DE – 102

As the hooded man said as Reason and the rest also notices why is this man the only one alive? And what else the only room so far they seen with power, as in this white room no blood stained the walls or rotten bodies inside the room only Brock sleeping soundly.

But with the power off and the machine that keeping Brock asleep all this time stopped. As Grace saw it gone off as she and the rest know whatever this man with the metallic arms that seems like cross between human and dragon will shortly awake.

“What the fuck you say!” However with the comeback of the hooded man, Reason shouted as he did the building quivers with sounds of blades crossing each other, as the rest hear this, as the hooded man, Dai Yu and Grace Knight hears the machinic sounds.

“What bluely hell is going on?” Blue the first one to say anything, as the door leading to the room opened, but nothing there, as it, whatever it does not want to fight within the room.

“Yu, what you say?” The hooded man said with a grin on his face walking towards the doorway.

“Ah, another one huh. Fine but someone has to be with him.” You said as he draws his sword from behind himself, as he walked behind the hooded man as Reason also follow.

“I stay here,” Grace said, as Blue nodded as she draws her AK-74 out with few steps away from Reason she follows into the bloodstained hallway.

“You know guys? This is great if this is god damn horror movie, but its reality.” The hooded man said.

“What we are fighting?” Blue asked, as she does not like standing in the middle of the hallway of red stains, as she personal want blue instead.

“Well, that.” Dai Yu pointed ahead of the far end of the hallway as the darkness shines two bright blue lights like eyes as the rest see a body coming out of the darkness.

“This is different one since last time.” The hooded man said.

“What the fuck is that… that real? I am really seeing this?” Reason saw what lays out of the darkness, as disbelieve what lays ahead heading right at them.

Steel body with lights as eyes, with tubes on the back of the oval metallic head of steel, with long metallic arms, as well blades hands with spider-like six arms blades on its back that stabs into the wall carrying it cross the tall hallway.

Seeing the humanoid with six spider bladed end arms or legs, this what in front of them with a symbol on its chest of a rose and its veins warp around the longsword.

“Is it a bird? Is it fucking ass zombie? Evolved animal? No, it’s damn ass robot.” The hooded man said.

“How is this fucking impossible!” Reason said as he cannot understand what the hell is going on, but cannot help with all going on since the outbreak, as the dead raise back to life only to feast on the living.

The evolution of humans and animals as well now, the technology that should not exist yet.

“Rose with sword huh, what is that? by the way, I like the blue lights for the eyes.” Blue said.

“Within this world, for many years something in the shadows existed, they know about the Death Cells, they know about it is possible for humans to evolved through that cold thing. And they have an army that even most powerful counties cannot match their strength no matter what they do.” As Dai Yu carry on.

“The three families are what I know of them, as they have many secrets that will stock the world several times over, they know more then anyone what going on, and the fact one of the families with the rose and the sword is the ones developed in the technology side… this is a Blade Walker, one of their robots that excels in close combat…” Yu said.

“How come you know about this?” Blue asked.

“Because my family Dai, are servants to one of the three families, duck!” Dai Yu said as he ducks with the rest of the three with him, as the spider-humanoid robot lead with its bladed six legs on its back as it leaps at them.

Whoosh as it passed the four as they duck, as they did. Reason pointed the AR-12 pumped action shotgun and open fire with a bang.

But the shell from the barrel of the shotgun only hit the steel plate of the machine as it a blue lights eyes scan the one attacked it.

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