DE – 116

Within a cell lays a man with long wary black coal hair and his beard formed in the time he has been here, as he passes the time of doing pushups and other forms of training within this cell only experiments they do to him is the time he gets out of the cell he is in.

With the experiments done to him made him realised how fast he can think that he usually can before all of those experiments done to him.

As Bryan finishing wolfing down his meal of soup with bread when he did his training for the morning, noon soon came when the door leading to his cell is at opened.

With the door opened and people came into this room, a man that is different to the ones Bryan has seen all this time being here, with his magnificent and rich white suit and a symbol of a rose with a blade stab in the veins of the rose being warped around it.

“So this is the subject done the experiments without dying due to the side effects, clearly this man is strong I am right?” Said the man as Bryan no fool noticing the full armoured soldier that different to the others like this man personal bodyguard.

“That is right Mister Rosenfield! This man is clear and done with the experiment his brain waves has increased to a higher level from 112 IQ to 165 IQ  , this test is indeed a successful!” Said the leader of the people that did the experiments on Bryan.

As Bryan sees the leader of these people lower his head to this man that came into this room, Bryan scans the man and the behaviour of the others knowing he a big deal with these men, also that dangerous aura around him.

“Wonderful! Looks like he did not age one bit, interesting, well this is thanks to the other two families granting this chance. Now time for you, Bryan Booth you been in this place for 10 years you know.”

Said the man whom last name is Rosenfield, knot even Bryan knew how long he been in this place for, even himself expected him only to be here least few years.

“Bryan Booth you got two choices, die here and rot away or become a soldier for us, someone with your skill set and also agility will be greatly rewarded like not killing your son for a example?”

Said the man with his suit and that white cane in his hand as all this time Bryan has no thought that he has no family, but a woman he only once slept with before heading to war.

“Naughty boy knocking up someone before even marrying them, Adam, that is the name of your son. I got proof in here she is yours, also the fact she only been with you alone before giving birth to dear Adam. 10 years old and healthy looking boy! For now, he is, but that all can change! If you join us. And at a extra, we send money to her and your son every month for all the time you missed daddo.” Said the man showing the picture of a woman with a child.

Knowing this woman Ella Mason her name is, on the night before Bryan return back to the army and captured by these people, both him and Ella made love on that night.

Seeing this and know the age gap between now and then is real.

“It’s Maxwell, not Bryan nor Booth if I am going to be working for you, then I want to be dead, the old me,” Bryan said,

Knowing this is the best choice he can do, they have unknown weapons and many more hidden secrets he does not know about, but with his family on the line and his son, he has no choice for their sake.

“That is fine, welcome to the families.” Said the man with no first name known yet. As Bryan got up and out of the cell with other soldiers assigned his clothes to match theirs. Looking at the dog tag before letting it go and put it away for good as the soldier that fought long side with troops in his county no longer existed.

DE – 115

Looking at the ceiling while still on the table with nothing else to do while Bryan is bondage to the table with no freedom of movements. With the air feels cold the cuts which sting like hell to Bryan Booth.

All of the sudden the door leading this room opened. Bryan can only hear the door opening. With the steps of one person, Bryan can hear, as he sighed hearing that it wasn’t them that did this to him.

With his body even being cut into, it felt very odd as whatever in that injection made his body felt like lead, and his head felt like someone trying to rip his head with their bare hands.

As the person that came through the door soon came into Bryan Booth sight of view. Noticing the same dark skin man that given him that soup he did not touch is cleaning the blood from the scalpels and other tools been used on Bryan.

“Who… are you?” Bryan asked, but still, this man with collar and brown skin did not talk at all. But at that time someone else came to the room they are in.

Seeing there also others like this man, slaves. Collars around they necks as they clean after the mess they left behind in this room. As one of them is a woman with short black hair and brown skin cleans the blood and closed the cuts and wounds on Bryan.

None of them spoke a single word, like if they do death only awaits them. After they are done, they left the room as soldiers came into the room but pin the black skin man by the wall.

“I hope there no problem?” Said the soldier with his hand on the man neck pinning him by the wall.

“No, sir.” The first words he has spoken that Bryan heard, as the soldier smiled and throw him onto the floor.

“Get out of here before I change my mind! Hahaha!” Like a joke to this soldier and the others watching them rushing away from them.

“America were better with them locked behind a cage. You agree?” Said the soldier walking to Bryan with his smug smile looking down at Bryan on the table.

“Just kill me already, like I care if you hate them or not,” Bryan said looking them even so the people back to his hometown also similar treating them differently as he just used to it but seeing the collar knowing this is a different level of treatment of these with different tone of skin.

“You no fun!” Said the soldier with the baton by his side smash into the right leg of Bryan’s. As Bryan bite into his teeth holding the pain from the force of the baton.

“What that look boy!” Said the guard swing the baton again seeing the cold looked from Bryan, with another hit to his legs, Bryan hold in the pain of those attack while staring deadly at the guard.

“Tsk! Whatever.” The guard said while feeling uneasy with Bryan giving him stare, as the other guard went to Bryan’s neck to inject this needle making his body numb, unable to move even a muscle.

As the two guards put Bryan whom is unable to move onto a wheelchair and push him while locking a leather belt around his waist in case of him regaining his body back while transporting him.

As the two guards took Bryan back to his cell, as they arrived there and locked Bryan in there before he is able to move his body again.

With his locked muscles slowly becoming loose as Bryan find he can move a little and over time in this cold and empty cell he is in.

Resting his back by the wall of the dark and dull cell in this unknown room he is in, thinking of the soldiers he fought long side and the ones he failed to protect, With the deaths of his unit and no hope of leaving this place and his body feels weird.

With an unknown time past, as everyday, the same man with dark skin gives him food be it soup or bared and sometimes both, as the people in the lab coats did their experiments which each one he felt weird, until that day.


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DE – 114

Looking at the soup on the tray and the water Bryan did not bother with the food since he not bother with trusting food from an enemy. As time moves on, with a specific amount of time passes when the same man with the dark skin came and collect the tray.

“Hay you, where is this place?” Bryan asked, but the man not even looks at Bryan just pick up the tray through the bars and left. But as the man with the collar left, as sounds of men chatting came louder and louder.

With idle chat between people that know each other that Brya can hear as the door leading to the room Bryan is in opened as four men with lab coats came into the room with him.

“So this is the subject that meets the requirements?” One of them said, as it clear Bryan is bought here for the sole reason of whatever he is a subject for.

“Bryan Booth nickname Maxwell, age 31 blood type O, send him to room 4 I like to begin the experiment as fast we can.” Said the one that seems to be in charge of them.

“Agree, since the others are failures, should we bring the slaves with him?” Said one of them with the world of slave which should be a thing of the past but somehow humanity cannot let it go, as these people act it normal to have a slave or two with them.

“No, send the soldiers, the subject can easily kill them and escape, we need them all to maintain the device after all.” The leader of them said as two soldiers with black officer clothing unlock the chains as they did on Bryan body, Bryan himself grab one of them and took out the pistol by the soldier side and point it at his head while holding him as a hostage.

“How do I get out of here, or he gets it.” Bryan calmly said

But the next action from the other soldier without even blinking pointed his pistol at the soldier that Bryan holding hostage and put a hole between his eyes. As this soldier with Bryan still shocked of the no mercy to even their own, the soldier used some kind of rob like a spear and stunned Bryan.

“Arrrgghhhh!” Went Bryan feeling the bolt of electricity running through his skin and muscles from his back, causing Bryan Booth to unable move a muscle, as he stunned on the ground as the soldiers carried him with the people in the lab coats lead the way.

As the soldiers came into another room with Bryan as they put him on the metal table with tools next to the tool used to cut people open.

With his body unable to move as he looked how bloody the ground under him, as Bryan knows what they do here is inhumane and twisted what they have done to people here as Bryan knows he is next.

As the soldier’s bondage Bryan hands and legs and his neck to the table that he unable to move at all.

With his wrist tied down and ankles as well forehead as this limited Bryan movements while he on the table.

“What you want!?” Bryan that usually calm shouted at the men in the lab coats.

“Put something in his mouth to shut him.” However, like if Bryan has no rights at all the people just sealed his mouth off as the men in the lab coat put on an overcoat to keep themselves clean, as some of them still have stains of blood on them.

“Let begin the experiment.” Said the leader of them as they first rip off Bryan army clothes leaving him naked on this metal table feeling the chilli cold against his skin.

After that Bryan’s eyes widen feeling the sharp edges of the small blades cut into his flesh while he still awake, feeling the burning pain of the blades cutting his flesh and the air touching his cut flesh hurts like hell to Bryan, with blood drip from the scalpel’s small edge.

The cold blade stings into Bryan flesh farther and farther with the flaming hot burns with being cut open as this carried on for a while feeling the tools of their cutting and injecting something in his body.

With an unknown amount of time passed, with the people that were experimenting onto Bryan body has left the room with him still on the table covered in cuts and blood of his own.

DE – 113

“What is going on?” Said Gas.

“I thought it was weird they weren’t any enemy forces here… but what’s with that amour? And what kind of funny shape gun is that, state who you are!” Captain said, as he pointed the M14 at them as Gas, and the rest follow suit but as oddly men with amour and odd kind of weapons fire a round from one of their weapons barrel ripping a hand hole in Captain’s chest.

“Huh…?” Went Wood watching the officer in charge fell to the ground with a huge hole in his forehead that brain matter stains the grass of the ground.

Wood, Claymore and Gas open fire at the unknown armoured soldiers, but bullets from the M14’s has barely any effect on the amour.

“Kill them all instead of the sniper! And clean their bodies as well!” Hearing the one that seems like the leader Wood and Claymore leap for cover as it is too late for the head of Gas blast in pieces.

“What the fuck is these weapons!?” Wood went covering fire at the monstrous soldiers with they unknown weapons.

Maxwell follows suit using the M1 Garand shooting at gaps between the armour with his sharp eyes of his, firing at the neck that has barely any amour.

“Argh!” Went the other side with the bullet from the M1 Garand shot into the soldier neck the only place with no protection.

“Maximum power!” Seeing one of their own died, the leader of the unknown soldiers ordered his men to fire at the tree where Wood and Claymore at like a loud blast from the weapon that killed Captain and Gas blast like wind blasts forward ripping and blowing up the tree.

As the bodies of Claymore and Wood rip apart. As Maxwell sees this as the leader of them walk towards the tree that Maxwell hiding behind.

“There no point in fighting us Maxwell, or should I say, Bryan Booth, I am right?” Said the leader of the unknown men out of the blue with weapons that cannot exist in this time era.

“Let make a deal, we will not harm Lisa Booth and Frank Booth your parents if you come along. You might be wondering who we are? Or the fact we know so much about you? Your county sold you out.”

Said the leader of them as Maxwell or Bryan Booth his real name, as this news shocks him the most, all this time they been betrayed by they own?

“What now?” Bryan said as he out from the tree facing the lot.

“You  been chosen, put him to sleep.” He said with a shot stab at Bryan’s neck as he looks up at them with wide eyes before passing out.




With the air cold and the sound is dead quiet with nothing can be heard in this room of plain with nothing than a man with long black hair with chained up by his wrists and his neck as the man that age is around 30 or so looked at the iron bars of his cell door.

Bryan Booth, he is, as he sits there with nothing else than wait for anything to happen, as it been unknown how long Bryan been up since he came to.

With nothing but to wait for time, Bryan Booth waited for the men in those odd amours and weapons, the ones bring him into this place, to begin with.

After a while, a man came to the cell, with dark skin and a device around his neck with rags clothes as this man with poor body state with his black skin and the slave-like collar attached to his neck.

With a tray of soup with bread as well a glass of water the man came with.

Looking at the collar and his clothes Bryan did not say anything as he left the tray on the ground and nodded his head.

Bryan Booth is not racist, but as over the years, he has seen how they are treated all because their skin is different to theirs. Bryan has always kept his distance to both racist and the black as he honestly did not want to waste time about race and all.

But at first hand, seeing how they were treated over a hundred years ago, as himself cannot help to feel pity towards that man that came as he is in the same boat with the chains on him.

DE – 112

In the year 1960 in the year of America the longest war, the Vietnam War within the skies of Vietnam an airplane flies across the battlefields of this warful era.

Then from the plane doors open with five people leap out of the plane that crossing the skies they in, as the five soldiers opened their parachutes and floated towards the ground where no signs of war only the ground of grass and trees in sight awaits the five

As they land onto the ground with four out of five carry their M14 rifles in their hands as one of the men with his long black hair had an M21 sniper rifle with an M1 Garand rifle on his back as rest of the men also has one of them as they are secondly weapon.

As the men sidearms are Colt M1911 pistol and M1 Bayonet with M67 grenades carried with them.

As the man with the long black hair and the M21 in his hand looking at the forest around him.

“All clear Captain.” Said the black haired man.

“What now?” Said the only black man in the group of five.

“List now onwards we not going to use our real names. Remember them?” The captain of the unit asked.

“Wood.” Said the black man in the unit.

“Claymore Sir!.” Said the fairly tallest man of the unit named of a weapon as the five names are pick by themselves from different categories, as these men do not know each other names.

“Gas!” Said the man that seems to look at Wood often with a mocking look.

“Maxwell.” Said the long black hair man as he is the second tallest and only sniper in the unit of five men.

“Good! As I am just captain, listen! The enemy is an unknown force which we do not know much detail about them! Just the fact over 500 soldiers without a trace disappeared as when they find out where they disappeared to, the 40 men unit were find killed and also their families in our homeland also disappeared!” Said the captain.

“So this is why we hiding who we are and the fact we all do not know each other, so the enemy in case catches us cannot learn who we are?” Maxwell said.

“That is right! Wood and Claymore vanguard and me and Gas will watch our backs, you have the role of our surroundings.” Captain said as he ordered the four men of his squad as Wood and Claymore with their M14 in their hands advanced forward, as Maxwell in the middle of the group glance at his surrounding through the M21 sniper scope.

As for a good hour, the five soldiers move onwards careful of their surroundings, not letting their guard down even for a single blow of wind.

“Let rest here! Looks like it getting dark, I really do not want to bump into the enemy boys.” Captain said as he rests on the ground.

“Good it were getting boring just walking with nothing to shot at, you agree?” Gas said as Maxwell just looked at him and look away.

“Not much of a talker huh?” Gas said as he looked at Maxwell as his eyes turn to Wood as a disgusted face shown on his face as he walks towards Wood and Claymore who happen to be eating the food they took a long as Gas bump into Wood.

“Sorry about, cannot tell in the dark with your kind.” Gas said with his mocking smile looking at Wood right into his eyes hoping he will bite back.

“If you got anything to say, just say it.” Wood went.

“Just I think chains suits you better that all.” Gas said as he went to Wood ear, as Wood tries to hold this racist remark in but all of the suddenly the quiet Maxwell stand up as a specialist in his field as he looks around himself and said.

“Captain we not alone.” He said pointing his M21 around him as the rest did the same as they points their M14 rifles at their surroundings.

“How many are they?” Captain asked as he looks around himself.

“Five but I can sense them, but I can’t see them… there!” With a bang from the barrel of the M21 sniper shot fire. As it did, a sound of something that hit metal, as people with odd amour came to with a rose and a sword symbol on their chest plate, with guns that none of them knew of.

DE – 111

“I might be wrong, but isn’t this computer not that big to overtake the world fastest computer that is known to the world?” Dai Yu said, as in indeed the America supercomputer which is the fastest known to the world

“Summit you on about? Indeed that computer to the world is indeed the world fastest, but you think a group of families that hiding in the shadows with many inhumane and impossible secrets will be out beaten to anyone in the world? Plus this one here is just the standard model they have the real monster is what they use as a supercomputer.” Maxwell said.

“Okay I for one is lost what is going on, and why you two have pale faces?” Ace asked Grace Knight and Dai Yu understands the important and inhumane of this really is.

“How much you know about the families? You seem to know who I am and the rest.” Grace asked.

“I know more than anyone outside even inside the families know about them, I know about the fact they lost a battle 4 weeks ago to a real monster known as the King,” Maxwell said as the five know about the existence of someone of King but truly nothing about this person.

“Did they send the Knight Crops afterwards?” Dai Yu said as he personally knows the strength of the families might that even the strongest nations in the world before the outbreak will have no chance against them.

“They were the Knight Crops, the strongest army of the family lost over half of their men just by that monster alone, and it was a one-sided slaughter,” Maxwell said as he turns in the computer showing a ruined city that blasted in pieces as what city it were is levelled.

“This used to be DC, that monster known as the King did this with his men, half human and half zombies like you and Brock,” Maxwell said to Ace.

Ace looked at the screen, not only him but the rest of the group did as well with eyes widen, the place looked like if the strongest bomb landed to the main city of this county. But the reality wasn’t that, with ashes and pieces of remains of the buildings remain in this once the pride of America Washington City.

“Is this real?” Reason the first to say anything, as Ace, Yu and Grace weren’t really Americans, but they understand if they county prideful city is now just a wasteland they also feel hope is lost.

“Washington City is no longer exist thanks to the battle between the monster known as King and them. Only Brock can stop this monster but as he is now he too weak. Reason Irwin, Blue you two join them for personal reasons right, as Dai Yu and Grace focus to stop the families taking over the world from this dead world, this is an era where everything that once known is fucked up.”

Maxwell said. as he faces the five.

“So if I am guessing you want us to help bring a monster that able to levelled DC? I am sorry but I do not think we can stop something like that.” Ace said as he about to turn around.

“You can turn around, but what about finding your brother? I have been collecting information around the world, alone they no chance against even the families or that Monster. But there is a way.” As Maxwell carry on.

“I also dig into your all past, Blue finding the killer of her family, Reason Irwin looking for his son, I am right?” Maxwell said as Reason and Blue stares at Maxwell, as Blue eyes lit with vengeance hearing that fact and Reason did not say anything as he stood still not knowing if he truest this man that seems to be a lot.

But the real question that is bothering them is why is this man that seems he has no feelings at all with his lifeless eyes will help them?

“What you want in return?” Ace said as he no fool there is no way this man with this much information what they want will be willing to hand it over for free.

“I want revenge, I got a story about me that maybe make you understand my vengeance, it all starts from that day in that war…” As this man with unknown past unfolds.

DE – 110

In the skies of New York City, this once great city known for new starts now dead, with no signs of this once lively city. But if one looks at the skies, they will see a black helicopter hovering in the skies heading to a warehouse in the Queen distract.

Inside this flying machine hovering over the warehouse lays 6 people, Ace and the rest.

As they landed outside of the warehouse. As they arrived Ace and co notices fighters with guns which made the Ace and the rest, expect the wounded and sleeping Brock to have their guard up.

As they got off the helicopter a fighter with his AR-15 lower walking to them.

“The head is expecting you lot, follow me.” Said the fighter with a scar on his right eye.

Ace and the rest did not say anything as two of the fighters came with a stretcher bed as they lightly put Brock on the bed and carried him into the warehouse where Ace and the rest heading.

As they came into the building as two of the fighters open the door letting Brock in first on the stretcher as Ace and the rest follow afterwards.

“So who is waiting for us?” Ace asked since he has no idea what going on here.

“Well, I do not know.” Reason said as Ace, not the only one, as only Grace and Yu that entered the top floor and talk to the person on the video call has a gasp what going on.

As they look around, people on computers and fighters portals the place, as this is not a simple building.

As they arrived at the end of the room to the door leading to the person behind that video call.

“Maxwell, they here.”

Said the man with the scarred eye, as only Dai Yu seems to recall this name from somewhere. As the door open as a man with blade beheading a zombie on the table with wearing a bloody lab coat, as he looked at the neck of the behead zombie with a lollipop in his mouth.

With his long black hair that seems longer than Brock, with his eyes not the same colour one green to his right and blue to his left, as he looked up at the group.

“Grace Knight they no way for the families to track this place you can take that mask off.” The man said as he just throws the head of the zombie that still alive and trying to bite them while no body on the ground.

“How you know about they are chasing me?” As the gasmask took off and the hood down revealing her platinum blonde hair and her blue eyes, with her beauty stun few fighters as her looks only a few before the outbreak can match such beauty.

“I have my ways.” The Maxwell said.

“So why are we here? And how come you know a lot about us?” Yu said as he knows this man with the long black hair with his height also not simple of 185cm tall.

“I know what the families know about you all since I had hacked into their database,” Maxwell said.

“That hard to believe mister Maxwell, the families have a powerful firewall that sends a deadly virus to the hacker computer which ends blow up,” Grace said.

“That firewall is easy to pass through if you have this,” Maxwell said.

As he walked to the computer with a screen that 100” wide, with a tower that same size as a child hock up to the computer monitor.

“That one big ass computer.” Reason said seeing such a screen belonging to a computer he has never seen before.

“The USA supercomputer is known to the world fastest computer in the world, you think the families do not have something better? Compare to the supercomputer with 200 quadrillion calculations per second, this can be known as a monster with three times that speed.”

As Ace Reason and Blue that has no knowledge about this topic, but Grace and Yu, on the other hand, is different, as they do know their stuff and how frightening this computer really is.

“That is impossible? Surely is, but this only thing can pass the firewall the families set up on general information about them, any computer that is less than 400 quadrillion will blow up since the code needed to be done in a fix time zone to access their general database.” Maxwell said.

DE – 109

As Brock smash onto the other side of the wall, with bodies and blood stains happen to reek stronger inside this room that Brock fell into, as Brock looked at the body rotten body that he happens to land next to as the wolves did not stop there with Brock on the ground defenceless, they jump onto him.

As they attacked Brock while on the ground as his metallic arms only able to keep least two off him at a time, with the lack of arms to able to push away the pack of wolves as they giant fangs bites into Brock skin.

While Brock tires his hardest to push them away while on the ground not giving Brock the time with all their team rapid attacks causing Brock no time to get up.

But as more time past heavier his eyes came, with the loss of blood from the attacks causing making it hard for Brock to focus with a light head.

At this moment a shadow came into the room with Brock and the wolves, with a blade-like arm, as the wolves themselves did not notice this person or Ace he is.

“Like I said, I am more of a cat person!” Ace went as he slashes at the wolves even wounding them or ending them as he grabs Brock and supports him up.

Brock pass out at this time when Ace hurry the tow of them heading as fast he can with Brock on his shoulders as Ace carried Brock on his back to increase his speed with Brock.

While on the rooftop…

[Were is them two?] Said the speakers as he did sounds of the wolves came with Ace running on the roof as he sees the rest of them with Brock on his back.

“We here! Look like the wolves are stronger as they seem! Reason cover fire!” Ace went dashing towards the helicopter with Brock on his back as it seems Brock is not as heavy Ace thought he might be with those metallic arms of his.

As the sounds of the helicopter slashes its blades floating above the top of this building as Reason fire the M200 sniper rifle in his hands, firing off the bullets and aiming at the wolves as the shots from the M200 barely kill any of the wolves but does not mean no damage done to them with each shot caused them to bleed.

As Blue also open fire with the AK-74 in her hands, firing the rounds of the AK in her hands at the wolves causing them to think twice how to advance.

But with so many of them and their resistance level of damage they can intake, did not slow them down for long.

As Brock the first to go on as Grace follows afterwards as Ace ran at Reason and Blue while Dai Yu also did the same.

“Fall back! I and Yu handle this!” Ace went as Yu went onwards with speed that near 3 times fast as the world fastest man were before the outbreak.

With 86.2 mph speed Yu soon meet with the wolves with the MP9 submachine guns in each hand open fire at the face of the closest wolf.

Growls went the beast being attacked by the 9mm bullets from the MP9, as Yu leap at the wolf using the head to jump in mid-air to draw his sword out as he lands on the back of the beast stabbed the wolf’s head with his blade in his hands.

If Yu strength were average human is when it will be impossible for Dai Yu to stabbed into the fur of the brown wolf alone is stronger to it was before its evolution.

Yu is far than an average human with his strength and the blade of the sword slice into the head of the skull of the wolf killing it. With the blood of the wolf smelled by the others all ruin with rage dashing towards Yu for revenge.

But as they did they failed to see the blade made of bone slashing at the wolves whom too focus on Yu.

As none were killed in that attack, but few of the wolves’ bleed with the wounds of the monster with the monstrous arm that turns into a blade.

As Blue and Reason on the helicopter which landed on the roof. As they both open fire with their guns making a chance for both Yu and Ace to run back to the helicopter as they hop on, as the blades of the helicopter spin faster taking them off the ground as they head deeper into the Queen district of New York.



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DE – 108

As all of the suddenly the walkie-talkie by Reason and Blue side voiced out Grace’s voice.

[There a helicopter arriving at the rooftop, we explain later this place going to be overrun head to the rooftop!] Grace said through the walkie-talkie.

“What this about?” Blue asked, wondering what Grace on about a helicopter heading this way for them?

“Like that matter, move out!” Ace went, however, Brock stands forwards knowing someone has to a least hold them off.

“I stay, they cannot break my arms, I catch up once everyone safe,” Brock said, as it is indeed true that all since he had woke up from his sleep from transforming into the state he is in now.

That not once he been harm since he came like this, most might say he is being over his head for thinking he is an unstoppable force. But the with a group seen how effective his defence is, they have no doubt that Brock is not easy to break.

As the rest left there while Brock remains in this bloodstained hallway that reek of the dead that been slaughtered in this hallway.

“Hay is it all okay to leave this to him? I mean he might be a hard cookie but still does not be he is a god.” Reason said.

“When does this has to do with the all mighty? He be fine.” Ace said as he is the farthest behind the three of them. With his right arm back to normal with his sleeve ripped apart on his right arm due to the effect of his blade arm.

“But you going back, are you? You not kind of person to leave the spotlight to someone else, right?” Blue said Ace grin as he looked at the window on this staircase.

“Well, meet you two soon!” Ace went as he jumped down from the building, onto the outside ground which did break all of his bones and should end his life, but the most horrifying thing about Ace his healing abilities, with few seconds his bones came back to normal like new, with only his blood on the clothes he wears remains.

Meanwhile at the hallway more signs of wolves enter the hallway as Brock stood there as the wolves notice the headless wolf of their pack, as rage full the monstrous wolves as they dashed onwards.

With the timing of the first one, Brock punched with his metallic fist at the first to dash at him knocking the beast out of the building as it is unclear if the giant wolf is still alive.

With such intelligence display using the robot’s parts that lay in pieces or whole on the ground as cover as they circle Brock before attacking from the random side.

With the change of Brock’s eyes also increased his reactions speed least three times than before becoming like he is. As the first two attacks from behind and his left easy block the attacks with his two black metallic arms.

“Arrgghhh!” Went Brock with only two arms able to block so much, as Brock from behind left shoulder attacked by the fangs from the very wolf that is still biting onto his bare skin.

With blood drip onto the ground, as Brock shakes himself to remove the wolves biting into him both arms and shoulder.

As the wolves did not stop there with limited room they can room in this hallway but as hunters they are, they did not all gone in for the attack at once as Brock cannot keep up with the blocking from his surroundings as more bites from their fangs got into his skin, as the bite of the wolves that can bite through steel cannot fully bite through Brock harden skin but does not mean that they’re attacks are useless.

With each attack bite into his flesh by little caused him to bleed and bleed until his own sights of his eyes beginning to blurs, as Brock cannot keep on with the attack with his energy draining from bleed so much and being out of breathing, as Brock land on his knees with blood coated the white robe he been wearing very since he woke up in this building.

“Huff!” Brock went with a mouth full of blood drops onto the ground that already has too much blood on it stained.

As the wolves did not stop there as one of them dashed into Brock and headbutt him to the wall behind him.

DE – 107

Looking at the computer screen as a video call runs through the computer, but only his voice came through no image as if the other side does not want to show what they look like.

[They no intel about the families here, Grace Knight and Dai Yu.] Said the voice belongs to man as it is hard what age he is since his sleepy voice makes him if he in the mid-20s or 30s like Reason who is the oldest of the group.

“How do you know our names?” Grace the one with the gas mask and hood still up. As she walked to the monitor as Dai Yu careful of his surroundings.

[There no time get Brock Wilson out of this building he is the only thing can harm the King, Rosenfield has located this building and sending in reinforcement.] Said the man on the monitor.

“Rosenfield… they might send in the ‘Knights Corps’” Dai Yu said as he knows more about the families than anyone else in their group.

[What you expect the exile clan member of the Dai Clan, yes, they not the one I am worried about.] Said the man on the monitor.

“What could be more dangerous than them?” Dai Yu said.

[Giant wolves, I am sure you know about the cells that are infecting animals over the last months like the Death Cells with us, they a pack coming here as they come they will sense the blood in this building, and like any other wild predator will come here with blood is the highest around here, do you agree? They are here about now.] The man said.

Meanwhile, they are only a few machines of death left as one of them about to slashed at Ace.

But without warning the ground shakes which send all of the remaining robots of death off guard, but as they did something from afar appeared.

“I got a bad feeling of this ground shake… what now?” Reason asked as he looked up seeing the shadow coming in light, as he and the rest of the group on this floor eyes widen, as Ace met few like this one as Reason and Blue it is first for them as well Brock is the same boat seeing this for the first time.

“Great, an evolved animal!” Ace said.

With the first time he meets them, he knows one thing, evolved animals are far dangerous than evolved zombies in this era of death.

“You told so about animals having a different kind of cells also evolving them… to think a wolf of this size is here…” Said Blue as she walks backwards.

“Robots, zombies and animals what is this headache?” Brock said as too much information came to.

To this point, the cells of the Death Cell and the cell that name is still unknown came to the DNA of beings in the world as for why the human’s cells do not active only after death or animals while they alive is a mystery.

But with the world still not wavy of the fact there two not one cells that should not exist.

With the wolf that came to this hallway notice the killing machines coated in blood as the first target wasn’t the group but the machines of death.

With a leap across the hallway with speed that cannot be seen by an average human, with the fangs bite into the steel plate like butter, and rip it apart.

Seeing the difference between them and the wolves, Reason aim for a shot with it is full of openings.

Bang! Went the barrel of the M200 sniper rifle, with the shot hit the right eye of the wolf with a howl of pain and blood of it coming from its right eye looked at Reason Irwin with its left eye that still remains.

With the body that about 2.5 times bigger than the average wolf is, as it leapt at Reason as it did the one that blocks the attack of the wolf’s leap attack, was Brock.

With the weight that seems also increased as well, Brock stood in place with the fangs bitten onto his metallic arms.

“Ah!” Ace went with the blade arm and slashed the wolf head off.

“Bluey was that?” Blue went.

“Hahaha… what the hell was that?” Reason said.

“What wrong?” Ace said as he notices how jumpy Reason is.

“I am dog lover you know killing one even a wolf hurt my soul you know.” Reason said.

“Well, I am more a cat person myself. Okay, I take that back!” Ace said as he hears the howlings of the wolves telling him he this wolf not the only one inside this building