DE – 114

Looking at the soup on the tray and the water Bryan did not bother with the food since he not bother with trusting food from an enemy. As time moves on, with a specific amount of time passes when the same man with the dark skin came and collect the tray.

“Hay you, where is this place?” Bryan asked, but the man not even looks at Bryan just pick up the tray through the bars and left. But as the man with the collar left, as sounds of men chatting came louder and louder.

With idle chat between people that know each other that Brya can hear as the door leading to the room Bryan is in opened as four men with lab coats came into the room with him.

“So this is the subject that meets the requirements?” One of them said, as it clear Bryan is bought here for the sole reason of whatever he is a subject for.

“Bryan Booth nickname Maxwell, age 31 blood type O, send him to room 4 I like to begin the experiment as fast we can.” Said the one that seems to be in charge of them.

“Agree, since the others are failures, should we bring the slaves with him?” Said one of them with the world of slave which should be a thing of the past but somehow humanity cannot let it go, as these people act it normal to have a slave or two with them.

“No, send the soldiers, the subject can easily kill them and escape, we need them all to maintain the device after all.” The leader of them said as two soldiers with black officer clothing unlock the chains as they did on Bryan body, Bryan himself grab one of them and took out the pistol by the soldier side and point it at his head while holding him as a hostage.

“How do I get out of here, or he gets it.” Bryan calmly said

But the next action from the other soldier without even blinking pointed his pistol at the soldier that Bryan holding hostage and put a hole between his eyes. As this soldier with Bryan still shocked of the no mercy to even their own, the soldier used some kind of rob like a spear and stunned Bryan.

“Arrrgghhhh!” Went Bryan feeling the bolt of electricity running through his skin and muscles from his back, causing Bryan Booth to unable move a muscle, as he stunned on the ground as the soldiers carried him with the people in the lab coats lead the way.

As the soldiers came into another room with Bryan as they put him on the metal table with tools next to the tool used to cut people open.

With his body unable to move as he looked how bloody the ground under him, as Bryan knows what they do here is inhumane and twisted what they have done to people here as Bryan knows he is next.

As the soldier’s bondage Bryan hands and legs and his neck to the table that he unable to move at all.

With his wrist tied down and ankles as well forehead as this limited Bryan movements while he on the table.

“What you want!?” Bryan that usually calm shouted at the men in the lab coats.

“Put something in his mouth to shut him.” However, like if Bryan has no rights at all the people just sealed his mouth off as the men in the lab coat put on an overcoat to keep themselves clean, as some of them still have stains of blood on them.

“Let begin the experiment.” Said the leader of them as they first rip off Bryan army clothes leaving him naked on this metal table feeling the chilli cold against his skin.

After that Bryan’s eyes widen feeling the sharp edges of the small blades cut into his flesh while he still awake, feeling the burning pain of the blades cutting his flesh and the air touching his cut flesh hurts like hell to Bryan, with blood drip from the scalpel’s small edge.

The cold blade stings into Bryan flesh farther and farther with the flaming hot burns with being cut open as this carried on for a while feeling the tools of their cutting and injecting something in his body.

With an unknown amount of time passed, with the people that were experimenting onto Bryan body has left the room with him still on the table covered in cuts and blood of his own.

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