DE – 105

“Enough messing around, they not attacking us since we near Brock. But the real question here, why they not attacking.” Dai Yu said.

As the six walks pass the killer robots watching theirs very moments while p[assing them. Not once Ace and the rest let their guards down very since coming into this building with the halls stain in blood and bodies left to rot where they lay.

But as they about to leave the hallway, the death machines behind them moved and face them, as their’s blue LED lights for eyes turn red.

“Why?” Blue question, not the fact why they changed their LED lights from blue to red meant, but the fact they no longer blue that make Blue felt upset about this change.

“Maybe we should run?” Ace said as Grace and Yu all thought of the same that the red LED eye lights do not really welcome them. As the six began to run towards the door leading to the stairs.

“I thought they not attacking us, why we are running! Oh, that why!” Reason the first one that questions the odd actions of the three noticing danger of the red LED meant, as the humanoid robots with the spider leg like blades on it back dash forward.

“Who told you to unfriend them!” Ace remarked.

“What?” Brock said.

As the six runs towards the door, as the fastest is Yu with speed that even the fastest animal on earth before the outbreak cannot match up with his speed. As it is unknown what is Dai Yu, is he an evolved human or else. But the reality is not of the mark.

As Reason Irwin, Grace Knight and Blue are in fact evolved humans but as for Ace and Brock, they lay in a different category to the rest.

With Ace with his hand in his pocket and looking behind seeing the massive metallic death machines approaching them.

“Yu and Grace head to the top five, big guy and Blue cover fire me, and metal arms, those arms not just for display right? Seems like they did not want us to gain whatever lays on the top floor of this building.”

Ace said as he took an arm of his out of his pocket as he did his arm waves like jelly and breaks apart. Seeing this the four is used to seeing this but Brock, as he does not know nothing of them, saw Ace arm transforming into 1.5m long bone like-blade.

As for the real reason why Ace did not bring any weapon with him is due to one fact his body is a weapon itself.

With a speed that seems unhuman level dashes forward as cheng sound sounded as the blade of one of the killing machines slashes at Ace bladed arm of his.

Seeing this Brock also cannot allow to be left behind as the AK-74 and the M200 firing behind Brock making the other death machines take notice of them, but as one of them got close to Brock he grab onto the blade of the spider leg that is thrust at him, but with his harden black metallic arms that harder then the killing machines steel bodies did no damage to Brock’s arms.

With his strength, he lifts the killer machine and throws the thing that least weighs nearly a ton or two.

Smashed! As the machine smashes into the wall and leading outside as the floor, they on made the machine fall out of the tall building they in, as Brock looks outside as he did he know where is he, Rego Park a place in New York.

At this moment Ace twist his body to side letting the blade of the killing machine past him and hit the ground making an opening, as Ace slashed at this opening making the machine of death in two from its chest.

With the two halves fell apart Ace did not waste time as he went to the other one but as he did fail to notice the two new ones came through the window to this floor they in.

Whooshed! Went the spider blades stabbing into Ace body, as a leg blades pop out from his back with his eyes looked up at the newcomers.

With the blood of Ace’s stains, the ground around him and left a hole in his chest as the hood came down revealing how long his hair is with face down onto the ground. Brock saw the robots killed Ace like nothing, as they carried onwards towards the rest of them.

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