DE – 113

“What is going on?” Said Gas.

“I thought it was weird they weren’t any enemy forces here… but what’s with that amour? And what kind of funny shape gun is that, state who you are!” Captain said, as he pointed the M14 at them as Gas, and the rest follow suit but as oddly men with amour and odd kind of weapons fire a round from one of their weapons barrel ripping a hand hole in Captain’s chest.

“Huh…?” Went Wood watching the officer in charge fell to the ground with a huge hole in his forehead that brain matter stains the grass of the ground.

Wood, Claymore and Gas open fire at the unknown armoured soldiers, but bullets from the M14’s has barely any effect on the amour.

“Kill them all instead of the sniper! And clean their bodies as well!” Hearing the one that seems like the leader Wood and Claymore leap for cover as it is too late for the head of Gas blast in pieces.

“What the fuck is these weapons!?” Wood went covering fire at the monstrous soldiers with they unknown weapons.

Maxwell follows suit using the M1 Garand shooting at gaps between the armour with his sharp eyes of his, firing at the neck that has barely any amour.

“Argh!” Went the other side with the bullet from the M1 Garand shot into the soldier neck the only place with no protection.

“Maximum power!” Seeing one of their own died, the leader of the unknown soldiers ordered his men to fire at the tree where Wood and Claymore at like a loud blast from the weapon that killed Captain and Gas blast like wind blasts forward ripping and blowing up the tree.

As the bodies of Claymore and Wood rip apart. As Maxwell sees this as the leader of them walk towards the tree that Maxwell hiding behind.

“There no point in fighting us Maxwell, or should I say, Bryan Booth, I am right?” Said the leader of the unknown men out of the blue with weapons that cannot exist in this time era.

“Let make a deal, we will not harm Lisa Booth and Frank Booth your parents if you come along. You might be wondering who we are? Or the fact we know so much about you? Your county sold you out.”

Said the leader of them as Maxwell or Bryan Booth his real name, as this news shocks him the most, all this time they been betrayed by they own?

“What now?” Bryan said as he out from the tree facing the lot.

“You  been chosen, put him to sleep.” He said with a shot stab at Bryan’s neck as he looks up at them with wide eyes before passing out.




With the air cold and the sound is dead quiet with nothing can be heard in this room of plain with nothing than a man with long black hair with chained up by his wrists and his neck as the man that age is around 30 or so looked at the iron bars of his cell door.

Bryan Booth, he is, as he sits there with nothing else than wait for anything to happen, as it been unknown how long Bryan been up since he came to.

With nothing but to wait for time, Bryan Booth waited for the men in those odd amours and weapons, the ones bring him into this place, to begin with.

After a while, a man came to the cell, with dark skin and a device around his neck with rags clothes as this man with poor body state with his black skin and the slave-like collar attached to his neck.

With a tray of soup with bread as well a glass of water the man came with.

Looking at the collar and his clothes Bryan did not say anything as he left the tray on the ground and nodded his head.

Bryan Booth is not racist, but as over the years, he has seen how they are treated all because their skin is different to theirs. Bryan has always kept his distance to both racist and the black as he honestly did not want to waste time about race and all.

But at first hand, seeing how they were treated over a hundred years ago, as himself cannot help to feel pity towards that man that came as he is in the same boat with the chains on him.

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