DE – 99

“Looks I need new bandages,” Brock said as he looked at the zombie’s horde and within the crowd of the undead, are a pair of yellow eyes that belong to the intelligence zombie that watching him, waiting for some kind of opening.

Body parts blasted cross the road that Brock is on, with the body part smashed in pieces like something ram itself into them heading right at Brock, with the ground wobble around it massive body heading right at Brock.

“You back again big guy?” Brock said as the red eyes looked down at Brock’s before smashing down its fist to crash Brock with both hands. But as it did the hand that about twice the size of an average human holds in place as Brock metallic black hands grabbed the hands of the massive giant zombie like it weighed nothing.

But as the ground under Brock’s feet did break like spider web pattern it is. But Brock personal did not feel his body took any damage from catching those enormous hands of it’s.

Looking at those red eyes and the massive mouth trying to bite into Brock’s head as soon the smashing him failed.

With Brock right leg move and stomp the ground making his own spider web crack as his boot smash into the ground leaving cracks and his shoe paint in the ground before twisting his body little to lift and swing the bulky, massive, enormous thing called an evolved zombie-like bat smashing the horde of the zombies around.

As not all of the zombies within the horde dry out their blood they some fresh ones as they blood stains the battleground of the road in Loa, with their blood and body parts, with each swing made messes of limbs as 10, 20, 50 and 100 zombies smashed into pieces.

But the regular zombie are not the only ones being added into this undead massacre, 2m tall zombies being hit back again and again until their bodies cannot handle anymore, as for the slim zombies? They cannot go near the swing of the giant zombie bat.

With the legs of the thick skin of those legs made the perfect weapon for Brock. But even him need breather.

“Huff, haa ah… too many of you, what wrong? Do not want anymore?” As this, not normal attack with the swans of the undead has a leader of they own or they’re just mindless zombies, but with the zombie with a mind of its own made them mindless puppets instead of mindless zombies.

With massive cruck of its own army dead, as it took Brock lightly. As for whatever this zombie that can think for its own needs an army of its own, as for what for is still unknown.

As the giant zombie body raise up, but something in the air, Brock heard the sounds of an aircraft hovering over him and a helicopter what it is with the light flashes around him and the horde of the zombies, seeing the such thing, but what happen next surprised Brock, with single shot of the round of a bullet from the side door a man with army gear on and sniper with single shot out.

Tump went the giant monster known as a zombie with a hole in the forehead. As the giant zombie fell to the ground, as Brock’s eyes widen before another shot fire out not for any of the zombies here but for himself this bullet is meant for.

“Arrhh, that hurt!” Even if the bullet did not pass through his harden skin but does not make the difference that his eyes and his metallic arms like a cross of human and dragon arm of his seems to them just another evolved zombie.

But that did not stop the storm of the minigun from the helicopter fire upon to him. With many bullets landed onto Brock body making it hard for him to move or run away as he can feel the pain of the bullets hitting him but they no real damage on his stronger than steel body of his but does not make them stop firing until some objects fallen from the sky full with gas.

“What now? Ah? Huff! Huff!” Breathing in the gas made Brock body feels light as he cannot recall what going on as all of a sudden he felt sleepy, and his mind went blank.

As he did a more extended helicopter came over, letting people with gas masks down with the ropes siding onto the ground as the horde of the zombies went away with the losses of its army. But the people in army gear and gasmask’s walked towards Brock sleeping on the ground harmlessly with the guns in their hands.

As who they are or what they are remains as a mystery, as they arrived at where Brock is at, with their guns locked onto him while he sleeps.

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