of such monster with his strength now is only one foolish grave they digging chasing after such a monster.

“Impossible like I thought…” Ace said going to the point of detail to show Brock has no chance of killing this King person.

“But there still hope, Ace wasn’t it? You can change your arm into a blade and also have rapid healing abilities, Reason Irwin, an Evolved Human I labelled as the Focus Type. Blue, the Strength Type Evolved Human.” Maxwell said.

“Evolved Types?” Dai Yu said.

“Evolved zombies with no titles and human that evolved with the same abilities as well. With all different types of Evolved Humans with different abilities as well, the fact they also other type of zombie some even evolved farther into the second or father stage of their evolution.

In the past, Ace has face zombies that look the same like the Giant Type 1 which is the 2m bald muscley zombie as well the Giant Type 2 is just the same kind of zombie just a meter taller and stronger as well.

“You have a list of them?” Grace said, as she is indeed interested of this matter.

“There existed a website with survival tips and Zombie Types, what to do when faced with that kind of zombie, like a Giant Type 1 is a slowest zombie of all but dangerous fighting it up close, easy to run away, unless if it’s a Giant Type 2, that a different story,” Maxwell said.

“So then, Type 2’s are strongest?” Reason said looking at the files about his son, took notice of what Maxwell saying.

“No, the strongest is a zombie called a Predator, facing one in your group level will kill you, but they do not like the sun since they eyes sights not that good to begin, some say the Predator is, in fact, a Type 2, but yet again what did it looks like before evolving for the second time?” Said the man with the scar on his left eye.

“Scar is right, do not matter how many times you healed back to life, you be useless facing this monster among monsters, show them that image!” Maxwell went as the computer shown the five, a image of a monster in a bloodbath.

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