DE – 105

“Enough messing around, they not attacking us since we near Brock. But the real question here, why they not attacking.” Dai Yu said.

As the six walks pass the killer robots watching theirs very moments while p[assing them. Not once Ace and the rest let their guards down very since coming into this building with the halls stain in blood and bodies left to rot where they lay.

But as they about to leave the hallway, the death machines behind them moved and face them, as their’s blue LED lights for eyes turn red.

“Why?” Blue question, not the fact why they changed their LED lights from blue to red meant, but the fact they no longer blue that make Blue felt upset about this change.

“Maybe we should run?” Ace said as Grace and Yu all thought of the same that the red LED eye lights do not really welcome them. As the six began to run towards the door leading to the stairs.

“I thought they not attacking us, why we are running! Oh, that why!” Reason the first one that questions the odd actions of the three noticing danger of the red LED meant, as the humanoid robots with the spider leg like blades on it back dash forward.

“Who told you to unfriend them!” Ace remarked.

“What?” Brock said.

As the six runs towards the door, as the fastest is Yu with speed that even the fastest animal on earth before the outbreak cannot match up with his speed. As it is unknown what is Dai Yu, is he an evolved human or else. But the reality is not of the mark.

As Reason Irwin, Grace Knight and Blue are in fact evolved humans but as for Ace and Brock, they lay in a different category to the rest.

With Ace with his hand in his pocket and looking behind seeing the massive metallic death machines approaching them.

“Yu and Grace head to the top five, big guy and Blue cover fire me, and metal arms, those arms not just for display right? Seems like they did not want us to gain whatever lays on the top floor of this building.”

Ace said as he took an arm of his out of his pocket as he did his arm waves like jelly and breaks apart. Seeing this the four is used to seeing this but Brock, as he does not know nothing of them, saw Ace arm transforming into 1.5m long bone like-blade.

As for the real reason why Ace did not bring any weapon with him is due to one fact his body is a weapon itself.

With a speed that seems unhuman level dashes forward as cheng sound sounded as the blade of one of the killing machines slashes at Ace bladed arm of his.

Seeing this Brock also cannot allow to be left behind as the AK-74 and the M200 firing behind Brock making the other death machines take notice of them, but as one of them got close to Brock he grab onto the blade of the spider leg that is thrust at him, but with his harden black metallic arms that harder then the killing machines steel bodies did no damage to Brock’s arms.

With his strength, he lifts the killer machine and throws the thing that least weighs nearly a ton or two.

Smashed! As the machine smashes into the wall and leading outside as the floor, they on made the machine fall out of the tall building they in, as Brock looks outside as he did he know where is he, Rego Park a place in New York.

At this moment Ace twist his body to side letting the blade of the killing machine past him and hit the ground making an opening, as Ace slashed at this opening making the machine of death in two from its chest.

With the two halves fell apart Ace did not waste time as he went to the other one but as he did fail to notice the two new ones came through the window to this floor they in.

Whooshed! Went the spider blades stabbing into Ace body, as a leg blades pop out from his back with his eyes looked up at the newcomers.

With the blood of Ace’s stains, the ground around him and left a hole in his chest as the hood came down revealing how long his hair is with face down onto the ground. Brock saw the robots killed Ace like nothing, as they carried onwards towards the rest of them.

DE – 104

As Brock asked where is he that made Grace understand no monster will speak the word where are they are. Even so Brock, in reality, does look like a monster without question with those metallic arms and his unique colour eyes of his.

What made Brock woke up were the others outside of the room been fighting that woke Brock from his deep sleeping, also the fact that device keeping him asleep stopped working with the lack of power being supplied in that room stopped.

As Brock enter the hallway with Grace as she explains the sudden events that are happening here. As he did enters the hallway, all of the four fightings cannot help to look behind themselves to see Brock odd coloured eyes.

“What the hell…?” Reason went.

“Why not blue…?” Blue went.

“Cool, I like his eyes, you Yu?” Went the hooded man as Dai Yu blankly stares at Brock’s eyes. As it is clear most of them used to the oddest thing, and the fact Grace next to him tells them even he a person or just mindless puppet following Grace.

“Robots now, what next aliens?” Brock went seeing the spider-humanoid robots ahead, but as soon Brock is out of the room the robots stopped progressing forward and their eyes locked onto Brock.

“Friends of yours?” The hooded man said.

“All robots my friend, like hell since today is the first time in mine life seeing real-life robot bigger than me. Seems like they cannot fight properly in this building with the size of their bodies. And what happened here?” Brock said as he looks at the blood stains ground and wall but looking at the body of the metallic things ahead tells Brock what happen here.

“You could always unfriend them. Metal arms, any ideas?” The hooded man said as he looked the Brock.

“Brock Wilson,” Brock said as he told them his name, but they already know his name from the chart next to where he slept.

“Just call me Blue!”

“Reason Irwin brat.”

“Dai Yu.”

“Me?” As the rest told Brock their names, as the hooded man looked at Brock. As he said one word: “Ace.”

“Ace? And Blue, not real names huh, no matter, how strong are they?” Said, Brock, as he walked ahead towards the group at the robots just watching Brock not making any moves towards them, as for why they have not attacked Brock all this time or the fact why they not attacking him now, is a mystery to them.

“Maybe you should really unfriend them, Brockie.” Ace said.

“Brockie. No one calls me that.” Brock said, as his eyes locked onto Ace.

“Now now, it is not the time for fighting among us, what should we do now is move forward seeing if they do attack or back off if mister Brock does come to them,” Grace said as it is clear out of the five none of them think of that. after all the group of five, the brains lay with her as the rest have own individuals quality towards the team of five.

“I know I can count on you!” Ace said as he pushes Brock towards them.

“What you doing, I can walk by myself!” Brock in time shouted as he reminded of Don the guy on the outbreak night who was killed alongside with Renee, the woman he once loved.

As Brock find Don ignoring but kind, kind of person. But Ace? Brock just wants to kill him for some reason.

“Is he always like this?” Reason yawn as he used to Ace odd behaviour.

“No, when I first meet him all he wanted were to die. Lifeless even not fighting back when I find him. Just wondering with no purpose.” Dai Yu said as he and the rest walked where Brock and the rest went to.

“Grace you right, they not attacking!” Ace said.

“We can see that,” Grace said as she and rest catch up with Brock and Ace.

“They just watching.” Brock.

“They just creepy.” Ace said.

As the five but now six walked onwards as they all heading to their location or least the five are, as Brock just staying with them because Ace not letting go of his shoulder.

“English?” Brock said as he notices how Grace and Ace talk.

“That right, we long way from home! Well, England and even this county do not feel like home does it.” Ace said with a serious look.

“No place we can really call home with nothing in this world longer safe,” Brock said.

“So Brockie! We going to the top floor since this building did not belong to the three families, but they were a group that planning to go to war with them. Just getting all the intel left in this shit hole.” Ace said.

“Call me Brockie once more I am going to kill you. and take your hand off me.” With back slap lightly at Ace hand that holds onto his shoulder.

DE – 103

“Shit!” Went reason, as he knows the thing that massacred everyone except Brock.

As the steel body stains with blood, as it with the six-bladed legs blades stabs its blades on its back onto the walls and rushed towards the group with the two arms with blades slashed at them but as the four not simple as average humans or even evolved human.

As Reason did not dodge, instead he dashed into the torso of the humanoid spider robot causing it to be pushback as the blade of one of them about to stab into his fresh but at that moment Reason leap out of the way as if he saw that coming.

“That was close!” Reason said, as he loads the barrel of the M200 sniper rifle and shot the round into the head of it.

But as the bullet did not went through the oval shape metallic head, but at least did dint the surface of it. But this tells the group that rounds from a gun like the MP9’s by Dai Yu side will be utterly useless to the steel-plated body it has.

Seeing this Reason bite his lip noticing his strongest attack has little effect on it.

“Shame with those blue light eyes going to be, destroyed.” Blue sighed and said that as she leapt with that sledgehammer of hers and smashed it against the head of the robot.

But the damage of one hit not so great as the LED blue lights for eyes only flashed once but Blue did not stop there as she spins her body in mid-air and sends in multiple two smashing against its head.

As the forces of many hits from Blue’s sledgehammer send the metallic body into the wall making a hole in this bloodstained wall. But Blue did not stop her attack there.

As Blue dashes towards humanoid robot on the ground, with the hammer in her hand’s smashed down at the steel plated body if it. With one hit coming after the other making dents into the steel plate amour of it.

But as the robot regained its system control and locked onto the one damaging it, as this moment the leg blades slashed out at Blue body but with Dai Yu also notice this attack dashes towards Blue as he grabs Blue by the waist before its deadly blades able to stab into her.

“That close call!” The hooded man said as he just simply kick the leg with a back kick and breaking one of the bladed legs off.

“Damn that hurt! But I am better now.” With a smirk as the impact did shatters the hooded man leg, but only the shattered leg clothing and the blood of his stains are left as his leg itself healed at inhuman healing speed.

“Such reckless way of fighting, I like it!” Reason said, with the AR-12 blank pointed at its head as the thing focusing on the hooded man which give Reason the opening to shot the AR-12 at its head causing it to disconnected for few moments.

As the legs about to stabbed into Reason last location, as Reason did not move as the blade of Yu sword slice off the three legs leaving only 2 left.

“This is more bluely header then I thought,” Blue said.

“You and your blue remarks… ah?” The hooded man looked behind himself seeing not one… two but five more humanoid spider robot of the same make of the one that Yu just finished off by stabbing the CPU in its centre of the head.

“They a pack huh… great what next?” The hooded man asked himself, as he looks into the blue lights eyes of the robots coated in the blood of its victims.

“That might be too many, no?” Reason said as he knows he needs something stronger than the M200 to beat it.

“Steel body that makes it hard to break and also fast as well, bluely hell this going to be hard.” Blue sighed as she knows her sledgehammer able to smash them but with many openings also means more openings she has as well.

“Well since it came to this, how about it Yu time to go all out?” The hooded man said, but before he could do anything Grace walk out.

But she not alone, as not long ago on the bed of where Brock lays opened his eyes with a woman with a gas mask which did creep Brock out as he did not understand what going on. As he walks out after Grace explains to him where he is, with his yellow pupil and red area of his eye that used to be the white area of his eye did make Grace to point her gun at Brock at that time when he woke up.

DE – 102

As the hooded man said as Reason and the rest also notices why is this man the only one alive? And what else the only room so far they seen with power, as in this white room no blood stained the walls or rotten bodies inside the room only Brock sleeping soundly.

But with the power off and the machine that keeping Brock asleep all this time stopped. As Grace saw it gone off as she and the rest know whatever this man with the metallic arms that seems like cross between human and dragon will shortly awake.

“What the fuck you say!” However with the comeback of the hooded man, Reason shouted as he did the building quivers with sounds of blades crossing each other, as the rest hear this, as the hooded man, Dai Yu and Grace Knight hears the machinic sounds.

“What bluely hell is going on?” Blue the first one to say anything, as the door leading to the room opened, but nothing there, as it, whatever it does not want to fight within the room.

“Yu, what you say?” The hooded man said with a grin on his face walking towards the doorway.

“Ah, another one huh. Fine but someone has to be with him.” You said as he draws his sword from behind himself, as he walked behind the hooded man as Reason also follow.

“I stay here,” Grace said, as Blue nodded as she draws her AK-74 out with few steps away from Reason she follows into the bloodstained hallway.

“You know guys? This is great if this is god damn horror movie, but its reality.” The hooded man said.

“What we are fighting?” Blue asked, as she does not like standing in the middle of the hallway of red stains, as she personal want blue instead.

“Well, that.” Dai Yu pointed ahead of the far end of the hallway as the darkness shines two bright blue lights like eyes as the rest see a body coming out of the darkness.

“This is different one since last time.” The hooded man said.

“What the fuck is that… that real? I am really seeing this?” Reason saw what lays out of the darkness, as disbelieve what lays ahead heading right at them.

Steel body with lights as eyes, with tubes on the back of the oval metallic head of steel, with long metallic arms, as well blades hands with spider-like six arms blades on its back that stabs into the wall carrying it cross the tall hallway.

Seeing the humanoid with six spider bladed end arms or legs, this what in front of them with a symbol on its chest of a rose and its veins warp around the longsword.

“Is it a bird? Is it fucking ass zombie? Evolved animal? No, it’s damn ass robot.” The hooded man said.

“How is this fucking impossible!” Reason said as he cannot understand what the hell is going on, but cannot help with all going on since the outbreak, as the dead raise back to life only to feast on the living.

The evolution of humans and animals as well now, the technology that should not exist yet.

“Rose with sword huh, what is that? by the way, I like the blue lights for the eyes.” Blue said.

“Within this world, for many years something in the shadows existed, they know about the Death Cells, they know about it is possible for humans to evolved through that cold thing. And they have an army that even most powerful counties cannot match their strength no matter what they do.” As Dai Yu carry on.

“The three families are what I know of them, as they have many secrets that will stock the world several times over, they know more then anyone what going on, and the fact one of the families with the rose and the sword is the ones developed in the technology side… this is a Blade Walker, one of their robots that excels in close combat…” Yu said.

“How come you know about this?” Blue asked.

“Because my family Dai, are servants to one of the three families, duck!” Dai Yu said as he ducks with the rest of the three with him, as the spider-humanoid robot lead with its bladed six legs on its back as it leaps at them.

Whoosh as it passed the four as they duck, as they did. Reason pointed the AR-12 pumped action shotgun and open fire with a bang.

But the shell from the barrel of the shotgun only hit the steel plate of the machine as it a blue lights eyes scan the one attacked it.

DE – 101

“White guy badass looking arms that are black I dig that but is he human?” Reason said looking at the sleeping guy that named Brock Wilson, as an amount of time has passed since the soldiers put him to sleep in this tall building they once used as a base before turning into a slaughterhouse.

“I think blue suits him more than black, but looking at the metallic arms seems similar to that evolved zombie just shorter claws, even Hunters Type I has twice the size of nails,” Blue said, as she is displeased with the black metallic arms colour, not the looks.

Weird as the five judgments are not freaking out seeing someone like that, or maybe the life machine that shows Brock heart beats tells them he is human like?

“What you think Yu, he the one did these people in?” The hooded man said looking at the table next to Brock laying looking at the chart of his.

“No, only evolved humans with the ability of such swordsmanship of a different kind of evolved zombie did it.” Dai Yu said scanning the computers that still running but only files of someone named Brock Wilson.

“Name, Brock Wilson, used to be student one of the four people flee from the King Case? What that?” The hooded man said as Yu looked at him.

“Seems like Brock Wilson is some way related the first kind of its own, seems like Brock and the others flee from the university… there video here… this was taken 3 months ago… takes that amount of time for the bodies and the blood…” Said Yu as the four that just roaming around the bed Brock is on.

[This is day 12, the subject skin like always hard as steel or even more than that. But seems like there weakness to his harden skin, Brock Wilson age 20 born in this very city ah, well not to change… eh? What going on?] Said the lab coat man with the glasses on the computer monitor.

As he look behind himself as man in the video went out, as he did sounds of screaming which soon stopped as the video ended there.

“No mercy huh.” The hooded young man said as he walked towards the door leading them out of the room Brock is in.

“Maybe… Yu you know what I am thinking.” He said as Yu did not say anything. As only Blue and Reason who did not get it.

“One of those things… so this is the families doing, they really not care about other people lives, do they?” Grace said as it is hard to tell what her face is like with that hood and gas mask on.

“What going on here?” Reason said.

“You will not believe me if I tell you, just this fuck up world has too many things that should not exist, especially of this time and age.” The hooded young man said looking at Brock.

“I am confused here, I am not the only one confused what they are saying right?” Blue said.

“Well, I also do not understand. One of those mystery’s those white folks likes to think we black people too dumb to understand!” Reason said.

“This has nothing to do with that, just problem we ran into once, surely this means this place is no longer safe,” Yu said taking out the MP9’s looking at the doorway.

“What the same person that stain the walls with the horrible red blood still here?” Blue said, as she also took out the AK-74 from her back pointing the barrel at the door.

“The real question is why did it not attack him?” Grace logical think remembering the time with the flames and the thing within it, knowing if the hooded man and Dai Yu is right one of those things will be coming here, to execute them.

“There a good chance it even has gone and did not notice this Brock Wilson, or what whatever his name is. Or it hasn’t noticed us.” Said the young hooded man with his eyes locking onto the white door with the window in the door.

But all of a sudden the lights within the room they all in turned off.

“Just great why not leave the black guy in the dark!” Reason shouted with the AR-12 in his hands.

“Do not worry we can still see you, big guy, it left the room light on purpose, and mister Brock here still has power make him sleep. Why is it want him to keep asleep for? Or the real question is what is this guy with those metallic dragon-like arms of his?” Said the hooded man.

DE – 100

Within a tall building at one of the greatest cities that once known as the big apple, New York. This once booming city of life now just dead silent city with barely any signs of life within this once great city.

But within this tall building of an unknown name still has power running within, and what lays within is a bloodbath, a carnage of soldiers as one man with his hood up walks with four other people in this hell-like hallway.

“I wonder what kind of evolved zombie or animal did this?” Said the man with the soldier gear with the sword on his back and two MP9 submachine guns by his side. His name is Dai Yu, Chinese he is.

“Ah! Like this work of an animal! This can be done like someone like you Yu, see how these bodies cut apart this done even by someone works with a sword-like freak, no defence Yu.” Said the tall man of 192cm with his also black army gear with the M200 sniper rifle on his right side of his back with an AR12 pump shotgun in his hands.

His name is Reason Irwin 38 years old man, with his black skin as well height makes him stand out the group of five.

“I wonder if any stores around here have bluer hair dry in this city?” Said the woman with a great figure with her beauty is hidden with the cloth around her mouth with the dark blue soldier gear with an AK-74 in her hand as well sledgehammer on her back for some reason.

Her name is Blue, which her real name is unknown, as she is a beauty with a great figure as well the only downside is her love for blue might be overboard,

As for the woman next to Blue wearing hood hiding her face with the gasmask that hard to tell as she did not speak a single word so far coming into this tall building as the five looks around the blood stains walls and the rotten bodies parts as it is hard to tell what really happens here.

“This reminds me before meeting you guys, the first time this happens to me, and well I guess you all know what happened next right?” Said the man with a hood on with his long brown hair can be seen under the hood that long oak brown hair.

As this young man wearing only a hoodie, no weapons of such seems to be the leader of the group of five, as he leads the five down this blooded hell hallway.

It has been 6 months as of today the outbreak came to humanity, 6 months already humanity numbers lesser to the nearly 8 billion people if one counted now the number will be less than a billion and in the millions, but as what number is unknown in this era where the dead tries to kill the living.

“Maybe a evolve human did this? I really not liking the red needs little blue.” Said Blue as she look at the sword marks with the blood stains around this place.

“Another one huh.” Dai Yu said as he with his mask of plain white with glass around the eyes are looking the deep of the sword marks.

As the hooded young man stopped and stare at the swords marks as well, but as he did he remembers something that happens to him not long ago, before meeting the four with him.

“Something wrong?” As this is first time the woman with the hood coat with the gasmask asked the hooded man as he looked at the woman called Grace Knight.

“Just remembering how weak I were, I choose to run away from this, I am glad I met you and came to this county to look for him and my brother.” The hooded man said with a smile before heading off again.

“Wait, there light in that room?” Said Reason, with his eyes, looked at the door with the AR-12 in hand, walking up to the door with light within.

As the five notice, this as three of them pointed their guns walking towards the door as the hooded man with no weapons looked at the door like a hunter hunting its prey with his hands in his pocket.

As they opened the door leading to the room within, as Reason the first one saw the young man with the jet-black long to his shoulders hair with some device he is breathing into while sleeping on the bed with plain white top and pants.

But the thing that made all five of them step backwards are those black metallic cross between dragon-human arms, as this person since the day the soldiers from the sky took him, he been here most of the time, asleep and sound.


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DE – 99

“Looks I need new bandages,” Brock said as he looked at the zombie’s horde and within the crowd of the undead, are a pair of yellow eyes that belong to the intelligence zombie that watching him, waiting for some kind of opening.

Body parts blasted cross the road that Brock is on, with the body part smashed in pieces like something ram itself into them heading right at Brock, with the ground wobble around it massive body heading right at Brock.

“You back again big guy?” Brock said as the red eyes looked down at Brock’s before smashing down its fist to crash Brock with both hands. But as it did the hand that about twice the size of an average human holds in place as Brock metallic black hands grabbed the hands of the massive giant zombie like it weighed nothing.

But as the ground under Brock’s feet did break like spider web pattern it is. But Brock personal did not feel his body took any damage from catching those enormous hands of it’s.

Looking at those red eyes and the massive mouth trying to bite into Brock’s head as soon the smashing him failed.

With Brock right leg move and stomp the ground making his own spider web crack as his boot smash into the ground leaving cracks and his shoe paint in the ground before twisting his body little to lift and swing the bulky, massive, enormous thing called an evolved zombie-like bat smashing the horde of the zombies around.

As not all of the zombies within the horde dry out their blood they some fresh ones as they blood stains the battleground of the road in Loa, with their blood and body parts, with each swing made messes of limbs as 10, 20, 50 and 100 zombies smashed into pieces.

But the regular zombie are not the only ones being added into this undead massacre, 2m tall zombies being hit back again and again until their bodies cannot handle anymore, as for the slim zombies? They cannot go near the swing of the giant zombie bat.

With the legs of the thick skin of those legs made the perfect weapon for Brock. But even him need breather.

“Huff, haa ah… too many of you, what wrong? Do not want anymore?” As this, not normal attack with the swans of the undead has a leader of they own or they’re just mindless zombies, but with the zombie with a mind of its own made them mindless puppets instead of mindless zombies.

With massive cruck of its own army dead, as it took Brock lightly. As for whatever this zombie that can think for its own needs an army of its own, as for what for is still unknown.

As the giant zombie body raise up, but something in the air, Brock heard the sounds of an aircraft hovering over him and a helicopter what it is with the light flashes around him and the horde of the zombies, seeing the such thing, but what happen next surprised Brock, with single shot of the round of a bullet from the side door a man with army gear on and sniper with single shot out.

Tump went the giant monster known as a zombie with a hole in the forehead. As the giant zombie fell to the ground, as Brock’s eyes widen before another shot fire out not for any of the zombies here but for himself this bullet is meant for.

“Arrhh, that hurt!” Even if the bullet did not pass through his harden skin but does not make the difference that his eyes and his metallic arms like a cross of human and dragon arm of his seems to them just another evolved zombie.

But that did not stop the storm of the minigun from the helicopter fire upon to him. With many bullets landed onto Brock body making it hard for him to move or run away as he can feel the pain of the bullets hitting him but they no real damage on his stronger than steel body of his but does not make them stop firing until some objects fallen from the sky full with gas.

“What now? Ah? Huff! Huff!” Breathing in the gas made Brock body feels light as he cannot recall what going on as all of a sudden he felt sleepy, and his mind went blank.

As he did a more extended helicopter came over, letting people with gas masks down with the ropes siding onto the ground as the horde of the zombies went away with the losses of its army. But the people in army gear and gasmask’s walked towards Brock sleeping on the ground harmlessly with the guns in their hands.

As who they are or what they are remains as a mystery, as they arrived at where Brock is at, with their guns locked onto him while he sleeps.