DE – 100

Within a tall building at one of the greatest cities that once known as the big apple, New York. This once booming city of life now just dead silent city with barely any signs of life within this once great city.

But within this tall building of an unknown name still has power running within, and what lays within is a bloodbath, a carnage of soldiers as one man with his hood up walks with four other people in this hell-like hallway.

“I wonder what kind of evolved zombie or animal did this?” Said the man with the soldier gear with the sword on his back and two MP9 submachine guns by his side. His name is Dai Yu, Chinese he is.

“Ah! Like this work of an animal! This can be done like someone like you Yu, see how these bodies cut apart this done even by someone works with a sword-like freak, no defence Yu.” Said the tall man of 192cm with his also black army gear with the M200 sniper rifle on his right side of his back with an AR12 pump shotgun in his hands.

His name is Reason Irwin 38 years old man, with his black skin as well height makes him stand out the group of five.

“I wonder if any stores around here have bluer hair dry in this city?” Said the woman with a great figure with her beauty is hidden with the cloth around her mouth with the dark blue soldier gear with an AK-74 in her hand as well sledgehammer on her back for some reason.

Her name is Blue, which her real name is unknown, as she is a beauty with a great figure as well the only downside is her love for blue might be overboard,

As for the woman next to Blue wearing hood hiding her face with the gasmask that hard to tell as she did not speak a single word so far coming into this tall building as the five looks around the blood stains walls and the rotten bodies parts as it is hard to tell what really happens here.

“This reminds me before meeting you guys, the first time this happens to me, and well I guess you all know what happened next right?” Said the man with a hood on with his long brown hair can be seen under the hood that long oak brown hair.

As this young man wearing only a hoodie, no weapons of such seems to be the leader of the group of five, as he leads the five down this blooded hell hallway.

It has been 6 months as of today the outbreak came to humanity, 6 months already humanity numbers lesser to the nearly 8 billion people if one counted now the number will be less than a billion and in the millions, but as what number is unknown in this era where the dead tries to kill the living.

“Maybe a evolve human did this? I really not liking the red needs little blue.” Said Blue as she look at the sword marks with the blood stains around this place.

“Another one huh.” Dai Yu said as he with his mask of plain white with glass around the eyes are looking the deep of the sword marks.

As the hooded young man stopped and stare at the swords marks as well, but as he did he remembers something that happens to him not long ago, before meeting the four with him.

“Something wrong?” As this is first time the woman with the hood coat with the gasmask asked the hooded man as he looked at the woman called Grace Knight.

“Just remembering how weak I were, I choose to run away from this, I am glad I met you and came to this county to look for him and my brother.” The hooded man said with a smile before heading off again.

“Wait, there light in that room?” Said Reason, with his eyes, looked at the door with the AR-12 in hand, walking up to the door with light within.

As the five notice, this as three of them pointed their guns walking towards the door as the hooded man with no weapons looked at the door like a hunter hunting its prey with his hands in his pocket.

As they opened the door leading to the room within, as Reason the first one saw the young man with the jet-black long to his shoulders hair with some device he is breathing into while sleeping on the bed with plain white top and pants.

But the thing that made all five of them step backwards are those black metallic cross between dragon-human arms, as this person since the day the soldiers from the sky took him, he been here most of the time, asleep and sound.


Author Note:

I am sorry! I forgot to add on my post that I am taking a week off, and also I am sorry I am late posting this as well in this week!

I took a week off to think of a new arc for this! and also the fact when Monday came to the internet company cut our internet off! Well, we are leaving them in the first place to another company which took until last night for the internet itself to come on.

I am sorry for the delay!

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