DE – 112

In the year 1960 in the year of America the longest war, the Vietnam War within the skies of Vietnam an airplane flies across the battlefields of this warful era.

Then from the plane doors open with five people leap out of the plane that crossing the skies they in, as the five soldiers opened their parachutes and floated towards the ground where no signs of war only the ground of grass and trees in sight awaits the five

As they land onto the ground with four out of five carry their M14 rifles in their hands as one of the men with his long black hair had an M21 sniper rifle with an M1 Garand rifle on his back as rest of the men also has one of them as they are secondly weapon.

As the men sidearms are Colt M1911 pistol and M1 Bayonet with M67 grenades carried with them.

As the man with the long black hair and the M21 in his hand looking at the forest around him.

“All clear Captain.” Said the black haired man.

“What now?” Said the only black man in the group of five.

“List now onwards we not going to use our real names. Remember them?” The captain of the unit asked.

“Wood.” Said the black man in the unit.

“Claymore Sir!.” Said the fairly tallest man of the unit named of a weapon as the five names are pick by themselves from different categories, as these men do not know each other names.

“Gas!” Said the man that seems to look at Wood often with a mocking look.

“Maxwell.” Said the long black hair man as he is the second tallest and only sniper in the unit of five men.

“Good! As I am just captain, listen! The enemy is an unknown force which we do not know much detail about them! Just the fact over 500 soldiers without a trace disappeared as when they find out where they disappeared to, the 40 men unit were find killed and also their families in our homeland also disappeared!” Said the captain.

“So this is why we hiding who we are and the fact we all do not know each other, so the enemy in case catches us cannot learn who we are?” Maxwell said.

“That is right! Wood and Claymore vanguard and me and Gas will watch our backs, you have the role of our surroundings.” Captain said as he ordered the four men of his squad as Wood and Claymore with their M14 in their hands advanced forward, as Maxwell in the middle of the group glance at his surrounding through the M21 sniper scope.

As for a good hour, the five soldiers move onwards careful of their surroundings, not letting their guard down even for a single blow of wind.

“Let rest here! Looks like it getting dark, I really do not want to bump into the enemy boys.” Captain said as he rests on the ground.

“Good it were getting boring just walking with nothing to shot at, you agree?” Gas said as Maxwell just looked at him and look away.

“Not much of a talker huh?” Gas said as he looked at Maxwell as his eyes turn to Wood as a disgusted face shown on his face as he walks towards Wood and Claymore who happen to be eating the food they took a long as Gas bump into Wood.

“Sorry about, cannot tell in the dark with your kind.” Gas said with his mocking smile looking at Wood right into his eyes hoping he will bite back.

“If you got anything to say, just say it.” Wood went.

“Just I think chains suits you better that all.” Gas said as he went to Wood ear, as Wood tries to hold this racist remark in but all of the suddenly the quiet Maxwell stand up as a specialist in his field as he looks around himself and said.

“Captain we not alone.” He said pointing his M21 around him as the rest did the same as they points their M14 rifles at their surroundings.

“How many are they?” Captain asked as he looks around himself.

“Five but I can sense them, but I can’t see them… there!” With a bang from the barrel of the M21 sniper shot fire. As it did, a sound of something that hit metal, as people with odd amour came to with a rose and a sword symbol on their chest plate, with guns that none of them knew of.

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