DE – 111

“I might be wrong, but isn’t this computer not that big to overtake the world fastest computer that is known to the world?” Dai Yu said, as in indeed the America supercomputer which is the fastest known to the world

“Summit you on about? Indeed that computer to the world is indeed the world fastest, but you think a group of families that hiding in the shadows with many inhumane and impossible secrets will be out beaten to anyone in the world? Plus this one here is just the standard model they have the real monster is what they use as a supercomputer.” Maxwell said.

“Okay I for one is lost what is going on, and why you two have pale faces?” Ace asked Grace Knight and Dai Yu understands the important and inhumane of this really is.

“How much you know about the families? You seem to know who I am and the rest.” Grace asked.

“I know more than anyone outside even inside the families know about them, I know about the fact they lost a battle 4 weeks ago to a real monster known as the King,” Maxwell said as the five know about the existence of someone of King but truly nothing about this person.

“Did they send the Knight Crops afterwards?” Dai Yu said as he personally knows the strength of the families might that even the strongest nations in the world before the outbreak will have no chance against them.

“They were the Knight Crops, the strongest army of the family lost over half of their men just by that monster alone, and it was a one-sided slaughter,” Maxwell said as he turns in the computer showing a ruined city that blasted in pieces as what city it were is levelled.

“This used to be DC, that monster known as the King did this with his men, half human and half zombies like you and Brock,” Maxwell said to Ace.

Ace looked at the screen, not only him but the rest of the group did as well with eyes widen, the place looked like if the strongest bomb landed to the main city of this county. But the reality wasn’t that, with ashes and pieces of remains of the buildings remain in this once the pride of America Washington City.

“Is this real?” Reason the first to say anything, as Ace, Yu and Grace weren’t really Americans, but they understand if they county prideful city is now just a wasteland they also feel hope is lost.

“Washington City is no longer exist thanks to the battle between the monster known as King and them. Only Brock can stop this monster but as he is now he too weak. Reason Irwin, Blue you two join them for personal reasons right, as Dai Yu and Grace focus to stop the families taking over the world from this dead world, this is an era where everything that once known is fucked up.”

Maxwell said. as he faces the five.

“So if I am guessing you want us to help bring a monster that able to levelled DC? I am sorry but I do not think we can stop something like that.” Ace said as he about to turn around.

“You can turn around, but what about finding your brother? I have been collecting information around the world, alone they no chance against even the families or that Monster. But there is a way.” As Maxwell carry on.

“I also dig into your all past, Blue finding the killer of her family, Reason Irwin looking for his son, I am right?” Maxwell said as Reason and Blue stares at Maxwell, as Blue eyes lit with vengeance hearing that fact and Reason did not say anything as he stood still not knowing if he truest this man that seems to be a lot.

But the real question that is bothering them is why is this man that seems he has no feelings at all with his lifeless eyes will help them?

“What you want in return?” Ace said as he no fool there is no way this man with this much information what they want will be willing to hand it over for free.

“I want revenge, I got a story about me that maybe make you understand my vengeance, it all starts from that day in that war…” As this man with unknown past unfolds.

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