DE – 108

As all of the suddenly the walkie-talkie by Reason and Blue side voiced out Grace’s voice.

[There a helicopter arriving at the rooftop, we explain later this place going to be overrun head to the rooftop!] Grace said through the walkie-talkie.

“What this about?” Blue asked, wondering what Grace on about a helicopter heading this way for them?

“Like that matter, move out!” Ace went, however, Brock stands forwards knowing someone has to a least hold them off.

“I stay, they cannot break my arms, I catch up once everyone safe,” Brock said, as it is indeed true that all since he had woke up from his sleep from transforming into the state he is in now.

That not once he been harm since he came like this, most might say he is being over his head for thinking he is an unstoppable force. But the with a group seen how effective his defence is, they have no doubt that Brock is not easy to break.

As the rest left there while Brock remains in this bloodstained hallway that reek of the dead that been slaughtered in this hallway.

“Hay is it all okay to leave this to him? I mean he might be a hard cookie but still does not be he is a god.” Reason said.

“When does this has to do with the all mighty? He be fine.” Ace said as he is the farthest behind the three of them. With his right arm back to normal with his sleeve ripped apart on his right arm due to the effect of his blade arm.

“But you going back, are you? You not kind of person to leave the spotlight to someone else, right?” Blue said Ace grin as he looked at the window on this staircase.

“Well, meet you two soon!” Ace went as he jumped down from the building, onto the outside ground which did break all of his bones and should end his life, but the most horrifying thing about Ace his healing abilities, with few seconds his bones came back to normal like new, with only his blood on the clothes he wears remains.

Meanwhile at the hallway more signs of wolves enter the hallway as Brock stood there as the wolves notice the headless wolf of their pack, as rage full the monstrous wolves as they dashed onwards.

With the timing of the first one, Brock punched with his metallic fist at the first to dash at him knocking the beast out of the building as it is unclear if the giant wolf is still alive.

With such intelligence display using the robot’s parts that lay in pieces or whole on the ground as cover as they circle Brock before attacking from the random side.

With the change of Brock’s eyes also increased his reactions speed least three times than before becoming like he is. As the first two attacks from behind and his left easy block the attacks with his two black metallic arms.

“Arrgghhh!” Went Brock with only two arms able to block so much, as Brock from behind left shoulder attacked by the fangs from the very wolf that is still biting onto his bare skin.

With blood drip onto the ground, as Brock shakes himself to remove the wolves biting into him both arms and shoulder.

As the wolves did not stop there with limited room they can room in this hallway but as hunters they are, they did not all gone in for the attack at once as Brock cannot keep up with the blocking from his surroundings as more bites from their fangs got into his skin, as the bite of the wolves that can bite through steel cannot fully bite through Brock harden skin but does not mean that they’re attacks are useless.

With each attack bite into his flesh by little caused him to bleed and bleed until his own sights of his eyes beginning to blurs, as Brock cannot keep on with the attack with his energy draining from bleed so much and being out of breathing, as Brock land on his knees with blood coated the white robe he been wearing very since he woke up in this building.

“Huff!” Brock went with a mouth full of blood drops onto the ground that already has too much blood on it stained.

As the wolves did not stop there as one of them dashed into Brock and headbutt him to the wall behind him.

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