DE – 104

As Brock asked where is he that made Grace understand no monster will speak the word where are they are. Even so Brock, in reality, does look like a monster without question with those metallic arms and his unique colour eyes of his.

What made Brock woke up were the others outside of the room been fighting that woke Brock from his deep sleeping, also the fact that device keeping him asleep stopped working with the lack of power being supplied in that room stopped.

As Brock enter the hallway with Grace as she explains the sudden events that are happening here. As he did enters the hallway, all of the four fightings cannot help to look behind themselves to see Brock odd coloured eyes.

“What the hell…?” Reason went.

“Why not blue…?” Blue went.

“Cool, I like his eyes, you Yu?” Went the hooded man as Dai Yu blankly stares at Brock’s eyes. As it is clear most of them used to the oddest thing, and the fact Grace next to him tells them even he a person or just mindless puppet following Grace.

“Robots now, what next aliens?” Brock went seeing the spider-humanoid robots ahead, but as soon Brock is out of the room the robots stopped progressing forward and their eyes locked onto Brock.

“Friends of yours?” The hooded man said.

“All robots my friend, like hell since today is the first time in mine life seeing real-life robot bigger than me. Seems like they cannot fight properly in this building with the size of their bodies. And what happened here?” Brock said as he looks at the blood stains ground and wall but looking at the body of the metallic things ahead tells Brock what happen here.

“You could always unfriend them. Metal arms, any ideas?” The hooded man said as he looked the Brock.

“Brock Wilson,” Brock said as he told them his name, but they already know his name from the chart next to where he slept.

“Just call me Blue!”

“Reason Irwin brat.”

“Dai Yu.”

“Me?” As the rest told Brock their names, as the hooded man looked at Brock. As he said one word: “Ace.”

“Ace? And Blue, not real names huh, no matter, how strong are they?” Said, Brock, as he walked ahead towards the group at the robots just watching Brock not making any moves towards them, as for why they have not attacked Brock all this time or the fact why they not attacking him now, is a mystery to them.

“Maybe you should really unfriend them, Brockie.” Ace said.

“Brockie. No one calls me that.” Brock said, as his eyes locked onto Ace.

“Now now, it is not the time for fighting among us, what should we do now is move forward seeing if they do attack or back off if mister Brock does come to them,” Grace said as it is clear out of the five none of them think of that. after all the group of five, the brains lay with her as the rest have own individuals quality towards the team of five.

“I know I can count on you!” Ace said as he pushes Brock towards them.

“What you doing, I can walk by myself!” Brock in time shouted as he reminded of Don the guy on the outbreak night who was killed alongside with Renee, the woman he once loved.

As Brock find Don ignoring but kind, kind of person. But Ace? Brock just wants to kill him for some reason.

“Is he always like this?” Reason yawn as he used to Ace odd behaviour.

“No, when I first meet him all he wanted were to die. Lifeless even not fighting back when I find him. Just wondering with no purpose.” Dai Yu said as he and the rest walked where Brock and the rest went to.

“Grace you right, they not attacking!” Ace said.

“We can see that,” Grace said as she and rest catch up with Brock and Ace.

“They just watching.” Brock.

“They just creepy.” Ace said.

As the five but now six walked onwards as they all heading to their location or least the five are, as Brock just staying with them because Ace not letting go of his shoulder.

“English?” Brock said as he notices how Grace and Ace talk.

“That right, we long way from home! Well, England and even this county do not feel like home does it.” Ace said with a serious look.

“No place we can really call home with nothing in this world longer safe,” Brock said.

“So Brockie! We going to the top floor since this building did not belong to the three families, but they were a group that planning to go to war with them. Just getting all the intel left in this shit hole.” Ace said.

“Call me Brockie once more I am going to kill you. and take your hand off me.” With back slap lightly at Ace hand that holds onto his shoulder.

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