DE – 97

“They a city or town with others like me?” Heath said as his head for some reason starting to hurt.

“That right… something wrong?” Max said.

“Since I looked into those yellow eyes, I feel like my head going to split apart…” Heath said as he looked deep into the horde right into the intelligence zombie yellow eyes.

“No, it talking through my mind… or our minds are linked?” Heath said as Max’s eye widens as another ability shown not only the zombie with intelligence has but also Heath.

“Telepathy, if the zombie has this ability it could able to communicate with others like it… also, Heath has the same ability, your mind is not hurting by mistake! It trying to communicate! No… it not wavy of us it wavy of you two.”

Max realise the truth why the zombie with high intelligence stopped attacking due to Heath same ability of telepathy, as well Brock newfound strength that able to stop it’s strongest soldier.

Being evolved human could not only affect they bodies but also the mind, as Heath is one of the kinds that have his truth evolved ability with his brain, as normal human only able to used 30% of their brains but Heath able to use 35%, only five 5% more allowed him to have the power of telepathy.

The true question of what will happen with 100% unlocked? If 35% allowed Heath to have the power to communicate through his mind.

“Amazing, eh?” Max said as the device flashed yellow, as this meant the power of the Paulse Death Cell device that looked like box phone with a signal at the end with few buttons.

As the light that was green is now flashing yellow.

“This is bad, this is too many of them to fight, well not for you,” Max said as he knows the yellow flashing light on the device tells the power is low which means the main horde able to come into the camp and the zombie in control of the horde able to see opening sending the evolved zombies at them, even Brock and his new founded strength and body cannot handle them while protecting the rest.

“Then what should we do then?” Kyle asked, looking at the PDC device in Max’s hand.

At this moment from the house with the huge hole made by the 3m giant zombie as the ground around the house vibrations with the glass windows that partly broken due to the impact of the giant zombie now broken completely.

Hearing the ground shakes once more, Logan and the rest looked at the house that Brock threw that giant zombie, from the pile of house parts, raised the giant zombie, as it red eyes locked onto Brock.

“So its still alive huh?” Max said at this moment the PDC short for the Paulse Death Cells device, as the light that been flashing on the device stopped, so did the range of the 5m from the horde of the zombies on the other side manmade walls that stand tall of 2.5 meters now the hole that the giant zombie that heading towards them from the house, now the true horde is entering.

“Oh shit,” Max said, as he notices the yellow light gone to red dead as the cig in his mouth fells to the ground as he took something out from his lab coat. As those object threw at the horde before the evolved zombie with the intelligence and the ability to control the horde knows that the PDC that been stopping the main body of the horde entering into the camp.

As flashes of light blasted out from those objects that Max threw at the horde, flash grenades are what he pitched towards the horde.

One of the weaknesses of the zombies, they can see and also affected by the effects of a flash grenade can do, blind them

With gamble that the zombie’s eyes work the same as before they died, as the gamble paid off like the ones in front blinded by the bright light stopping the others advancing.

“We need to leave, now!” Max said, like the others that near him heard this, but turning to face the others, Max’s eyes looked at the giant zombie running making the area around it trembling with the weight of it.

As Logan and the remaining fighters saw the giant zombie that killed some of them like nothing, send fear but not so deeply as Brock the man in the bandages around his arms and eyes, faced the giant zombie.

“Go, they people in that basement right, I can hear them so can them,” Brock said, as this did shock Logan little, but yet again this same person sends that giant killing machine of a zombie with single pouch flying in the first place.

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