DE – 117

Within a cell lays a man with long wary coal hair, as this man been in this cell for an unknown amount of time. Only his beard which wasn’t there when he came here shows how long he been in this place.

As this man the only workout within this cell, nothing more or less he can do other than wait for the passing of time to go pass while keeping his mind at bay keeping his body busy.

If not training his body this man will be having experiments done to him making his body weak also sometimes strange.

This man or Bryan Booth is who this man is, with the unknown amount of time he been captured here, as time flies pass Bryan notices changes to his body and his mind, the fact he can think faster than before and seems calmer than usually is when he first came to this place.

Suddenly the same meal of soup and bread with a glass of water came to his cell, as like always with the same kind of food that barely changes, Bryan wolf down the meal he has, as he rests his body

After a while, all of a sudden, the door leading to his cell is at opened as this time a different man with a fine suit and a rose with a blade stab in the veins of the rose being warped around it.

“So this is the subject done the experiments without dying due to the side effects. Clearly, this man is strong I am right?” Said the man as Bryan no fool noticing the full armoured soldier that different to the others like this man personal bodyguard.

“That is right Mister Rosenfield! This man is clear and done with the experiment his brain waves has increased to a higher level from 112 to 196, this test is indeed successful!” Siad the leader of the people that did the experiments as Bryan been here for a long time to know this man with the rounded eyes with his lab coat is in charge here.

But this man with the last name of Rosenfield has a different air to him, a powerful and nobility air that all of the people in the room except himself and the knight looking guy all lowing themselves to this man.

“Wonderful! Looks like he did not age one bit, interesting, well this is thanks to the other two families granting this chance. Now time for you, Bryan Booth you been in this place for 10 years you know.” Said the man his family named as Rosenfield.

Bryan expected he been here for last few years not a whole 10 years. Al of the time he has been here, the number of drugs and experiment did to him, and the effect of his brain thinks quicker than before

“Bryan Booth you got two choices to die here and rot away or become a soldier for us, someone with your skill set and also agility will be greatly rewarded like not killing your son for example?”

As the man said that, Bryan blankly stares at the man with the last name Rosenfield. Suddenly deep inside of his memories recalls the night before he went to war, the night he went drinking and happened to wake up in the next morning with a woman in the same bed, both naked.

“Naughty boy knocking up someone before even marrying them, lucky that woman Ella Mason was her name right? Find out about you and searched for you, but no luck, being alone to raise a child without a father, picture what Ella has to do to raise that boy, Adam, alone?” Said the man with the fine clothes and a cane in hand, as he throws a file onto the ground, a file of pictures of both his son and Ella.

“Now to business, we can take care of your family you been away from so long, money to pay off those debts she has to get with no daddio to look after her and your son as well, and give her money after month, of course, the money you earn by working with us, pick, we kill them or give them money, with you working for me?”

Bryan looked at the pictures they took, proof of his child, even a DNA test? Of course in the time of the DNA test between child and parent only came out in the time he been here.

Knowing how these people work, as Bryan took on final look at those pictures, as he faces the man with the last known as Rosenfield.

“Fine, do as you wish.” Bryan went, knowing they going to find one way or another to break him, as these people think so little about other than themselves.

“Welcome to the families.” Said the man with no first name known yet. As Bryan got up and out of the cell with other soldiers assigned his clothes to match theirs. Looking at the dog tag before letting it go and put it away for good as the soldier that fought long side with troops in his county no longer existed, as Bryan Booth died that day and so were the day of Maxwell existed.

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