DE – 109

As Brock smash onto the other side of the wall, with bodies and blood stains happen to reek stronger inside this room that Brock fell into, as Brock looked at the body rotten body that he happens to land next to as the wolves did not stop there with Brock on the ground defenceless, they jump onto him.

As they attacked Brock while on the ground as his metallic arms only able to keep least two off him at a time, with the lack of arms to able to push away the pack of wolves as they giant fangs bites into Brock skin.

While Brock tires his hardest to push them away while on the ground not giving Brock the time with all their team rapid attacks causing Brock no time to get up.

But as more time past heavier his eyes came, with the loss of blood from the attacks causing making it hard for Brock to focus with a light head.

At this moment a shadow came into the room with Brock and the wolves, with a blade-like arm, as the wolves themselves did not notice this person or Ace he is.

“Like I said, I am more of a cat person!” Ace went as he slashes at the wolves even wounding them or ending them as he grabs Brock and supports him up.

Brock pass out at this time when Ace hurry the tow of them heading as fast he can with Brock on his shoulders as Ace carried Brock on his back to increase his speed with Brock.

While on the rooftop…

[Were is them two?] Said the speakers as he did sounds of the wolves came with Ace running on the roof as he sees the rest of them with Brock on his back.

“We here! Look like the wolves are stronger as they seem! Reason cover fire!” Ace went dashing towards the helicopter with Brock on his back as it seems Brock is not as heavy Ace thought he might be with those metallic arms of his.

As the sounds of the helicopter slashes its blades floating above the top of this building as Reason fire the M200 sniper rifle in his hands, firing off the bullets and aiming at the wolves as the shots from the M200 barely kill any of the wolves but does not mean no damage done to them with each shot caused them to bleed.

As Blue also open fire with the AK-74 in her hands, firing the rounds of the AK in her hands at the wolves causing them to think twice how to advance.

But with so many of them and their resistance level of damage they can intake, did not slow them down for long.

As Brock the first to go on as Grace follows afterwards as Ace ran at Reason and Blue while Dai Yu also did the same.

“Fall back! I and Yu handle this!” Ace went as Yu went onwards with speed that near 3 times fast as the world fastest man were before the outbreak.

With 86.2 mph speed Yu soon meet with the wolves with the MP9 submachine guns in each hand open fire at the face of the closest wolf.

Growls went the beast being attacked by the 9mm bullets from the MP9, as Yu leap at the wolf using the head to jump in mid-air to draw his sword out as he lands on the back of the beast stabbed the wolf’s head with his blade in his hands.

If Yu strength were average human is when it will be impossible for Dai Yu to stabbed into the fur of the brown wolf alone is stronger to it was before its evolution.

Yu is far than an average human with his strength and the blade of the sword slice into the head of the skull of the wolf killing it. With the blood of the wolf smelled by the others all ruin with rage dashing towards Yu for revenge.

But as they did they failed to see the blade made of bone slashing at the wolves whom too focus on Yu.

As none were killed in that attack, but few of the wolves’ bleed with the wounds of the monster with the monstrous arm that turns into a blade.

As Blue and Reason on the helicopter which landed on the roof. As they both open fire with their guns making a chance for both Yu and Ace to run back to the helicopter as they hop on, as the blades of the helicopter spin faster taking them off the ground as they head deeper into the Queen district of New York.



Author Note 

I am taking Wednesday off! I know the next one is on Wednesday, seems like I made an error on my storyboard for DE next Act, as this is the finished of one act to the next one has an error… I forget to finish it! Well just one post less this week, sorry…

Be back on Friday forks! Sorry for this, and like always thanks for reading Death Era (DE).

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