DE – 106

Standing there Brock has no idea to do as Reason and Blue still firing their guns at the killer machines with six legs blades on its back and red LED lights as eyes with two arm blades as well tubes on the back of the head, but what are the tubes meant for?

With this question in Brock’s mind, as he rushed to one of them and punched at the chest area of the robot which did bend the chest steel plate but not enough to rip a hole inside.

But with the force of Brock fist knocked the thing backwards as it crashed into another of its kind causing them to advanced forward for a moment which is enough time to test something out as Brock grab one of the heads the humanoid spider robot, strengthens his grip onto the tubes behind its head. and using his full strength pulled onto the tubes behind the steelhead.

[Arrrhhhh!] As Brock roar and used his full strength to rip off the tubes from the killer machine head.

[Why are you ripping its hair out for!] Reason said, seeing Brock’s action he cannot help ask what going through his head.

[What the blue is going on?] Blue said as she has a feeling Brock actions might not be an act of a madman, as it remains a question even she notice what are the tubes like hair meant for?

Looking at the ground Brock quickly at where Ace body is at, but as he looked there only blood on the ground that seems fresher then the other blood stains. But the real question that made Brock confused where Ace body is?

But on the top of one of them, stood a young man with his long brown hair with a blade-like bone arm. Seeing this Brock’s eyes widen as the young man with the bloody hole in his hoodie is Ace himself.

[What miss me already?] Ace said as he stabbed into the head unit of the robot.

[How you still alive?] Brock said as Ace jump down the destroyed killing machine known as Blade Walker.

As the robots or Blade Walkers notice another one is destroyed, the rest head right at Ace but as one with the tubes ripped off stopped moving with steam coming out of the body. As it locked in place like stone and fell to one side.

[Overheat huh! You two aim for the tubes! It’s their weakness!] Arc went seeing taking off their tubes which is the best method of destroying these machines of deaths.

The humanoid robot with six blade arms behind its back and the two blade arms and two legs, the robot that similar to the spider across humanoid robot. Blade Walker is designed of a close-range combat robot with the steel plate body, which is why it is hard to take down, but like all thing is not perfect.

With the tubes on the back of the head that lays the CPU unit of the machine itself, with progress of the killing machine does overheat which is why the tubes breathes the hot air out and the cold air in to cool down the system of the Blade Walker.

With the supplies of the cold air gone and nowhere the hot air to escape out from, due to that the machine of death or Blade Walker overheated which locked the gears and drained the power inside its body.

With a smile on Reason face, as he knew their weakness and opened fired at them with the M200 in his hand as Blue did the same as she focused her shots hitting the tubes when she has the chance to do so.

As Ace chopped the tubes off as he goes past.

As the Balde Walkers, themselves has 5 main tubes that split themselves halfway in 7 as reality as long the central core of the tubes are removed or damaged the thing overheats.

While the four fight while Grace Knight and Dai Yu now reached to the last floor in this building,

“I am not picking anything up, you?” Grace said with the device that detects life in certain range.

“Same here, look there is a computer console that still on?” But as Dai Yu notice this something like a video call shown on the screen as if expecting them to come here.

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