DE – 110

In the skies of New York City, this once great city known for new starts now dead, with no signs of this once lively city. But if one looks at the skies, they will see a black helicopter hovering in the skies heading to a warehouse in the Queen distract.

Inside this flying machine hovering over the warehouse lays 6 people, Ace and the rest.

As they landed outside of the warehouse. As they arrived Ace and co notices fighters with guns which made the Ace and the rest, expect the wounded and sleeping Brock to have their guard up.

As they got off the helicopter a fighter with his AR-15 lower walking to them.

“The head is expecting you lot, follow me.” Said the fighter with a scar on his right eye.

Ace and the rest did not say anything as two of the fighters came with a stretcher bed as they lightly put Brock on the bed and carried him into the warehouse where Ace and the rest heading.

As they came into the building as two of the fighters open the door letting Brock in first on the stretcher as Ace and the rest follow afterwards.

“So who is waiting for us?” Ace asked since he has no idea what going on here.

“Well, I do not know.” Reason said as Ace, not the only one, as only Grace and Yu that entered the top floor and talk to the person on the video call has a gasp what going on.

As they look around, people on computers and fighters portals the place, as this is not a simple building.

As they arrived at the end of the room to the door leading to the person behind that video call.

“Maxwell, they here.”

Said the man with the scarred eye, as only Dai Yu seems to recall this name from somewhere. As the door open as a man with blade beheading a zombie on the table with wearing a bloody lab coat, as he looked at the neck of the behead zombie with a lollipop in his mouth.

With his long black hair that seems longer than Brock, with his eyes not the same colour one green to his right and blue to his left, as he looked up at the group.

“Grace Knight they no way for the families to track this place you can take that mask off.” The man said as he just throws the head of the zombie that still alive and trying to bite them while no body on the ground.

“How you know about they are chasing me?” As the gasmask took off and the hood down revealing her platinum blonde hair and her blue eyes, with her beauty stun few fighters as her looks only a few before the outbreak can match such beauty.

“I have my ways.” The Maxwell said.

“So why are we here? And how come you know a lot about us?” Yu said as he knows this man with the long black hair with his height also not simple of 185cm tall.

“I know what the families know about you all since I had hacked into their database,” Maxwell said.

“That hard to believe mister Maxwell, the families have a powerful firewall that sends a deadly virus to the hacker computer which ends blow up,” Grace said.

“That firewall is easy to pass through if you have this,” Maxwell said.

As he walked to the computer with a screen that 100” wide, with a tower that same size as a child hock up to the computer monitor.

“That one big ass computer.” Reason said seeing such a screen belonging to a computer he has never seen before.

“The USA supercomputer is known to the world fastest computer in the world, you think the families do not have something better? Compare to the supercomputer with 200 quadrillion calculations per second, this can be known as a monster with three times that speed.”

As Ace Reason and Blue that has no knowledge about this topic, but Grace and Yu, on the other hand, is different, as they do know their stuff and how frightening this computer really is.

“That is impossible? Surely is, but this only thing can pass the firewall the families set up on general information about them, any computer that is less than 400 quadrillion will blow up since the code needed to be done in a fix time zone to access their general database.” Maxwell said.

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