DE – 98

“That is right… they in there, but. Why will you help us for?” Simple thing Logan said, as the fighters and Brett that is still there also want to know the same as Logan, why someone they never meet will do something heroic for them.

“You will die if you stay behind, hurry they not much time left before it figures out what going on,” Brock said, as he did not bother to speak anymore heading towards the giant zombie as the horde started to regain their vision.

“Come.” As the other fighters started to run away, as Sadie whom is kind-hearted rushed towards Brett who looking at Brock, a boy around his age with hatred fills his heart looking at Brock as if some hero from the stories he once loved before the outbreak.

As Sadie took the hand of the boy, as Kyle follows after them, as Max as well Virginia both also ran away, as Logan the last one here, lookings at the pair of those yellow eyes that brightly shows themselves within the horde.

As Logan understood one thing, this zombie with intelligence cannot allow Brock to live.

“I cannot leave if the survivors still here!” However Logan unwilling to leave the area as he cannot call himself leader if he did, Logan did many things before the outbreak, a father, kind man and believer of god. But with Derick and some others threats the place he built for future of the kids, as a father believes only the child able to live onwards.

That is why remembering the children of his camp, playing and not minding the reality of this world, how this world became just living hell, place where the undead tries to kill you and the living will betray you without a heartbeat.

“Stay and died, I promise you that I will not allow that freak of a zombie pass me, to my very last breath, now go!” Fearful roar at the end of what Brock said, as Logan with his state he is in, as he looks at the basement before biting his lip to force himself to leave this to Brock.

At this moment as Logan running to catch up with the rest of them, the evolved zombies as well the horde arrive few meters close to Brock as the first zombie with fist imprinted at near the chest of the 3m tall zombie as it rams itself at Brock.

“Come.” Not looking at the giant zombie as he just sides to the side letting the giant zombie missed his ram attack, as Brock did that, the slim zombies in the cover of the normal ones rushed at Brock within the cover of them.

As the long nails about to slashed at Brock, with his reflexes and grab the neck of the slim zombie.

“Sneak attack not going to work if you are loud at attacking,” Brock said as his grip crushed the neck of the slim zombie before throwing it at another one about to leap at him.

At this moment a zombie bite into shoulder of Brock left’s, but as the teeth of the zombie bite into the flesh of Brock that seems harder then steel the teeth cracked into pieces as this zombie not the only one as Brock just backslap with the back of his hand breaking the skull and the bloodless flesh like mash.

As more zombies trying to bite into Brock but all of them cannot bite through the flesh that harder then steel of his.

As whatever Max did to Brock to regain his arms and eyes, as the bandages coated in blood to the zombie that still has blood in them. With the bandages soak in blood and reveal what hiding under them.

Black metallic arms that seem like dragon cross human arm that what his black metallic arms looked like, as the others only his arms with a lot of bandages warped around them but in reality not that much, just to fool the others with, with thicker 1/4 more of his arm normally were.

But that not all, some can say his body is not so muscle but just standard level, but now his body seems like he’s been training his body for a long time. That not the most catching thing that different to Brock body, his eyes, those yellow eyes that bright like the intelligence zombie is, but the sclera or the white part of the eyes is no longer white but red.

Monstrous strength and monstrous appearances. With Brock height that also increased little making it over the height he once had.

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