DE – 103

“Shit!” Went reason, as he knows the thing that massacred everyone except Brock.

As the steel body stains with blood, as it with the six-bladed legs blades stabs its blades on its back onto the walls and rushed towards the group with the two arms with blades slashed at them but as the four not simple as average humans or even evolved human.

As Reason did not dodge, instead he dashed into the torso of the humanoid spider robot causing it to be pushback as the blade of one of them about to stab into his fresh but at that moment Reason leap out of the way as if he saw that coming.

“That was close!” Reason said, as he loads the barrel of the M200 sniper rifle and shot the round into the head of it.

But as the bullet did not went through the oval shape metallic head, but at least did dint the surface of it. But this tells the group that rounds from a gun like the MP9’s by Dai Yu side will be utterly useless to the steel-plated body it has.

Seeing this Reason bite his lip noticing his strongest attack has little effect on it.

“Shame with those blue light eyes going to be, destroyed.” Blue sighed and said that as she leapt with that sledgehammer of hers and smashed it against the head of the robot.

But the damage of one hit not so great as the LED blue lights for eyes only flashed once but Blue did not stop there as she spins her body in mid-air and sends in multiple two smashing against its head.

As the forces of many hits from Blue’s sledgehammer send the metallic body into the wall making a hole in this bloodstained wall. But Blue did not stop her attack there.

As Blue dashes towards humanoid robot on the ground, with the hammer in her hand’s smashed down at the steel plated body if it. With one hit coming after the other making dents into the steel plate amour of it.

But as the robot regained its system control and locked onto the one damaging it, as this moment the leg blades slashed out at Blue body but with Dai Yu also notice this attack dashes towards Blue as he grabs Blue by the waist before its deadly blades able to stab into her.

“That close call!” The hooded man said as he just simply kick the leg with a back kick and breaking one of the bladed legs off.

“Damn that hurt! But I am better now.” With a smirk as the impact did shatters the hooded man leg, but only the shattered leg clothing and the blood of his stains are left as his leg itself healed at inhuman healing speed.

“Such reckless way of fighting, I like it!” Reason said, with the AR-12 blank pointed at its head as the thing focusing on the hooded man which give Reason the opening to shot the AR-12 at its head causing it to disconnected for few moments.

As the legs about to stabbed into Reason last location, as Reason did not move as the blade of Yu sword slice off the three legs leaving only 2 left.

“This is more bluely header then I thought,” Blue said.

“You and your blue remarks… ah?” The hooded man looked behind himself seeing not one… two but five more humanoid spider robot of the same make of the one that Yu just finished off by stabbing the CPU in its centre of the head.

“They a pack huh… great what next?” The hooded man asked himself, as he looks into the blue lights eyes of the robots coated in the blood of its victims.

“That might be too many, no?” Reason said as he knows he needs something stronger than the M200 to beat it.

“Steel body that makes it hard to break and also fast as well, bluely hell this going to be hard.” Blue sighed as she knows her sledgehammer able to smash them but with many openings also means more openings she has as well.

“Well since it came to this, how about it Yu time to go all out?” The hooded man said, but before he could do anything Grace walk out.

But she not alone, as not long ago on the bed of where Brock lays opened his eyes with a woman with a gas mask which did creep Brock out as he did not understand what going on. As he walks out after Grace explains to him where he is, with his yellow pupil and red area of his eye that used to be the white area of his eye did make Grace to point her gun at Brock at that time when he woke up.

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