DE – 101

“White guy badass looking arms that are black I dig that but is he human?” Reason said looking at the sleeping guy that named Brock Wilson, as an amount of time has passed since the soldiers put him to sleep in this tall building they once used as a base before turning into a slaughterhouse.

“I think blue suits him more than black, but looking at the metallic arms seems similar to that evolved zombie just shorter claws, even Hunters Type I has twice the size of nails,” Blue said, as she is displeased with the black metallic arms colour, not the looks.

Weird as the five judgments are not freaking out seeing someone like that, or maybe the life machine that shows Brock heart beats tells them he is human like?

“What you think Yu, he the one did these people in?” The hooded man said looking at the table next to Brock laying looking at the chart of his.

“No, only evolved humans with the ability of such swordsmanship of a different kind of evolved zombie did it.” Dai Yu said scanning the computers that still running but only files of someone named Brock Wilson.

“Name, Brock Wilson, used to be student one of the four people flee from the King Case? What that?” The hooded man said as Yu looked at him.

“Seems like Brock Wilson is some way related the first kind of its own, seems like Brock and the others flee from the university… there video here… this was taken 3 months ago… takes that amount of time for the bodies and the blood…” Said Yu as the four that just roaming around the bed Brock is on.

[This is day 12, the subject skin like always hard as steel or even more than that. But seems like there weakness to his harden skin, Brock Wilson age 20 born in this very city ah, well not to change… eh? What going on?] Said the lab coat man with the glasses on the computer monitor.

As he look behind himself as man in the video went out, as he did sounds of screaming which soon stopped as the video ended there.

“No mercy huh.” The hooded young man said as he walked towards the door leading them out of the room Brock is in.

“Maybe… Yu you know what I am thinking.” He said as Yu did not say anything. As only Blue and Reason who did not get it.

“One of those things… so this is the families doing, they really not care about other people lives, do they?” Grace said as it is hard to tell what her face is like with that hood and gas mask on.

“What going on here?” Reason said.

“You will not believe me if I tell you, just this fuck up world has too many things that should not exist, especially of this time and age.” The hooded young man said looking at Brock.

“I am confused here, I am not the only one confused what they are saying right?” Blue said.

“Well, I also do not understand. One of those mystery’s those white folks likes to think we black people too dumb to understand!” Reason said.

“This has nothing to do with that, just problem we ran into once, surely this means this place is no longer safe,” Yu said taking out the MP9’s looking at the doorway.

“What the same person that stain the walls with the horrible red blood still here?” Blue said, as she also took out the AK-74 from her back pointing the barrel at the door.

“The real question is why did it not attack him?” Grace logical think remembering the time with the flames and the thing within it, knowing if the hooded man and Dai Yu is right one of those things will be coming here, to execute them.

“There a good chance it even has gone and did not notice this Brock Wilson, or what whatever his name is. Or it hasn’t noticed us.” Said the young hooded man with his eyes locking onto the white door with the window in the door.

But all of a sudden the lights within the room they all in turned off.

“Just great why not leave the black guy in the dark!” Reason shouted with the AR-12 in his hands.

“Do not worry we can still see you, big guy, it left the room light on purpose, and mister Brock here still has power make him sleep. Why is it want him to keep asleep for? Or the real question is what is this guy with those metallic dragon-like arms of his?” Said the hooded man.

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