DE – 115

Looking at the ceiling while still on the table with nothing else to do while Bryan is bondage to the table with no freedom of movements. With the air feels cold the cuts which sting like hell to Bryan Booth.

All of the sudden the door leading this room opened. Bryan can only hear the door opening. With the steps of one person, Bryan can hear, as he sighed hearing that it wasn’t them that did this to him.

With his body even being cut into, it felt very odd as whatever in that injection made his body felt like lead, and his head felt like someone trying to rip his head with their bare hands.

As the person that came through the door soon came into Bryan Booth sight of view. Noticing the same dark skin man that given him that soup he did not touch is cleaning the blood from the scalpels and other tools been used on Bryan.

“Who… are you?” Bryan asked, but still, this man with collar and brown skin did not talk at all. But at that time someone else came to the room they are in.

Seeing there also others like this man, slaves. Collars around they necks as they clean after the mess they left behind in this room. As one of them is a woman with short black hair and brown skin cleans the blood and closed the cuts and wounds on Bryan.

None of them spoke a single word, like if they do death only awaits them. After they are done, they left the room as soldiers came into the room but pin the black skin man by the wall.

“I hope there no problem?” Said the soldier with his hand on the man neck pinning him by the wall.

“No, sir.” The first words he has spoken that Bryan heard, as the soldier smiled and throw him onto the floor.

“Get out of here before I change my mind! Hahaha!” Like a joke to this soldier and the others watching them rushing away from them.

“America were better with them locked behind a cage. You agree?” Said the soldier walking to Bryan with his smug smile looking down at Bryan on the table.

“Just kill me already, like I care if you hate them or not,” Bryan said looking them even so the people back to his hometown also similar treating them differently as he just used to it but seeing the collar knowing this is a different level of treatment of these with different tone of skin.

“You no fun!” Said the soldier with the baton by his side smash into the right leg of Bryan’s. As Bryan bite into his teeth holding the pain from the force of the baton.

“What that look boy!” Said the guard swing the baton again seeing the cold looked from Bryan, with another hit to his legs, Bryan hold in the pain of those attack while staring deadly at the guard.

“Tsk! Whatever.” The guard said while feeling uneasy with Bryan giving him stare, as the other guard went to Bryan’s neck to inject this needle making his body numb, unable to move even a muscle.

As the two guards put Bryan whom is unable to move onto a wheelchair and push him while locking a leather belt around his waist in case of him regaining his body back while transporting him.

As the two guards took Bryan back to his cell, as they arrived there and locked Bryan in there before he is able to move his body again.

With his locked muscles slowly becoming loose as Bryan find he can move a little and over time in this cold and empty cell he is in.

Resting his back by the wall of the dark and dull cell in this unknown room he is in, thinking of the soldiers he fought long side and the ones he failed to protect, With the deaths of his unit and no hope of leaving this place and his body feels weird.

With an unknown time past, as everyday, the same man with dark skin gives him food be it soup or bared and sometimes both, as the people in the lab coats did their experiments which each one he felt weird, until that day.


Author Note

Hay there Xillz here! I am not taking time off but I might be, if I am not able to post anything the next few days do not worry, just means I am busy and will not have time to inform all readers and followers of mine!

Its nothing major, I hope, just a personal matter that might or might not happen which will cause me to not post anything until I come back! Well like always thanks for reading this one blog, many thanks!

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