DE – 107

Looking at the computer screen as a video call runs through the computer, but only his voice came through no image as if the other side does not want to show what they look like.

[They no intel about the families here, Grace Knight and Dai Yu.] Said the voice belongs to man as it is hard what age he is since his sleepy voice makes him if he in the mid-20s or 30s like Reason who is the oldest of the group.

“How do you know our names?” Grace the one with the gas mask and hood still up. As she walked to the monitor as Dai Yu careful of his surroundings.

[There no time get Brock Wilson out of this building he is the only thing can harm the King, Rosenfield has located this building and sending in reinforcement.] Said the man on the monitor.

“Rosenfield… they might send in the ‘Knights Corps’” Dai Yu said as he knows more about the families than anyone else in their group.

[What you expect the exile clan member of the Dai Clan, yes, they not the one I am worried about.] Said the man on the monitor.

“What could be more dangerous than them?” Dai Yu said.

[Giant wolves, I am sure you know about the cells that are infecting animals over the last months like the Death Cells with us, they a pack coming here as they come they will sense the blood in this building, and like any other wild predator will come here with blood is the highest around here, do you agree? They are here about now.] The man said.

Meanwhile, they are only a few machines of death left as one of them about to slashed at Ace.

But without warning the ground shakes which send all of the remaining robots of death off guard, but as they did something from afar appeared.

“I got a bad feeling of this ground shake… what now?” Reason asked as he looked up seeing the shadow coming in light, as he and the rest of the group on this floor eyes widen, as Ace met few like this one as Reason and Blue it is first for them as well Brock is the same boat seeing this for the first time.

“Great, an evolved animal!” Ace said.

With the first time he meets them, he knows one thing, evolved animals are far dangerous than evolved zombies in this era of death.

“You told so about animals having a different kind of cells also evolving them… to think a wolf of this size is here…” Said Blue as she walks backwards.

“Robots, zombies and animals what is this headache?” Brock said as too much information came to.

To this point, the cells of the Death Cell and the cell that name is still unknown came to the DNA of beings in the world as for why the human’s cells do not active only after death or animals while they alive is a mystery.

But with the world still not wavy of the fact there two not one cells that should not exist.

With the wolf that came to this hallway notice the killing machines coated in blood as the first target wasn’t the group but the machines of death.

With a leap across the hallway with speed that cannot be seen by an average human, with the fangs bite into the steel plate like butter, and rip it apart.

Seeing the difference between them and the wolves, Reason aim for a shot with it is full of openings.

Bang! Went the barrel of the M200 sniper rifle, with the shot hit the right eye of the wolf with a howl of pain and blood of it coming from its right eye looked at Reason Irwin with its left eye that still remains.

With the body that about 2.5 times bigger than the average wolf is, as it leapt at Reason as it did the one that blocks the attack of the wolf’s leap attack, was Brock.

With the weight that seems also increased as well, Brock stood in place with the fangs bitten onto his metallic arms.

“Ah!” Ace went with the blade arm and slashed the wolf head off.

“Bluey was that?” Blue went.

“Hahaha… what the hell was that?” Reason said.

“What wrong?” Ace said as he notices how jumpy Reason is.

“I am dog lover you know killing one even a wolf hurt my soul you know.” Reason said.

“Well, I am more a cat person myself. Okay, I take that back!” Ace said as he hears the howlings of the wolves telling him he this wolf not the only one inside this building

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